Kevin Jackson: ‘The Negro Dialect’

NOTE: Kevin Jackson, a friend of America’s Right if there ever was one, gave me the permission to reproduce here, in its entirety, his reaction to the incendiary comments from Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid which came to light over the weekend.  Read, enjoy, and please check out Kevin’s Web site, The Black Sphere.  — Jeff

Breaking news: Joe Biden admitted to Johns Hopkins University Hospital after having a laughing fit at news of Reid’s comment regarding “light-skinned Obama with no Negro dialect!”

Finally somebody who said something more stupid than Biden, something science thought was an impossibility!  Biden stupidity was previously thought to be -273 degrees C…absolute zero! Not!

Reid quickly issued an apology, and Obama quickly accepted. Can’t have people analyzing the racism of Democrats now can we!  People might actually consider the Democrats history on the subject.  Better yet, perhaps Reid can be talked into switching parties, so Democrats can say Republican are the racists?

What’s Harry Reid apologizing for anyway?!  He was right!  Like Bidenisms, Reid’s real crime was exposing the dirty little secret that everybody knows about white folks who voted for Obama…the Guilters!

In addtion to his incendiary comment, Reid is reported to have said in this article from Politico,

…throughout my career, from efforts to integrate the Las Vegas strip and the gaming industry to opposing radical judges and promoting diversity in the Senate, I have worked hard to advance issues important to African American community.

There Reid goes, telling America how many black friends he has!  I love say it!  “Black people…I TOLD you so,“ and I did in my book The BIG Black Lie!

What have Reid and his Democrat Party done for blacks, except reintroduce slavery—new and improved!  Reid and the rest of the Democrats have indeed advanced issues important to blacks alright, if by advance you mean advanced blacks into a nuclear winter.

Reid and his racist cronies have blacks leading negatively in almost all cultural categories, e.g. high school graduation rates, college entrance rates, college graduation rates, men in prison, teenage pregnancy, abortion, and so on.  Reid et al support getting black folks just enough money and programs to stay home and stay stupid.  The UnGreat Society meets The Ingrate Society.

Democrats did opposed radical judges!  Democrats opposed radical Republican judges who wanted to end slavery and racism; promote individualism!  The last thing Democrats want are blacks who think for themselves, and that includes Obama.

Guilters voted for Obama for two reasons.  First, as Reid opined, Obama is a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect!  Translated to Guilter:

“Obama is that  n*gger who doesn’t act like one.  He’s acceptable as long as he doesn’t try to date my daughter!”

Next and more importantly, the reason Guiliters wanted Obama as president is he could best sell the agenda of the Left to keep oppressing the disenfranchised—for the most part black folks—without the racist elite of the Democrats getting their fingers soiled.  Guilters were overjoyed to accept a light-skinned black with no Negro dialect…as long as his ideology fit the racist Democrat agenda.  Anybody think Obama would have gotten elected if he looked like his father or thought like Clarence Thomas?  Socialist please!  Oh H-i-l-l-a-r-y!

Obama’s message was no different than Jesse Jackson’s, another light-skinned Negro presidential wannabe.  Let’s examine the comparisons.

Both hail from Chicago.  Neither had the real credentials to be president.  Both are racists with skewed agendas, though admittedly Obama is farther left than Jackson.  Both have never run any company or organization that didn’t rely on the charity of others or the government. They’re practically twins!

Guilters flirted with Jackson and blacks, making both think Jackson could be president, though Jackson had a snowball’s chance in hell getting a significant part of the Guilter vote.Black Democrats flirted with Jackson, though many felt he was too “ethnic” to be president.  It is for this reason Jackson cried during Obama ‘Abomination.’  Jackson knew that the only difference between him and Obama, two poverty pimps is…the Negro dialect.

For Jackson, the Negro dialect is part of his DNA. He could not turn it on and off to suit the audience. Jesse talked in rhythm and rhyme, and with that staccato timbre that was the precedent to rap and hip hop.

Put hope in yo brains, not dope in yo veins!…Amerca is a racis countra, uh run by white peepa, who… meck it impausible…fuh a BLACK MAN…to git ova.  Aurppatunity just does not eggzist…for peepa of kula in Amerca.

