Rules For Republican ‘Radicals’

Townhall: ‘Ten Rules for Anti-Government Republican Radicals in D.C.’

  1. Always try to decentralize power as much as possible.
  2. Earmarks are corruption.
  3. The louder they scream “emergency,” the more suspicious you should be.
  4. There’s always something to attack in a government program.
  5. The grassroots are your friend.
  6. Tie everything back to how it helps the people.
  7. We will never control spending unless we change the system.
  8. You’ve got to believe in your heart that Americans want responsible government.
  9. We don’t need new laws; we need reform.
  10. It’s better to kill a bad bill than improve it.

Those are John Hawkins’ ten rules.  To read more about each, click on the link above.

I will say, though, that for Republicans perhaps the most important rule is one which Hawkins touched upon with a glancing blow — for much more than a year now, I’ve said that Republicans need to boil everything down to the proper role of the federal government.  Everything, right down to pet social issues.  There’s so much budding libertarianism in this country on both sides of the traditional political spectrum that it would be a squandered opportunity to do anything else.

On the rest of it, though, Hawkins is right on.  I especially like No. 3.  After all, liberal ideas standing on their own are anything but palatable.  Therefore, liberals either need to lie about the nature of the idea, or use manufactured crisis to implement it.

I’d also like to use this as an opportunity to gripe a little about Townhall’s Web site.  I know I’m nobody to talk.  I know I don’t get even a fraction of the traffic they do.  But still, as a guy who has to quickly navigate around political sites, I ask that Townhall scraps that annoying pop-up ad which appears shortly after content is opened.

Unless it’s the most lucrative advertising spot on the site (and it can’t be, because I can’t believe anybody would be reading an intelligent piece from Hawkins or Malkin or anybody else and see a pop-up ad and decide to follow it instead), the folks in charge there should realize that it takes away from the otherwise excellent content.

That’s all.  I love the site otherwise.



  1. Gail B. says:

    Well, that’s what I call “cutting to the chase!”

    Spot on!

  2. Boston Blackie says:

    Liberals always make everything into a crisis, like healthcare. That’s why they want the taxes to kick in yesterday and the changes to come on line in three years. Make everything an emergency – I wonder what page you can find that rule in the Saul Alinsky handbook!?!
    We need to get earmarks outlawed and the line item veto enacted for POTUS.
    Can we get framed copies delivered to each republican to hang within eyesight of their desk in D.C.
    FYI – I also despise popups, I will stop going to sites that have them.

  3. Leland S. says:

    Jeff, just so you know it’s your site I always visit first.


    Always in that order. Don’t ask me why, but it’s an everyday occurrence with me.

  4. Anonymous says:

    LISTEN TO YOUR CONSTITUENTS, would be a great place to start for each and EVERY representative (mitigate that with REAL knowledge of the constitution).

  5. Joelle says:

    Saul Alinsky wrote the rules for societal distruction. His most famous student, Obama has followed these rules to the letter.

    Now people need to understand HOW Alinsky, liberals, and Obama is manipulating the system. We can keep responding to what they do. We have to get ahead of the curve and act instead of react.

    Read “Rules For REPUBLICAN Radicals” which explains their methods and how we can counter them more effectively. Power is with the people, but they have to understand how to get it and use it. Otherwise they are simply yelling while the tanks roll past.

  6. I would change number 2 from…”Earmarks are corruption” to “Most earmarks are unconstitutional.” The majority of all earmarks flow through the general welfare provision of the Constitution. They are unconstitutional because these appropriations are local or particular. The rule requires ALL appropriations to be general. This wipes out all the pork spending for special projects like re-modeling a building or re-paving a road in some clowns congressional district.

  7. Mark says:

    It’s senseless to address this to “republicans”. Republicans are part of the problem. 99% of them are big spending power brokers just like the Dems. They have no intention of going against the grain in Washington. This country will continue down the path to socialism unless the voters can truly coalesce behind a third party.

  8. Marce says:

    So how do we keep the ambulances from bringing injured, sick and nearly dead people to the ER when they don’t have insurance? Is there a place to dump them that won’t cost the rest of us money? Can we bring them to the closest border and let Mexico or Canada take them… I mean really, so what if they are Americans, either they didn’t bother or they just plain weren’t smart enough to find a job with an employer that pays their insurance and damn it! they are the ones who chose to feed their children instead of purchasing a policy for $900. a month. It is not the insurance companies fault!!!

    And what about those people that “pretend” they will pay the hospital bill after their triple bypass and then they claim medical bankruptcy? I think if you are not well off enough to buy insurance on your own, you should die! Who needs lazy people who can’t be self sufficient???!!! Oh wait, that would by my maid and landscaper! Hell!!!! I need them!!! I do NOT want to clean my own house and hell if I am going to mow the lawn!!!!

  9. Marce says:

    I agree 100% on a new party! But please, not a far right tea bag thing that makes no concession to decency. And not a far left socialist party that graciously allows us to keep 25% of our income. Most Americans do not want to be paying for corporate welfare any more than we want to pay for people who refuse to work. We’ve gotten into a terrible position allowing union wages and corporate greed to run our factory jobs to Mexico, South America and overseas. We need jobs for people who are struggling to climb up the left side of the IQ bell curve every bit as much as the careers for the folk who slide down and off the charts on the right side.
    Our schools are so bad most Americans cannot write a complete sentence. Our government workers are products of those schools, so inefficiency runs rampant. A limited number of extremely wealthy people run the entire world, so no matter whom we put into office in ANY country the voice and will “of the people” will not be heard. Look around at our elected officials; the brightest and best of them do not work “for the people”. It won’t be long until the global economy makes all of our electorate as lame and weak as a school board in Polk County. If you haven’t noticed, “the people”, no matter which way they swing, just don’t matter anymore.
    The only way to save US is if all the good, honest, decent, hard working people of the world ban together and ONLY work with and for each other; they only buy from and invest in each other… then, and ONLY THEN, “we the People” will be back in power. Without pulling the good people together and cutting off all the corrupted ones, whether on the left or the right, in government or the business world, the “people’s voice” will be a distant memory.


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