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The Hill: ‘Carville: Airport Scanners Can ‘Measure My Penis’

Speaking on The Tony Kornheiser Show Friday, Carville laid out, or unzipped, his vision for airport security.

But the consummate talker couldn’t help sharing too much information.

“Let me buy a [security] card, then go and measure my penis, and let me get on the airplane,” he said.

What the piece in The Hill didn’t note was that, because homeland security officials in the Obama administration still haven’t left the ski slopes and their other vacation spots, when the president called for a show hearing the only person qualified to testify on penile measurement and airport security was former Bush administration National Security Adviser and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice.

“In the years following the attacks of September 11, 2001, our administration fostered many, many advances in the airport and airline security industries,” Rice told a panel of representatives on Capitol Hill. “However, technologically we are still decades away from being able to measure anything as small as James Carville’s penis.”

(Okay, so obviously, that was a complete farce.  Well, at least the part about Condi Rice getting involved — I’m fairly certain that there are no electron microscopes in use at Reagan International Airport in Washington, D.C.)



  1. NoCrud says:

    Aw, come on now! James Carville has a lot of brass but ….

    Anyway, he really does not deserve this kind of notoriety. Condi Rice, on the other hand, merits a few comments, though. The majority of Condi Comments throw Carville into the shadow he deserves.

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