Video: Rep. Sestak (D-PA) Slams Lack of Transparency

I’m almost a full day late on this one, as I first received notice of the video late yesterday morning.  Between the bar application being due at the end of the month and classes starting back up, I’ve been swamped.  Thank you for bearing with me.

That being said, on many different occasions I’ve written about how I have a tremendous amount of respect for Joe Sestak, who happens to be my congressman.  While he and I would likely not be able to find common ground on a single issue, there’s something to be said about a politician who argues what he argues and votes the way he votes because of principle.  Sestak is about as liberal as they come, but at least I know that his actions and concerns stem from personal principles rather than political expediency.

I’ll take that any day over, say, someone like Arlen Specter, who would change his own name if it meant that his already lengthy political career could be extended by another hour.  Backbone is backbone and principles are principles — and both transcend party affiliation.

That’s why it was so nice, but hardly unexpected, to see Congressman Sestak speaking out against broken promises of transparency.  While I would never, ever entertain the thought that my congressman would vote against the final bill, knowing that he has the wherewithal and testicular fortitude to be able to point fingers at his own party leadership and place scrutiny where it belongs says a whole lot for the man — and the current state of the party as well.



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