Coakley: Desperately Out of Touch

Hat tip to Michelle Malkin on this one.  Malkin has been all over Martha Coakley’s habit of sticking her foot in her mouth.  And Coakley, of course, has been more than generous with regard to providing new material.

First, Coakley decided to use the World Trade Center as a symbol of Scott Brown’s “Wall Street greed,” apparently neglecting to consider that it was just that type of symbolism which inspired Khalid Sheikh Mohammed to make the Twin Towers the target of his attacks in September 2001.

Then, Coakley–Attorney General Martha Coakley, that is–said that “the law says that people are allowed to have … religious freedom” in the context of discussing the Conscience Clause and Catholic hospital workers, apparently failing to understand that the law merely preserves a right provided by God.  It was the British who allowed religious freedom in Massachusetts.

Then, a few hours ago, Malkin pointed out another ridiculous gaffe:

That’s right.  That’s Coakley on a local radio show claiming that legendary Boston Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling–also an outspoken conservative–is a Yankees fan.  Could it be possible for this woman to be any more out of touch with the state she wants to represent?  I mean, we already know she can’t spell the darned state correctly.  And we know she’s okay with bringing battery charges against a father who punched an illegal Guatemalan immigrant who was touching his son in a supermarket bathroom stall.

This woman is an absolute joke, and it only goes to show that the Democrats think that you are stupid.  They firmly believe that this Senate seat–Teddy Kennedy’s seat, to be sure–is all wrapped up and that all the folks in Massachusetts care about is the “D” next to Coakley’s name.

I can’t wait until the folks up there in the Bay State prove them otherwise.



  1. Gail B. says:

    On a scale of “Michelle Malkin” to “Martha Coakley” (as in 1 to 10), Michelle Malkin obviously the one with a brain! Coakley is in so many Progressive pockets, it’s really difficult to find her.

    Did you read Malkin’s column about the fake vegetables supposedly from the White House garden that M. Obama tried to pull off? ROFLMAO!

    Need a memory jog ~ who was the one who took his seat in the Senate before he had been certified? Was it Al Franken, to get his vote on something? If Brown wins his seat in Massachusetts (sic), I hope he goes straight to Washington, too! Just how over-controlling can Dems be?!

  2. Carolinagirl says:

    Gee, wonder why no one on the left says Coakley is an air head? If Sarah Palin had made those comments or misspelled her state, the left would wet themselves with glee.

  3. Boston Blackie says:

    Carolinagirl, Silly, silly you. You should know by now that (D) after their name is a pass go, collect two hundred dollars symbol. democRATS are never wrong and always the smartest in the room. Kinda like when John F-ing Kerry was running for president, he said his favorite Red Sox player was Manny Ortez, not Manny Rameriz or David Otiz, must be someone to be named later in a trade not done yet. Then he goes to Ohio during the campaign and says “Can I get me a huntin’ license heyah” God, we despise those types around here. They are the reason the rest of the country hates mASSachusetts. They make us the laughing stock of the USA. Hopefully on January 20th, it will all change. I need to get back to my phone calls to ask for a vote for Scott Brown. I have been doing it is since Thursday and not a negative response yet. The Messiah will be in Boston tomorrow, I will be in the middle of the state, Worcester, at a Scott Brown rally. I have never volunteered for a politican before but I had to do it to help save the republic.

  4. Gene Abreu says:

    It is probably is a good idea for obama to campaign for the clueless one in Mass., he then could give the people there some more lies that they can believe in.

  5. Gail B. says:

    Oh, I do pray that Scott Brown wins! His victory will give the slogan “WHAT CAN BROWN DO FOR YOU?” a whole different meaning!

    (I’ll bet Buckshot’s dinner that John Feeny will be all over this election! He did a great job on Featured Commentary.)

  6. Gail B. says:

    Atta girl, Boston Blackie! Thanks for that info and thanks for your support for Scott.

  7. syd B. says:

    Update: When advised of Conan O’Brien’s departure from “The Tonight Show”, Coakley said she was relieved that Carson was returning to the show.

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