VIDEO: In The Year of the Conservative Comeback, a Coming-Out Party for Mike Pence

Alas, despite what I had promised myself last year, I didn’t make CPAC this week.  I would have liked to.  However, due to the magic of the Internet, I was able to catch a number of the speakers and panels in varying degrees of live.

I thought Liz Cheney’s stories about her daughter were hilarious, and I loved her father’s confidence during his surprise visit.  I thought Marco Rubio’s speech was fanastically inspiring.  I enjoyed John Boehner’s remarks more than I thought I would.  Jim DeMint was Jim DeMint and his conservative values showed.  And, while Mitt Romney started off a little rough–jokes aren’t his strong suit, no matter how much of a sense of humor he has–but finished with a flourish that made me think “well, there’s the next president of the United States” and be happy about it.

But then, yesterday morning as the rest of the world watched a contrived apology from an exceptional golfer, I watched Indiana Congressman Mike Pence give what may be the best contemporary political speech I’ve ever heard.  Yes, I have a habit of looking at footage of Reagan and Thatcher and Churchill and Goldwater, but I’m talking about the here and now.

Listen to and watch the speech.  Please.  I did not include a transcript for this one, because I want you to watch.  I want you to watch his emotion, his candor, his passion.

This was a coming out party for Mike Pence, plain and simple.  This blew me away, but I already liked the guy.  I’m curious now to hear your impressions.



  1. Anonymous says:

    Take that Jon Stewart.
    INCREDIBLE, and NO teleprompter!

  2. Lilly says:

    Wow! I think I may move a couple hours East to IN! Thanks Jeff for posting this!

  3. Gail B. says:

    Pence LOOKS like a president — whatever that means. He has the demeanor of being able to take charge, lead America in the right direction, and make the appropriate decisions that will guide a conservative congress to work on behalf of Americans so that this country can once again be — and be resepcted as — the greatest nation in the world.

    I had been thinking Sarah Palin would make a good president, until I learned that she was stumping for John McCain, right along with Scott Brown. Then I thought about Jim DeMint, but I think a Pence/DeMint ticket can’t be beat.

    Great speech! I’m sold on him!

  4. Randy Wills says:

    Thanks, Jeff, for making this video available to us who missed Pence’s speach at CPAC. I’m sold on this guy and, assuming that he throws his hat in the ring come Presidential Primary time, he’ll have my financial and spiritual support.

    By the way, I would suggest that everyone read Dorthy Robinowitz’s op-ed piece in last Thursday’s issue of the WSJ entitled “What Sarah Palin Doesn’t Know”. I have learned, starting with the Amerault case in MA many years ago (which, btw, recently came up in the Cokely vs Brown campaign) that when Ms Rabinowitz comments, I take it seriously.

    As for Romney, he has had his chance as an executive as the governor of MA and failed the test. If we haven’t learned by now that words spoken in pursuit of political office mean nothing more than that the speaker understands the mood of the voters, shame on us. History and experience are the true representation of an aspiring politician’s values and character.


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