The Burning Question

How much is it worth?

On Sunday, the elected majority demonstrated to all that they believe they can construct a “more perfect Union” by means of a government takeover of our national health care system. Proven powerless to stop it were those in the elected congressional minority, as well as those of us in the non-elected majority who believe in the limitations on the federal government that the Constitution placed on it as written by the Founders.

The social consequence of this takeover will be unimaginable to those who–some with the best of intentions–have chosen to ignore the realities of this fiscal recklessness. (I was about to use the “quotation” attributed to Alexander Fraser Tyler about “a democracy cannot exist as a permanent form of government; it can only exist until voters discover that they can vote themselves largesse from the public treasury,” but it appears that this saying is at best a loose, out-of-context paraphrasing of an earlier quotation by Tyler, so I’ll forgo the temptation even though it fits quite nicely in this situation.)

It would be nice if we could take solace in the knowledge that there is much that has yet to take place in both the House and the Senate before this bill is implemented as the “law of the land” but, make no mistake, that day will soon come and the effect, if the legislation allowed to stand, will change the course of history for the United States of America. But then again, I guess that’s exactly what Obama had in mind when he promised to fundamentally transform the nation.

There is no way that we, as a nation which is losing productive, non-government, jobs faster than we can possibly create them in a global economy, will be able to avoid bankruptcy as the deficits mount by the trillions of dollars. We will likely lose our AAA bond rating and, as a result, we will be forced to pay higher and higher interest rates on money that we will be forced to borrow in order to avoid issuing a steady stream of IOU’s rather than actual checks to the beneficiaries of the government entitlement programs. Whatever growth we might have been able to muster will be stifled by the higher interest rates and the ballooning payments on our national debt. Listen to what Moody’s credit rating report recently said (emphasis mine):

Growth alone will not resolve an increasingly complicated debt equation. Preserving debt affordability at levels consistent with AAA ratings will invariably require fiscal adjustments of a magnitude that, in some cases, will test social cohesion.

The chief author of the Moody’s report, Pierre Cailleteau, goes on to say (again, emphasis mine):

We are not talking about revolution, but the severity of the crisis will force governments to make painful choices that expose weaknesses in society.

The glaring “weakness” in our society is a lack of cohesiveness caused by the festering animosity that I spoke of in Extreme Goal: The End of Whiteness between the amalgamated forces of what I defined as “anti-whiteness” and those of us who remain faithful to the traditions of our forefathers by placing a high value on Judeo-Christian principles and individual responsibility to the personal God of the Scriptures. The inevitable “painful choices” suggested in the Moody’s report will exacerbate the social tensions between these forces to the point where a full rupture is the likely consequence. So it may not be a revolution that Moody’s is “talking about,” but it will certainly be a highly toxic and tense relationship between these groups, toxic to the point of being incendiary.

Of course, we will work as hard as we can to bring this drive towards a socialist/Marxist culture to a halt in November, and I expect that there will be some short-term success.  However, if you consider the powerful political and economic tools now available to the Obama administration and look closely at the national demographics projected over the coming decades, the long-term prognosis is grim. It’s just a matter of time until, black or white or somewhere in between, rich or poor or somewhere in between, those of us who revere the traditional values that define what America was intended to be by our forefathers and all those who have since given their lives to preserve–not just a piece of land or even a population of people within some geographical boundary, but rather an idea–will become a permanent minority.

Before that happens, we must answer the burning question:  How much is it worth? How much is it worth to preserve this idea?  How much is it worth to salvage what hundreds and hundreds of thousands of Americans have fought and died for?  Will we yield, albeit slowly and with all of the resistance that we can muster, to the inexorable march towards a European-type welfare state, or will we “mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, our sacred Honor” to defend this idea against its enemies? And how will we do that?

Frankly, I don’t know what lies ahead. We may never recover, no matter how vigorously we fight to regain control of our lives. It may well be that the warning contained in the Moody’s report will come to pass and the question will be answered for us. Our opposition–and, unfortunately, our young people–have been schooled in the Marxist Alinsky methods and the Marxist/anarchistic rhetoric of Jeremiah Wright and are unquestionably formidable, but we have a surer source of power and guidance on our side: the God of the Scripture that our Founders appealed to. This is not a battle that we are going to be able to win through ordinary human effort, no matter how strong and sincere it might be. Our strength is in the “divine Providence” that the Founders relied on for protection as they faced the daunting task of forming a “more perfect Union” and we must not lose sight of that. We cannot resort to means contrary to their belief and sacred pledge, or we shall surely fail. If we take the course of violence of any sort, other than justifiable self-protection that any individual is entitled to, we forfeit any claim that we might have to the same Divine protection that the Founders depended so completely on to get them through the battle.

