‘All Your Nuclear Options Are Belonging To Us!’

Living up to their new diplomatic role models–the Islamic jihadists–the Democratic Party congressional leadership and, of course, the regime capos down on Pennsylvania Avenue have now determined that, yes, they need to be seen on the world stage as a “force” to be reckoned with.

Where is it written that the Democrats are to be denied their nuclear rights? What’s so wrong with Ayatollah Pelosi claiming out of one side of her mouth that her party seeks reconciliation only for peaceful purposes, while out of the other side promising to wipe individual freedom off of the map?  And what better issue to throw your nuclear weight around upon than that of single-payer, abortion-on-demand, death panel mandatory universal health care? Damn the voters, those rubes: let them eat cake!

Thus, the “nuclear option” (a.k.a. the “reconciliation” arabesque), once considered unthinkable by President Obama, is now apparently an integral part of his “launch on warning” strategy.  For a great expose on the abuse of the reconciliation nuclear option by the Democrats, check out this great primer by former House Speaker Newt Gingrich:

While the budget reconciliation process was a success in its principal goal of giving Congress more power to meet the spending and revenue goals of the budget resolution, it quickly became prone to abuse.

Provisions that had nothing to do with meeting budget resolution requirements, even some that directly contradicted them, were passed using the reconciliation process.
To prevent this, the so-called “Byrd Rule,” named after Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, who introduced the legislation, was passed in 1985 and made permanent in 1990.

The Byrd Rule allows any senator to raise a point of order objection to provisions in a reconciliation bill that they consider extraneous to meeting budget resolutions requirements.  Then, it is up to the chair – either the Vice President (as President of the Senate) or, more often, the presiding officer of the Senate if the Vice President is not present — whether that provision stays or is stricken.

However, the chair almost always relies on the advice of the Senate Parliamentarian to determine if that objection is legitimate.

Bet you didn’t even know about the “Byrd Rule” and the role of the Senate Parliamentarian — did you?  Either way, so much for the promise of hope and change these dudes said they would bring to D.C.

But there is good news and bad news here. As for the good news, in the event that the Democratic jihadists actually push the button and the ICBM they have aimed at America’s wallet actually takes off, they will be able to dictate–yes, dictate, not govern–to the nation how one-sixth of its economy will proceed into the future. Never in the history of the nation has such a partisan and tyrannical measure, lacking any semblance of bi-partisan support, been rammed up the country’s … nose.

But hey, like any jihadist committed to the cause, the Democrats’ reconciliation credo is “suicide for the larger objective.” Take one for the team. The virgins await! Therefore, the downsides of the option–loss of power and ejection from the Congress by the voters–are seen in a moderated light by the acolytes. On the other hand, the launching of the ICBM will cost the Democrats their power-mad grip on the House and Senate in November, which cannot be anything but good news for the nation. Good riddance.

The bad news, however, is that, unless Barack Obama is somehow booted out of office before 2012, any effort to repeal the damage wrought by the passage of the regime’s healthcare “reform” nuclear warhead will need to garner sufficient votes to override a certain veto of any attempted repeal, so intent is Obama on imposing the will of the distinct minority upon the enraged majority. This will thus necessitate the election of not bare majorities in the House and Senate, but super-majorities of two-thirds. Thus, in the Senate, the electorate would need to send into office 67 rational “non-Democrat ideologues” and, in the House, 290 similarly rational non-Democrats in order to override the veto and rid the nation of the insanity masquerading as Obamacare “reform.”

In a weird way, the Democrats’ inevitable use of the reconciliation “nuclear option” will actually function as a cathartic, cleansing mechanism, one which will allow the nation to return in due course to a semblance of sanity and fiscal responsibility–no matter who occupies the White House–as soon as January 2011. That process is, like, thirteen months overdue. Enough already.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Love Nancy’s prom picture. Osama stood her up?

  2. Boston Blackie says:

    Anon 9:36am -
    That is the BEST comment ever!!
    Rick – You silly man, it is only called the nuclear option when the republicans were using it(for budget issues). When the democRATS use it, it is called reconciliation. That has such a lovely, bipartisan sound to it. I heard that Biden will use the Byrd rule to make changes(add provisions, not strike provisions) to the bill after the vote since there are not supposed to be any changes to a bill passed by the nuclear option.
    Do we have a count of how many state’s attorneys general are now planning on filing suit if this passes.
    The democRATS currently blame everything including the weather on Bush. You just wait, if they are in the minority in 2011, they will blame the effects of their socialist agenda that they put in place on the majority party at the time.

    People voted for change and they sure as h-e-double hockey stick got it.

  3. GADAWG1997 says:

    Best picture ever…Pelosi, a AK and a Koran…Priceless


  4. Dressed to kill says:

    Nancy surely knows that Koran much better than the AK, seeing as how she is a gun and freedom hater. What does the sash say, “Miss Botox”?

  5. Anonymous says:

    Is StinkingMeat a West Winger? He sure is an angry little, man?

  6. William A. Rose says:

    Anybody know what you say to an unruly, overzealous Congressperson with two black eyes? Nothing. They’ve been told twice.

  7. Anonymous says:

    If that Koran is anything like her bills she sneaks thru, she hasn’t read it.

  8. Burka babe says:

    Look how tiny Nancy’s Koran appears, compared to the size of the Healthcare bill we’ve all seen.


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