Happy Birthday, Mr. President

Ronald Wilson Reagan
b. February 6, 1911
d. June 5, 2004

You would have been 99 years old today, Mr. President.
Happy birthday, thank you, and God bless.
I hope America can do you proud.



  1. cjbernard says:

    Got this one in a little late there, Jeff?


  2. Jeff Schreiber says:

    Ha! I got ‘er in there right under the wire!

    I’ve been so busy all week long, and then today, I shoveled and frolicked and shoveled again in the 28 inches of snow we received.

    Still, I didn’t want to forget President Reagan’s birthday, and I didn’t want anybody else to, either — even if they are seeing it a day or two late.

  3. Nicknack says:

    Now we need the ghost to rise and lead America back from the brink. One need only be reminded of what he did, how he did it and the accolades that followed him even to this day. We await that leader!

  4. Gail B. says:

    My goodness! Ronald Reagan wasn’t even a month younger than my daddy (who was born January 14–the America’s Right birthday). I miss both of them.

    It seems that all presidents want to be “the greatest president who ever lived,” yet it’s the Republican president(s) who are suggested, not the Democrats’ president. Ronald Reagan set the standard.

    Happy Birthday, Mr. President!

  5. Ima SoBelle says:

    My heart is full of gratitude for this great man who lead us so well and so bravely. His like has not been seen since. When he said “God bless America,” you knew he meant it. Each time I hear his voice and listen to his speeches I am amazed all over again at how blessed we were to have him as out president and how much I wish he was, still.

  6. MaryB says:

    I feel very privileged to have lived while Ronald Reagan was president. He was an exceptional man and an exceptional president.

    He led our country morally and respectfully. We owe a great debt to Nancy and his children for sharing Ronald Regan with us. For that I and many Americans will be in forever grateful. Ronald Reagan was yet another gift to America from God.

    Here is his last farewell speech, it speaks as much (or more) to us today as it did on the that day:


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