Surprised? No. Outraged? Yes.

Are we really surprised anymore?

That’s the question I keep coming back to, as it becomes more and more and more apparent–not that it wasn’t already abundantly clear–that the Democratic Party leadership is prepared to pay any price and bend any rule and destroy any career necessary to bring about whatever procedural nightmare will equate to passage of their radical health care reform agenda.

A brand new headline from the Washington Post, just crossing the computer a little while ago, informs us that the “House May Try to Pass Senate Health-Care Bill Without Voting On It.”  I can’t help but wonder if it’s even news anymore.

First of all, we knew about this possibility more than a few days ago.  “Deeming” the Senate bill passed in the House was part of the aptly-named “Slaughter Solution,” which did little more than provide concerned Americans and sneaky liberals alike with a crash course in parliamentary procedure last week.  And, as far as I recall, the process was essentially killed in action by the Senate Parliamentarian, which held that the House must pass the Senate version of the bill in order for it to proceed forward.

But that’s not why I asked that question at the beginning.  That’s not why I wonder aloud whether any of us are really surprised anymore.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi notes, in the Washington Post piece, that she prefers the “deem and pass” rule because “it would politically protect lawmakers who are reluctant to publicly support the measure,” Pelosi is admitting that the American people simply do not want what her party is shoveling.  When Pelosi says that the tactic is “more insider and process-oriented than most people want to know,” it’s because the American people simply want the sunshine and transparency promised to them by this president and by Nancy Pelosi herself.  And when she says that she likes the tactic “because people don’t have to vote on the Senate bill,” she is overtly spitting in the face of the founders of this nation, who carefully crafted the procedures by which legislation large and small becomes law.

But, again, I ask: Are we really surprised anymore?

After all, when Sen. Mary Landrieu of Louisiana wavered when faced with an important procedural vote on health care reform, the Democrats paid her off by including $300 million in aid to her state.  When Ben Nelson of Nebraska threatened to stonewall the bill over abortion-related language–among other things–rather than fixing the language, Democrats made sure that each of the other 49 states paid for Nebraska’s Medicaid obligation.  Then, we hear that the White House offered my congressman, Joe Sestak, a sweet administration gig–possibly the Secretary of the Navy position–in exchange for his abandoning his bid for Arlen Specter’s Senate seat, followed by the news that the president appointed to a judicial position the brother of an on-the-fence congressman.

Why should we be surprised that Nancy Pelosi is acknowledging that her legislation cannot get support from either congressional democrats OR the American people?  Why should we be surprised that she will look for a possibly unconstitutional, definitely improper procedural loophole to use in the process of ramming said legislation down our throat?

You know, as a guy who runs a Web site like America’s Right, I look at an article like the one in question and think to myself: “Gee whiz, Jeff … is there even any value in pointing out that Nancy Pelosi has, yet again, shown that she simply does not care what America thinks?”  And part of me says “no.”  Part of me believes that, for Nancy Pelosi, disregarding the will of the American people comes as naturally as breaking campaign promises does for this president. The other part of me, however, cannot help but draw attention to it all.  Its maddening.

So, are we really surprised anymore?  Of course not.  Are we outraged?  Absolutely.

And that’s why I like Paul Ryan’s take on it all:



  1. anonymous says:

    I really dislike this woman. I mean, what’s really in it for her, other than the power trip?

  2. Old Richard says:

    Power is all this female cur can hope for; she has no intellect; no morals
    no consience; no beauty; and no regard for our country. I fought one war for
    another country’s demoracary and I will certainly fight for my own country. The
    other country got none, I will not give up what freedom I have left for the wishes of this Botox Bag. God help us in the upcoming election but let us not to forget to keep our powder dry and our vision clear. God has blessed this
    fine country we live in but I still believe God helps those that help themselves.
    Please forgive my spelling as I am on my second Jack & Coke after reading
    About her Queenship’s plans.

    Old Richard

  3. 11/2/10 says:

    I fear the outcome of that ‘solution’ will go by the same name.

  4. More botox than brains says:

    Clean House 2010

  5. Roadrunner says:

    Well said Jeff and Richard. But could we all be missing a major point here? Could it simply be that Pelosi is insane? All that stretching and pulling and Botox must certainly require a considerable amount of Pain Medication. Perhaps that very medication has driven her crazy? But, there are still a lot of people out there, especially on the left coast, who support her. That’s a subject for another time, but not far removed from this one!

    It has long been speculated that insanity can run in the family. Could it also be true that it runs in the Party?

  6. Lilly says:

    Nope, not surprised at all. Which in itself is sad. But yes, keep pointing it out because you never know when a new person will happen by and go “WHAT?!?!?!”. Plus it’s archived then too. Gotta Love Paul Ryan!

