Meet Amanda Pasdon

Full disclosure here — Amanda is my wife’s cousin.  She’s also quite brilliant, has extensive experience in business development and economic growth, and is officially running for one of two open seats in the 44th District of the West Virginia House of Delegates.  I was originally hoping to introduce her via a full interview (one is forthcoming, just as soon as we find a few minutes in our busy schedules), but her inaugural blog post at her brand new campaign Web site was just too good and too appropriate of an introduction to ignore.

So, on occasion, you’ll see her blog posts featured here at America’s Right, along with–I hope–some original material as well.  In the meantime, please visit her Web site, and PLEASE spread the word.  The increased involvement on local and national levels by intelligent, talented, principled folks like Amanda — that’s how we will rekindle American prosperity and freedom.  And, of course, be nice … she’s family.   — Jeff

So, is being nervous about writing your first blog as a candidate normal?  Is that anything like going on your first job interview out of college that left you with sweaty palms and “first impressions are everything” on repeat? Let’s hope I am a master at both by November 2, 2010!

“Are you crazy?” That’s been a popular question these days and the question I have heard most since deciding to run for the House of Delegates. Repetition leads to refinement, right? Ok, so I am ready, next question? I assure you; I have been properly evaluated and found to have every attribute needed to enter the sport of politics.

I am not crazy (although that may depend on definition) but I am committed. I am committed to the people of Monongalia County and the 44th District but it doesn’t stop there. I am committed to West Virginians. All of our communities make up this wildly wonderful state we live in. Working together to better opportunities for all should be the main goal of any citizen turned passionate candidate.

Where did this stem from? A couple of years ago, as my colleagues and I were leaving the Capitol amid the craziness the Legislative Session brings, I asked the question, “so, how do you ever change it, how do you help people to realize that change can actually be a good thing?” The answer I was given I have never forgotten: “You change it one person at a time.”

Two years after that particular conversation, this chick in torn-up blue jeans, my favorite worn out cowboy boots and a WVU ball cap had decided it was her time! I walked into the post office to mail that little piece of paper (trembling hands here) that has changed life greatly and I hope it doesn’t stop changing now or even soon.  We are on a roll.

On a roll right into reality; the reality of a very partisan, two party system. Within in the first 60 seconds of any conversation, I am asked about my party affiliation. Really? Why? I haven’t hardly had time to tell you my name, much less roll out the grand elevator speech (that I am very proud of) before you want to know what animal I have aligned with. In some instances, I obviously gave the wrong answer and it was like a bird dog on a duck hunt. They would literally duck and run towards a barely visible dot in the distance to avoid having to have anything that might even resemble a conversation with the chick from “the other side.”

Is this the world of politics? Aren’t we fighting for the same state and country? Has it truly become a full contact sport that no longer resembles the servant of civic duty that it did in the 1900s? Do you think that Benjamin Franklin, James Madison or George Washington would run to avoid being seen with one of the others? Obviously not, as they all managed to sign the Constitution … in the same room, by the way … all of ‘em, together.

So here we are – rookie girl running for the West Virginia House of Delegates. My color? Black suits me just fine. It’s slimming, right? And it matches almost any shoe in my closet. But what about the others — Red? Blue? In the American flag they represent strength, lives lost for liberty, independence, courage, believing that their sacrifices would liberate their descendants for many, many years. And they were right! They were patriotic colors, colors of remembrance not colors of divide.

When did we become so arrogant? When did we get to the point where crossing the aisle on any issue is almost certainly a bare knuckles fight (or brass knuckles) depending on the topic. I can’t find much about the “hope and change” of today that even resembles the “wisdom and fortitude” of our forefathers. Today, the Constitution and its definitions are challenged by many and, for some, that blessed document is sitting pretty close to the paper shredder.

When did we become stuffy? Disinterested? Self-destructive? Blindly following the blind? When did politics become a lifelong career? Public service shouldn’t be about making a small fortune; it should be about the people that sent you to represent them. If that isn’t what you do, then the response from the voters should be simple: Move along. It is someone else’s turn.

America deserves to be restored to her former glory. We deserve to be proud of America, our leadership and our future. Our forefathers deserve for us to uphold their legacy. The challenge I issue to you is to remove the tinted glasses, to become color blind–or LOVE purple–I don’t care which you choose but choose to set aside partisan issues, personalities and divides. Americans can save America. Not one man. Not one party. We The People are the only hope we have — let’s get to it!


Amanda Pasdon is a Republican candidate for the 44th District of the West Virginia House of Delegates.  For more information on Amanda, or to donate to her campaign, visit her Web site:



  1. Anonymous says:

    A very impressive woman, from what I’ve seen. And Jeff you’re right that it will start locally.

