GOP Sets Frame for ’10 in MA

Writing for the official blogs of ABC News, Rick Klein argues that Scott Brown’s challenge of Martha Coakley to replace Ted Kennedy has already succeeded in changing the game for 2010:

Democrats are being forced to spend very real resources in a place they should not, by any calculation, have to worry about it. They’re being met by resources (perhaps a more renewable variety at this stage) that Republicans never dreamed would be worth spending.

And they’re being forced to combat the very real perception that if it can happen in the Hub, it can happen in Arkansas or Nevada or Virginia, too.

Obviously Brown winning would be huge. But (quoting Marc Ambinder of The Atlantic):

A close race — within five points, or even ten — would generate significant panic among Democrats in other races presumed to be safe.

Sounds like Brown could use all of our prayers, money, and time. If you can give, do so now.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    I think Coakley is panicking that the train is bearing down the tracks towards her. Hopefully the demcoRATS waited too long to push the panic button, the SEIU and union thugs from out of state are due in the MA by weekend. It is well known in these parts, like ACORN, they are paid to show up and cause trouble.
    IF you are still in doubt about this race look to last night. While Brown was around the state asking for votes, Jokely was in DC at a fundraiser put on by insurance and healthcare lobbyists!! In a typical playbook move, they beat up on a reporter trying to ask her a question down afterwards.

  2. KAKS says:

    Many have pledged to his campaign with money and phone bank time, and we must please continue to follow the same path. This election involvement, from within and outside of Massachusetts, is one of the positive steps to take back our country one piece at a time.

    We pray Scott Brown wins and that the people of Massachusetts will see the true face of the best candidate.

  3. SenatorMark4 says:

    I’ve already given what I can to Scott and hope the best for him. I do have a problem with him, and all Republicans, failing to promote a short list of policies that we can all bat around and polish for November. Obama understood that saying “transparency” and “C-SPAN” could bring votes. Of course they were just lines that he used to win. You won’t ever hear a Republican utter them becuase they’re tooooo honest to come up with policy solutions. Simple things work best, I think (?), when it it so complicated. You want to “redistribute” my income? Then MY government should generate an IRS Form 1099-GOV to those recipients of welfare, AFCD, food stamps, and ALL other gifts to individuals. If you don’t know where the money is going you can’t stop the leak!

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