VIDEO: Sarah Palin’s Tea Party Convention Address

Sarah Palin. What is it about Sarah Palin that angers so many on the left?  Is it that she’s more genuine by leaps and bounds than the likes of Hillary Rodham Clinton?  Is it that she’s a little bit easier on the eyes than Janet Napolitano?  Is it her own personal values, cherishing life and freedom and family ahead of politics and power and partisanship?

Whatever it is, she makes the right people angry.  And for that, I’m a big fan.

When it comes to the substance behind Sarah Palin, I believe we’re beginning to see a political powerhouse come into her own.  There has always been the “aw, shucks!” everywoman charm and an obvious foundation rooted in deeply held conservative principles, charm and foundation which has filled in the blanks and has been used as a crutch when needed, and even when not.

I’ve said time and time again that I trust Palin’s instincts, and that she is a whole lot sharper than the left would like to believe her to be.  Now, it seems that she is beginning to merge those instincts, that charm and that foundation with an ever-expanding base of knowledge, and I think she’s en route to surprising a whole lot of people who have written her off for one reason or another.

There’s a certain amount of growth, I think, which needs to happen in each and every serious candidate.  Mitt Romney, for example, seemed to me to be a guy who knew what he had to say, knew why he had to say it, and finally began to grow as a candidate when he shook enough hands and had enough conversations with normal folks that he finally bought into it himself.  I can’t put my finger on exactly when it happened but, in Romney, there was a point when practicality gave way to passion.  With Sarah Palin, it’s a bit of the same thing: she knows what to say, she knows why she’s saying it, and she’s certainly passionate about it — only now, she’s getting to the point where she can defend her passions and principles and perspective with greater ease.

Below, you’ll find Palin’s speech this weekend at the first annual Tea Party Convention.  Sure, it’s a lot of red meat.  Sure, it’s got plenty of folksy.  But there’s a depth there that hasn’t always been around before.  And we saw even more of it on Sunday morning when she appeared on Fox News Sunday.

The more I’m seeing her, the more I’m seeing her grow.  I hope she keeps it up.



  1. Gail B. says:

    I watched it (on my computer), and I was not surprised when the Progressives started down-playing what she said.

    My friend, Sarah, just finished reading her book. She watched Palin’s address and is completely sold on her. Can’t say that I don’t agree with my friend.

    Remember, she was shallow on foreign policy, and she acknowledged as much in her speech. She said that her knowledge had expanded, however.

  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Yeah. Robert bought her book, but I know he was less than enamored with it. Like it or not, when you look beyond an obviously wonderful woman, there has been something missing. But it’s not intelligence, as the left might say. It’s something else, maybe a specific knowledge base, I don’t know. My hope is that she’s open to the experience she’s getting, that she gets her hands on any books she can, and that she bridges that gap.

    I like her. I think she could be president (the current one isn’t setting the bar very high). But I’m not certain she’s ready — yet.

  3. Gail B. says:

    I’m not certain, either, Jeff; but at least she SAYS things and comes across as being HONEST, something that Obama cannot grasp. She did do a good job for Alaska, too. Perhaps best of all, she has the ability to rally people behind her. She must have something on the ball, or else the Obama camp wouldn’t be so critical of her.

  4. Pat in Nc says:

    No one person has all the answers and I trust Palin to seek those with greater expertise in various areas and to thoughtfully weigh their advice. She does not seem to have a need to be seen as the all knowing, smarter than everyone else person such as the current occupier of the White House. Her choice of advisors, cabinet etc. will demonstrate love for our nation and our Constitution. This humility and common sense is what we need along with her servant’s heart. She has already demonstrated an ability to lead and to work in a bipartisan manner. She has successfully fought corruption and worked for the people of Alaska–actually looking out for the citizens she was elected to lead. She gave up the title of Governor because her efforts were being hampered by a barrage of ethic complaints that took time and money of the Alaskan government which in turn was shortchanging the people of Alaska. She has remained strong in the face of the most slanderous and intentionally hurtful treatment by many in the media and has not cracked thus demonstrating the strength of her principles and faith. I wish her God’s continuing blessings in whatever path she chooses to follow.

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