No Separating Jihad From Darfur

The Astute Bloggers: ‘Rollingstone Writes Rambling, 10,000+ Word Article About Genocide In Darfur And Only Mentions Jihad Once’

[Warning: Explicit language on the other end of the link.] Expletives aside, the entire point is that the genocide currently taking place in Darfur is intertwined with radical Islamic jihad.  As the Astute Bloggers piece points out, it’s Muslims killing infidels.   Despite devoting more than 10,000 words to the subject (point of reference: John Feeny’s excellent reflection on the recent debate in advance of the Massachusetts general election, as comprehensive as it was, only topped out at about 5,000 words) the word “jihad” only comes up once, and “Islam” isn’t even mentioned.

It’s typical liberal thought.  If there’s a problem in the world, America is to blame.  The underlying Rolling Stone piece shows this.  The president’s Apology Tour throughout the Middle East showed this.  Heck, even his West Point speech on the continuing war effort in Afghanistan, in which he didn’t even once use the words “victory” or “win,” shows this.

We cannot bring radical Islam to its knees–in Afghanistan, in Sudan, in Gaza, or over the skies of Detroit, for that matter–until we are unafraid to identify the problem for what it is.  The genocide in Darfur is inseparable from radical Islamic jihad.  But you wouldn’t know from reading anything about it in Rolling Stone.

NOTE: For more information about Darfur’s genocidal roots in radical Islamic jihad, check out a FrontPage Magazine symposium HERE.


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