‘No’ to Obama-Style Bipartisanship

CBS News: ‘Obama Says Bipartisanship, But What He Wants Is GOP Surrender’

Mr. Obama said he “won’t hesitate to embrace a good idea from my friends in the minority party.” But he wants his way. He wants his energy policy enacted along with his jobs bill, his financial regulatory reform and his health care plan.

And if the opposition continues to block his objectives, he said he “won’t hesitate to condemn what I consider to be obstinacy that’s rooted not in substantive disagreement but in political expedience.”

When a sitting president calls for bipartisanship by the opposition – he really means surrender. And if they block his proposals, its “obstinacy” and not political views they hold as strongly as he holds his.

An excellent piece by Mark Knoller.  And he’s right.  And, in turn, the Republicans should avoid dancing with this administration until TRUE bipartisanship is in the picture.  True bipartisanship involves crafting legislation with input from all sides from the ground up — what the Democrats are doing is writing 2,000-page bills on their own, throwing some minor concession in there for the GOP, and asking for GOP ownership.

Republicans need to say no.  The people want them to say no.

The Democrats don’t want their interest.  They want a viable vehicle for future shifting of blame.  Even one Republican who could be perceived to be on board would be enough for the Democrats to place ownership on anybody but themselves.

Of course, by refusing the meeting with the president, Republicans will be chided for talking the talk on bipartisanship but not walking the walk.  But that’s where the true bipartisanship comes in — if the president had scrapped the House and Senate legislation entirely and started over, that’s when the GOP should be involved.



  1. Sam says:

    Republicans, remember Bastogne!!!!! 12/22/44
    Just say ‘NUTS’.
    Quite often, it’s the AMERICAN thing to do.

  2. birther1957 says:

    TO All Republicans: When We say NO we mean NO. And that is for everything that the Dems. are doing. EVERYTHING NO NO NO NO !!!!!

  3. Bob says:

    Last time I checked, the Republicans didn’t want in on the process whatsoever. I don’t claim to be either Republican or Democrat, or even a proponent of the health care bill as the Democrats want it, but the Republicans have made no effort to be a part of just about any bill that the Democrats write. So what is left for the Democrats to do? The only thing that they can do is write a bill themselves, put it in Congress, have it shot down, then try and make small concessions here and there to get it through.

    The people are mad at a Congress who isn’t able to get things done except for spending money. Their angry with a president who promised to change everything and they haven’t seen that either.

    If we hope to have a democracy the way our founding fathers wanted us to have it, the Republicans need to stop feeling sorry for themselves and both parties need to start participating in a real political process where they negotiate with those they don’t agree with so that the people who elected them in the first place are actually represented.

  4. Jeff Schreiber says:


    Check out the response to the State of the Union speech over in the A.R. Essentials section. There’s a list of exactly HOW the Republicans have been trying to get involved.

    Bipartisanship starts from the ground up.


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