    Go Amanda!

  2. DebbieDean77 says:

    You know, it’s funny that it takes utter failure at the top to bring out good stuff from the bottom. I mean, would Ms. Pasdon even have gotten involved had it not been for what’s going on in Washington? I’d like to think so, but you never know.

    Eventually, Barack Obama might be looked at as the President who saved America, but it won’t be for the reasons he would want to be seen that way for. Ms. Pasdon s words about the parties are right, too — our forefathers didn’t even want parties!

    Bravo, Amanda. Thank you for running for office. If we were in WV you would get our vote.

  3. Ralph says:

    Thanks for sharing

  4. We The People says:

    This brought me to tears…. it’s what I need to do for my grandson.

  5. I appreciate your kindness. That’s one of the great things about this journey – people like you. Americans that are involved and are tuned into the issues we are facing and no doubt aware of the battles ahead.

    We have all heard it said – Politics: It’s a sport. But it’s a sport in which we ALL have skin in the game. We are headed down a path of almost certain defeat and the only way to change the outcome is to change the players. It’s that simple and is why I decided to run.

    I truly believe in free market capitalism, in America’s ability to return to greatness and in the average Americans (like us) that will be the driving force in changing our future.

    Thank you for being involved, being aware and speaking out! You encouragement is greatly appreciated. Keep it up Patriots!


  6. Gail B. says:

    Amanda, I hope you win by a wide margin!

    Jeff, is there any more talent that you’ve been hiding from us? You know that you’ll get our support with your endeavors.

    Speaking of support, Amanda said in her blog that Jeff is expected to graduate from law school in May. Don’t forget the “Contribute” button when it comes to a graduation gift, y’all!

  7. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Gail … ha!

    Graduation gift? We need thousands just to get out of our house. Graduation gifts are on permanent hold.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Amanda, please tell me you don’t say “You Betcha”, though I would still vote for you, but others would frown on me. Common Sense rocks! I wish you and your district the very best of what America has to offer.

  9. Gail B. says:

    Jeff, we understand the expense involved with moving. I dropped that as a hint — using graduation as an “excuse” — for those who want to keep you “up and running” as you head to the Golden South! Good grief–I just received an email suggesting that subscriptions to the Philadelphia Inquirer, The New York Times, Newsweek, and Time Magazine be canceled! I know you want to get out of that neck of the woods because of the politics AND the weather! (I’m surprised that there are any people living voluntarily north of the Mason & Dixon Line to begin with!)

  10. La Crimson Femme says:

    Good Luck! Your first blog left a great impression for me. Too bad I’m not in your district to vote! I love that you point out that it isn’t all or nothing on issues based upon parties. In my negotiation classes, I learned that the more people argue about their position, the more it became about winning their point rather than resolving the issues or coming to an agreement. It came to a point where they argued for the sake of arguing. I see that in both the House and the Senate right now and it is very disappointing. I hope you will be given the opportunity to make a difference and make a change for the good.

    @DebbieDean77 – my husband reminded me, “Well, the one bright side is after Jimmy Carter, we had a great president . . . Ronald Regan.” Since you know who has already been compared as Jimmy Carter, here’s hoping real change in a good way happens next!

  11. Thank you Gail! I am backing up your idea of “graduation contributions.” I understand the urgency to escape south – Life below the Mason Dixon line is just sweeter! :)

    Anonymous – I can honestly say that “you betcha” isn’t part of my vocabulary. :) But I appreciate you being willing vote for me even if it was! Let’s see – my “bless your heart” could be my famous line…

    La Crimson Femme – You are right and what a shame. I can’t believe we continue to send them there to argue the same issues. Here’s to hoping 2010 elections sends a message! Thank you for your kind words! It will be an adventure!

  12. John Feeny says:

    Amanda -
    If you’re ever going to have any kind of a say in education reform, let me know, because I can give you a bunch of starter ideas (that, admittedly, are just that…foundation ideas) that you might be interested in using. It doesn’t matter to me in what part of the country education reform begins – as long as it does. I think Jeff can vouch for me on this one.

  13. Anonymous says:

    They elected Obama, bless their heart… ha ha ha.

  14. Go Amanda says:

    “Our chief want is someone who will inspire us to be what we know we could be.” Ralph Waldo Emerson

  15. Anonymous says:

    Your cousins photo and smile are like the antidote to all the Pelosi photos and stories in here. Bless your heart, Jeff, for posting this.


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  2. [...] been more than seven months now since we introduced Amanda here at America’s Right, and while the hope that she could find the time in her busy schedule over the past few months to [...]

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