What Harry Reid Didn’t Choose to Say

Harry Reid’s admission that he made a “poor choice of words” in saying that then Sen. Barack Obama would make it big as a light-skinned black with “no Negro dialect” unless he wanted one, was indeed in itself a bad choice of words. What’s worse, however, are the words that Reid is incapable of uttering about President Obama and many other successful black Americans like him — words about their character.

In speaking of President Obama and in his mind complimenting him, liberals never use words in relation to character. On Friday, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. would have celebrated his 81st birthday but for that fateful April evening in Memphis, Tennessee — and yet here we sit on the heels of that anniversary, still falling short of his dream that his four children would “one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character.”  To this day, nearly half a century since he delivered that speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, the highest, most intellectual and most enlightened circles still use primitive and divisive words to describe a United States senator on his way to becoming our president.

To use “Barack Obama,” “light-skinned,” and “Negro” in the same sentence without a word about his character, intelligence or experience is more damaging than it is racist. It is the bigotry of the human spirit.  That when Harry Reid looks at Barack Obama and sees shades of brown rather than the valleys and rivers of his mind is a terrible moment for all American people. That when Harry Reid hears Mr. Obama speak he hears the coming and going of Negro dialect, a tool to be unleashed at will to exploit the liberal agenda and disregarded when immaterial, exposes the impotence of Reid’s own character.

Harry Reid’s statement, a “poor choice of words” made nearly two years ago yet admitted to only now, reinforces the notion that liberals like Reid are still unable to see beyond race. Mr. Reid and those who defend him are condoning the idea that being black is as shallow and flippant as the hue of one’s skin, that intellect and character are much less relevant than how much you can exploit one’s degree of Negroeness for the sake of party politics.

Senate Majority Leader Reid and his liberal co-horts such as Vice President Joe Biden, who has a history of showing that he too is incapable of seeing beyond skin color, are unable to make comments beyond the exterior of Barack Obama because they only see the veneer of race. They look no further than what the exterior can offer in the short-term goal of political elections. Biden and Reid fail to look into the soul of the man that is Barack Obama, and that is a shame. For if they cannot do it for an African-American man who was then on the road to becoming president of the United States, how can they do it for each of us?

Lisa Fritsch is an Austin, Texas-based conservative writer and radio talk show host known for her no-nonsense approach to today’s social and political issues. She is of the conservative character, her work has been published in The Dallas Morning News, The Baltimore Times, The Florida Sun, The Austin-American Statesman and Today’s Black Woman, and she has been contributing to America’s Right since December 2009. Visit her Web site at lisafritsch.com



  1. Nun of That says:

    Absolutely amazing, Lisa. I agree so much. I might not agree with Obama but you’re absolutely right that they are just ignoring Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream. When will America wake up and see that liberals are the ones maintaining the shackles of racism?

  2. Gail B. says:

    Right on target! I read a news story about it over the phone to a high school classmate and added my comment that Reid’s words said nothing about Obama-Soetoro’s qualifications to be president. His reply was that maybe Reid didn’t see anything in Obama that justified itemizing his qualifications.

    What gets me is that we have an administration hell-bent on tearing this country apart. Those who do not have the brains to do it accomplish their missions with stupidity and incompetence.

    Lisa, you are excellent; and this was a great piece. Thanks.

  3. RGoolsby says:


  4. Diana Feasters says:

    wow lisa i didn’t even read the part about how you are a black woman until after readingyour article … but while i read it i was thinking that you seem to have an understanding that nobody else seems to have. no offense jeff.

    please write more here because race is figuring in more and more in the country and we all really need a dose of commoon sense.

    diana f.
    hoboken nj

  5. Boston Blackie says:

    Reid is the worst type of racist. He sees the skin tone first then the gender and never the character of a person. He also believes that America would never vote for anyone other than a light skinned black man who speaks proper English. That is the part of this comment that is not being discussed. Reid is racist against whites, is it because he is racist and assumes every other white American thinks the same way he does? It is usually the white liberal elistists who think this way because they have never been immersed in the multicutural life. I grew up with all different races and religions so I was taught that under the skin cells we all bleed red. We were all in the same struggle to get out of poverty and have a better life. We didn’t have the time to distinguish skin tone which is why I have as many black and asians friends as I do white but I have never called anyone by their skin tone. When my daughter was 5 yrs old, she was confused when I spoke of two friends both named Debbie so I would say black Debbie or white Debbie. She corrected me once and told me nobody has black or white skin so until she got older, she asked me to call them Debbie with the peach skin or Debbie with the brown skin so she could know which one I spoke of. Even a 5 year old can teach us something. They both loved the fact that she did not see skin color when she looked at people. Maybe someone should have taught this lesson to Reid.

  6. Boston Blackie says:

    Is it OK to call Obama a dark skinned white man!?! He is multiracial isn’t he.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Boston Blackie, without the paperwork, the jury is out on that.

  8. YouShouldKnowBetter says:

    Great article. I agree 100%. I was saddened when particular civil rights “leaders” jumped to Reid’s defense and in my mind stomped on Rev. King’s dream of a future where we would “all” be judged on the content of our character. What legislation exactly has Reid engaged in that has fostered civil rights or assisted minorities in bettering their lives? The fact of the matter is he no doubt had ample opportunity to retract the statement before the book went to print.

  9. JAN says:

    Excellent article Lisa!

    I also find it ironic that Obama takes no offense with Reid’s remarks but was adamant about the removal of Trent Lott’s for his.

    The hypocrisy in Washington is unbeleivable.

  10. Gail B. says:

    Caught you on Glenn Beck last week ~ You were great!


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