Our first goal is to find a voice on the national scene who truly represents the values that we believe in and then support that person with our volunteer labor and financial contributions. Of the present field, and with admittedly limited information (I’ve been fooled before), I see hope in the likes of Mike Pence and Paul Ryan. In any case, I suggest that we all begin today to ask ourselves that burning question:  How much is it worth? If we do not, the time may well come when the opportunity to revisit that question may not be available to us. Comforting, self-medicating platitudes such as “it can’t happen here because Americans always come through” won’t be enough, because it can. In fact, look at Sunday — it just did.



  1. Ian R Thorpe says:

    Britain has already undergone a de facto downgrade of it’s rating Randy. Nothing official has been done but quietly the bond traders have upped the rate of interest they want for buying our bonds

    The USA is not in quite as bad a state because you still have ntural resources and a vast agricultural base. It will not be long at the current rate however until those are mortgaged to the hilt.

  2. Linda says:

    Very well written. We all need to get prepared. The battle has just begun.

  3. whats_up says:

    Randy said:

    the God of the Scripture that our Founders appealed to


    Many people who supported this health bill also believe in the God of the Scripture that our founders appealed to. Many felt called to point out the shortcomings of our health system. The shortcomings that many on the right said didnt exist or they ignored. The fact was that affrodable health care was a myth for many in this country. The GOP and conservatives had ample time to deal with this problem, instead they ignored it, completly. Obama and dems campaigned on changing this, they were elected partly because of this pledge, one which they carried out.

  4. We messed up, George says:

    Game, set, match
    Cloward & Piven, and all their pot smoking, pentagon bombing losers have won.
    I wasted 32 years busting ass working and being productive when I could have gone to college and weaseled onto the winning team.
    To my former neighbor at Mount Vernon, George Washington, I apologize for this sorry state of affairs.

  5. Blessed defiance says:

    Boldin said 14 states now allow the use of marijuana for medical purposes, even though it is prohibited under federal law.

    “To me what that indicates is when there are enough people refusing to comply with the federal government and enough states passing laws that also refuse to comply, it’s very difficult for the federal government to enforce their laws,” Boldin said.

    – from a Yahoo article

  6. Dee says:

    Randy, this is a wonderful article. I am one who believes that our country is worth saving and fighting for. However, several weeks ago a local TV station had a report that stated that in the near future whites will be the minority. I realize that many people from the other races are proud to be Americans but I am also aware that many, including whites, are just as happy to have the government do everything for them and give them handouts for everything and anything. I hear talk show hosts saying that the next thing for this administration will be to push amnesty through so they will have voters for the next presidential election. It will be important for the conservatives to educate others and attempt to teach them the difference between what is happening to our country and what the constitution stands for. Right now I am ready to send money to whoever runs against Pelosi even though she lives on the other side of the country. We cannot give up the fight.

  7. Crops? what crops? says:

    Ian, we are soon not to be allowed AT ALL, to harvest out natural resources,.. and agricultural tractors spew CO2. This is a no win game. Insanity.

  8. Boston Blackie says:

    “The shortcomings that many on the right said didnt exist or they ignored.”
    Actually the point we are trying to make is that this clusterf*@k of a bill will NOT fix healthcare, which we all agree is needed. Where is the tort reform, where is the right to purchase insurance over state lines to reduce the costs. We already have this in mASSachusetts and we are swimming in red ink because of it. The original bill here required ALL residents to pay something for their healthcare, that is not the case. The state is picking up the cost of tens of thousands. Trying multiplying that by 50 states(or 57 states as Obamama thinks there are)That is why Obamama made every effort not to mention the mASSachusetts healthcare miracle.

    The second part of this disaster is how to pay for it. Mark my words, AFTER the November elections, Obamama’s economic blue ribbon panel will say that unless we instill a value added tax, there will be trillion dollar deficits. They will again point fingers at the Bush admin. Has anyone noticed that most of the regulations do not kick in until after the 2012 elections. Right now, the democRATS blame everything (including the sinking of the Titanic) on the previous admin. If the republicans are in the majority then, it will coincide with the healthcare bill coming due. The republicans will be to blame for the you know what hitting the fan. How long before Obamama makes the Euro the currency of the USSA.

  9. Randy Wills says:

    To “whats-up”:

    I can’t disagree with you that many who supported this healthcare bill also believe in the “God of the Scripture”, and most of them, I believe, supported it with the best of intentions. That is not the point that we disagree on.

    The point is that, as I research where Obama is coming from (and believe me, I HAVE searched and continue to do so), I find NO evidence that his objective is to correct an out-of-control healthcare system in an affordable, constitutional, way but rather to bankrupt, and then reformulate, the country under the guise of enacting a humanitarian healthcare policy. Is there anyone who claims that our present rate of debt accumulation is sustainable, and is there anyone who would, with a straight face, suggest that any government program comes in as budgeted?

    Make no mistake; Obama is a Marxist. I challenge you to find one person within his circle of influence, both past and present, who you would classify as “traditional values American”. What you will find is a plethora of Marxist-leaning individuals and organizations – both black and white (actually more often than black).

    I only come to this conclusion as any rational, reasonable, person, faced with the evidence, would do. Please, my friend, do the reseach with an open mind.