  7. Max Factor says:

    Old Richard, my goal is to store up more black powder that Nancy has pancake powder for that shiny distorted face of hers.

  8. Gail B. says:

    There is an email going around telling Democrats how to receive today’s March on Washington. It outlines a bunch of lies about the bill. I was outraged (again) and wrote the original sender of the email this:

    (Quote) When have we EVER been able to believe anything that a Progressive Democrat says? “The end justifies the means.”

    Until this regime starts telling the truth, keeps promises of transparency, becomes less arrogant, and remembers who We the People are, it’s not going to get much cooperation from the American citizens OR the other side of the aisle. (End quote)

    I am so sick of all this! Well over half of the American citizens do NOT want this bill to pass, yet they just keep pushing, conniving, and bribing. I thought Hannity was going to have a stroke on the radio yesterday afternoon!

    What I do not understand is why it is more important to pass the legislation in spite of We the People’s protests against it, especially when politicians KNOW it will be Congressional career suicide to vote for it. Think about it — they’re fighting an uphill battle with every gun in their arsenal. Somebody’s gonna get hurt, and they KNOW it!

    Old Richard, there are some of us who just have to remember what Jack and Coke was like. We don’t have that luxury anymore (and you really, really DON’T want to see me drunk)!

  9. It’s Pelosi-palooza. Congress-Gone-Wild.

  10. Gail B. says:

    And another thought:

    Why doesn’t the federal government clean up the messes they have already made with their government programs before they tackle one-sixth of our economy and take away our freedom? I read yesterday that it will take TEN YEARS to write the manuals for healthcare. But the program would kick in seven years EARLIER. And, don’t forget–we’ll be paying for something that we won’t be covered by for another three years. Is it a coincidence that it won’t go into effect until the NEXT administration?

  11. Gail B. says:

    The president of my political forum sent us an email about this healthcare bill. These three paragraphs are quoted from it:

    Most folks in the Tea Parties and the barber shops know that the
    Healthcare Bill is the door to Marxism; therefore, those who vote for
    this Bill are by their own actions self admitted Marxists.

    There, that wasn’t so hard. It is a truth that polite people do not want
    to admit because it would then dictate necessary actions. Jonathan
    Swift’s “Gulliver’s Travels” stated it so well, and sadly people have
    not changed over the centuries.

    We have to deal with the facts and admit that a significantly large
    portion of our Congress is comprised of Marxists who know this bill will
    destroy and bankrupt our country, and they will out themselves when they
    vote “yes”. Such is the pursuit of power, and we have fought wars with
    these people. Our responsibility is not to pretend they and their votes
    do not lead to firm conclusions about who they really. We must not let
    our fear over ride our love of country; we must confront the truth head
    on. Now let’s us say it together, “If they vote for the so called
    Healthcare Bill, they have admitted that they are Marxists.” Saul
    Alinsky would be proud. (Please forward to your lists.)

  12. Old Richard says:

    WOW !!!!!!!!!!
    Max, that is a lot of powder
    Hard to concieve that much in one pile.
    Keep it contained and dry and hopfully
    it won’t be used except for sporting.

    I don’t want to see anyone drunk
    they are a pain in the you know what
    just look at how the congress and senate
    act while drunk on thier power trip.

    Old Richard

  13. Gail B. says:

    Old Richard–

    I really needed that laugh! Thanks!

    Pelosi appears to be half-tanked most of the time; but if anyone ever sees her in an AA meeting, we can’t tell anyone. I guess that’s the best reason she doesn’t attend! Besides, it’s a program dependent upon honesty, openness, and willingness to try. Nah–she failed on all three of them.

    Your comment about Max Factor’s powder was good, too!

  14. Gail B. says:

    Has anyone thought about suing Obama-Soetoro for fraud? He campaigned under one banner (Democrat) but is administrating under Marxism.

  15. Its Meat and it Reeks says:

    StinkingMeat sure has a hate-Schreiber fetish.
    More than likely a West Winger.

  16. Gail B. says:


    Why don’t you go find yourself a meat grinder. You’re wasting your time here.

  17. Old Richard says:

    I once had a pot roast
    who thought he could think
    I trimmed off the fat parts
    and threw them in the sink
    I put him in the oven
    and turned up the heat
    and just three hours later
    LOOK “ThinkingMeat

    See this guy’s brain is cooked.

    Old Richard

  18. Gail B. says:

    Old Richard, I think I’ll cross-stitch that one, frame it, and hang it on my wall! Priceless!

    (Somebody call the fire department — I smell SMOKE!)


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