VIDEO: Specter Hops On Stage, Interrupts Sestak

If only Congressman Sestak had told Sen. Specter to quit interrupting him and “act like a lady.”

All kidding aside, I’ve had no trouble in the past admitting that I like Joe Sestak.  Even though he’s a committed liberal and wrong on so, so many issues, I’ve seen nothing which suggests that he is anything but a genuine, admirable guy.  To me, that’s what matters.  We’re never going to “win them all,” so to speak, so if there must be people inhabiting the other side of the political aisle, I’d prefer them to lack the bitterness which has consumed so many on the American left.

That being said, Sestak handled the interruption by Arlen Specter very well.  It reminds me about how he handled the occasional uppity nutjob at his town hall meetings this summer.  A class act, through and through.  Arlen Specter, though, should be ashamed of himself.

At any rate, I hope Pat Toomey beats the snot out of Sestak in November’s general election, and that Pat Meehan is successful in his bid for Sestak’s abandoned seat.  While I have the utmost respect for my congressman and wish him well in the primary against Specter, the Senate seat in question is more than vulnerable, and I hope Toomey takes advantage of it.

(Hat tip to Hot Air for the story and video link.)



  1. Anonymous says:

    Class v. Ass, class wins every time.

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