Another One Bites The Dust

Washington Times: Threats of Violence Overblown, IRS Says

The country’s chief tax collector pushed back Monday against assertions that working for the Internal Revenue Service has become more dangerous as a result of growing anti-government sentiment and the recent passage of President Obama’s health care plan.

“No, the risk has not increased,” IRS Commissioner Douglas Shulman said. “There has been a lot of stuff in the press about increased threats, which is actually inaccurate.”

Some liberal groups and bloggers also have raised fears that anti-tax and anti-government rhetoric employed on talk radio and by protesters within the “tea party” movement could incite violence against IRS agents. Critics of Mr. Obama’s health care reform plan in the Republican Party and the tea party movement have warned that the government plans to hire thousands more IRS agents to enforce the plan’s mandate that all citizens purchase health care coverage.

But Mr. Shulman, in a luncheon address at the National Press Club, said that had not been the case.

“What there has been is increased chatter on the Internet that has an anti-government sentiment, and the issue of taxes has gotten swept into it,” he said. “And there’s a lot of difference between people not liking taxes, people not liking the tax system or having issues with the government, and it actually being a safety issue for my employees.”

As we’ve talked about here at America’s Right before, the American left is full-blown terrified of the Tea Party movement.  For years, non-violent demonstration has practically been a proprietary procedure for them, and to see such passion–combined with a lack of violence–from such a large number of people is difficult for them to swallow.

And the left always tells us who–or what–they fear.  They feared the likability of Sarah Palin during the 2008 campaign, so they smeared her then and have not stopped.  They feared that Bart Stupak would stop health care reform in its tracks for matters of life and faith, so before he was successfully bought off, the left smeared and attacked him mercilessly.  And they fear the Tea Party movement, so the left is doing its best to use the mainstream press to wrongly portray the movement as one born from racism, xenophobia, and conspiracy theories.

Here, we see that the IRS itself has admitted that the threat of violence discussed so much by the mainstream press is actually overblown.  While the left attacks the Tea Party movement on superficial grounds because they cannot debate in the realm of reality, as far as this particular argument against the movement goes, another one bites the dust.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Don’t forget that the liberals who scream tolerance the loudest are ALWAYS the least tolerant people. There is never any room for dissent with them. BTW has anyone cashed in on Andrew Breitbart’s offer of 10K to provide proof all the lies thrown at us by the lame stream media during the healthscare vote a few weeks ago. I thought not.

  2. Can't beat em, join em says:

    Who would want to hurt an IRS agent? That would disqualify you from working for them, and soon those will be the only jobs available.

  3. Steve Crown says:

    I will repeat the WWII bomber’s pilot statement,”I pretty much don’t need the navigator to tell me when I’m over the target. When the flak gets heavy, I just know.”

    We know when we’re getting to these idiots. They hurl epithets like AA gunners shot flak. Like the pilot who could do nothing about the flak, we need to just keep flying our course, drop our ordnance and come back tomorrow to deliver some more! Eventually, we will run them out of AA guns, ammunition and the people with the will to fire them.

    The fact that we just keep coming back,regrdless of the flak (insults) is the thing that will bother them the most.

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