  10. Dee says:

    I have worked in the healthcare field for 35+ years. I am getting tired of everyone saying it is the worst in the world. Healthcare is expensive. The US does alot in researching new treatments and new medications. To do this costs money. I do not see any of these people going elsewhere for their treatments. I worked in a large teaching hospital where many new innovations were carried out. I have worked with patients and families who said they could not afford $1.25 for a bus ride and requested that the hospital pay for it. There were many who requested a cab ride home. Our hospital spent thousands of dollars transporting people home. They had a ride to get to the hospital but coincidently no one was available to take them home. Many of them had wonderful manicures, pedicures, jewelery, lottery tickets, portable DVD players for their kids, cell phones, cigarettes, etc. One family member was told that the hospital did not provide bus tickets to anyone except the patient. This person sat in the ER until they were seen by the MD for a sudden illness they just acquired just so they could get a bus ticket home. How much did that cost the taxpayer? I worked with a dialysis patient who could have worked if he wanted to because the treatments did not effect him badly. His wife wanted to work but he would not let her. They had the church and neighbors providing them with food each week, a new car, a new bedroom set, a microwave before most of us had one, a new riding lawn mower, and the clincher was when they bought their daughter a horse. These are the people that cost the taxpayer money and cost the healthcare situation money. Not one of these stories was ever brought up by the Democrats. It would be easy to start cutting out fraud and abuse instead of waiting four years. I also had very wealthy people ask how they could hide their money so they could get on welfare rather than pay their share. One family asked the MD not to withdraw treatment on their family member until after the 5th of the month (which was about 1 1/2 weeks away) so they could get his next social security check. These family members were not poor.
    I agree with Boston Blackie that a VAT tax will soon be on the agenda.
    I only pray that God will take care of our country before it is too late.

  11. whats_up says:

    Boston Blackie,

    I agree that there is still work to do, this bill doesnt address tort reform in a meaningful way, we need to correct that. The bill does allow for cross state purchasing on insurance, states may group together to form exchanges that would sell insurance in those states.

  12. Boston Blackie says:

    “The USA is not in quite as bad a state because you still have natural resources and a vast agricultural base.”
    But for how much longer!?!
    In The San Joaquin Valley(CA),environmentalists sued under the Endangered Species Act to protect a tiny two inch fish, the Delta smelt, that was being killed off by California’s main water pumps. A federal judge ordered that the pumps be turned down so you now have put the needs of a two-inch fish above farmers. The San Joaquin Valley is home to a $20 billion crop industry; the region alone produces more in farm sales than any other individual state in the country. It is called the breadbasket for the world.
    But now the unemployment rate for the valley is at 13–14%, some towns it is over 30%. With all the back room deals for the passage of ObamamaCare, where was the Delta Valley kickback.

  13. Boston Blackie says:

    I forgot to ask you, if we do not succeed in appealing this disaster is there anyway to freeze the funding for it in the future.

  14. Jeff Schreiber says:

    I don’t think so, Boston. However, much of this does not come into place for years. It can be dismantled and, unlike social security and medicare, because of its unpopularity among the masses I don’t think it will be the political third rail the left wants it to be.

    I could be wrong, though. We’ll see.

  15. Boston Blackie says:

    I mean REPEAL this disaster!!!

  16. Gail B. says:

    Excellent article, Randy, and excellent comments, Y’all.

    I have a headache.

  17. PP says:

    Many of us have been praying for years that parents will wake up and pull their children from these public schools. Lest you think your school/teacher is OK and it is everyone else’s that is bad, let me tell you that Marxist ideas are subtly (and sometimes not so subtly) woven throughout the textbooks, even in math word problems!

    It is too entrenched to be fixed by a school board. You must act now! You must be willing to make the sacrifice to live with less “stuff” so that you can homeschool or send your children to a good private school. Make sure you check the private schools though. Sometimes the same Marxist themes are present (because afterall, most of the teachers are products of public education too).

  18. Randy Wills says:

    “PP”, this is why I think that our window of opportunity to restore our nation to a path congruent with the intent of our Founders is very narrow. My comments about the demographics of the anti-healthcare protesters and Tea Party activists were intended to point out that those of us who believe that we’re headed in the wrong direction will soon be flushed out of the system through normal attrition of my, and my children’s, generations. Then the products of our left-leaning educational system will have full sway in all matters of governance.


  19. Anonymous says:

    Gail, I’ll trade ya my heartache

  20. Randy Wills says:

    Just a little comment on one of “Dee’s” earlier comments regarding the immigration “reform” issue.

    My guess is that it will not be passed before next fall’s election, but just making it a national debate, as has been the healthcare bill, will ensure that all Hispanic voters and “community organizers” will be out in full force to help re-elect Congressmen who support amnesty. Of course, that sword cuts both ways.

    But I may be wrong. In any case, it will be an incredibly incendiary issue. Just what we need at this fragile time in American history. No “oil on the waters” from this administration. It’s “damn the torpedos (in this case, “damn the voters”) and full speed ahead.”


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