But Obama has talent! Though he speaks ‘white’ most of the time, and is fluent in Austrian, he finds the Negro dialect or “jive” when he speaks to silly Negros—Black people who voted for Obama, simply because he is black[i].  Obama was masterful at this during his campaign, because silly Negros would not accept the white part of Obama, unless they felt he was “down,” i.e. one of them.

This is because silly Negros are also the most racist black folks in America, no different from Reid and his ilk.  These blacks voted for Obama for the same reasons as Reid…because Obama has light skin and no Negro dialect…around whites! Silly Negros liked that Obama could fool whites, though it was they who were fooled.

Ironically, back in the day Obama would have been accused of “acting white” or “trying to pass,” by not having a Negro dialect.  And his attempts to act black—that’s all it is, an attempt—would have gotten him more than a few butt-kickings in the black community.  However, because silly Negros wanted a Messiah, regardless of whether he is a no-talent-no-Negro-dialect-having-metrosexual-Communst-sympathizing-narcissistic egomaniac!

Here’s the wrap:

Women Guilters were happy to see a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect that they could take home to Mother, and men Guilters needed a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect they could present to their clubs.

Silly Negros needed no Negro dialect black man who could redeem them too. They needed a light-skinned black man with no Negro dialect to show that not all silly Negros are ghetto.  “See, you can be intelligent and have our point of view!”

Indeed you can, when you are raised by Marxist, sex-crazed radicals like Frank Davis, and your influences are race-baiting pastors and Black Nationalists!  To put this simply, silly Negros are saying that black Conservatives are not the only smart blacks.  They may feel vindicated, but they were wrong!

Obama may be intelligent, but as my grandmother would say, “He ain’t got a lick of sense!”  Obama is a deep thinker, but his intellect is misguided and useful only in discussions of socialism.

In the end however, Harry Reid, the Guilters and silly Negros have done America a favor. They have set the color line for “acceptable blacks” among racists, something of which I was certainly unaware. We now know what it takes to rise above race issues for some people.  Thankfully Americans have indeed risen above race…Conservative Americans that is.

As for the Guilters and silly Negros however remain the most racist group of Americans ever. But there is no reason for them to apologize for their way of thinking.  In their insane way what Guilters and black Democrats hearts are in the right place.  What they are saying is simple:  They wish black Democrats would act more like…black Conservatives!

That’s my rant!


Reproduced with permission from Kevin Jackson’s excellent Web site, The Black SphereAnd buy his book, The Big Black Lie: How I Learned the Truth About the Democrat Party.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Amen, Kevin.
    We all know that the liberal white elitists are the most racist people in the world. The ol’ do as I say not as I do and the not in my backyard mentality.
    They believe that blacks and poor people of any nationality can not survive without government intervention which we know is the worst thing for self reliance. Don’t forget what Clarence Thomas went through during his confirmation hearings. Because of his conservative view points, he was considered uppity. Look at Clinton’s comment about Obama and how he would have been serving coffee just a few years earlier. Oh wait, I’m sure he meant that he is so young and charming, he would have worked for Clinton as an intern running the office – right!
    We have saying in Boston for these elitists who look down their nose while attending Harvard or MIT. They are as deep as a puddle, they may be able to build a nuclear bomb but they can’t cross Mass. Ave. without getting hit by a bus. Most of them voted for Obama just so they can say, see I’m not racist, I voted for Barack.

  2. Boston Blackie says:

    BTW, what exactly is a negro dialect. That is the most insulting part of the whole comment. Did he mean that blacks can’t speak proper English. I would push for him to explain that part of his remark before getting his free pass.

  3. Great read! Thanks for your insight.

  4. Lilly says:

    Thanks for posting up Kevin’s rant. I love Kevin’s blog posts.

  5. Color Blind says:

    I don’t care if someone looks like Idi Amin and speaks like Buckwheat, if they have common sense when it comes to energy, defense, ‘climate’ ha, and leaving our freaking liberties alone.

  6. Anonymous says:

    ha ha ha, Jay Leno just said Reid is VERY light skinned and speaks with a cracker dialect.

  7. Gail B. says:

    Kevin is brilliant!

    Gotta go–have to pick up a skring mop from de stow ova on Skraight Skreet!

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