Taking Hits from the Left and Right

Remember this?

For those who haven’t seen it already, there’s a piece over at a blog called “emptywheel” entitled Obama’s Royal Scam and The Iron Fist of Rahm that everyone should take a good, long look at.

I dare you to read it and not to smile. Here’s a snippet:

Audacity To Hope. Change We Can Believe In. Rule of Law. Accountability. Freedom From Lobbyists and Special Interests. Privacy. Harm From Illegal Surveillance. Constitutional Scholar. Transparency. Predatory Business Practices. Closing Guantanamo. Withdrawing From Iraq and Afghanistan.

These are but some of the major buzzwords, issues and concepts Barack Obama based his candidacy and campaign on to convince the American electorate to sweep him in to office. Mr. Obama, however, has gone significantly in the opposite direction on each and every one since taking office. As Frank Rich noted, there is a growing “suspicion that Obama’s brilliant presidential campaign was as hollow as Tiger’s public image — a marketing scam…”.

If you love listening to liberals cry as much as I do, and if you haven’t seen it already, I highly suggest you take a few minutes and read this piece of Assigned Reading, the manifestation of the disillusionment of the American political far-left.

In it, the author writes about the “hollowness of Obama’s ‘grass roots,’” about the president’s “use ‘em and lose ‘em” campaign to gain the White House, and about how Barack Obama rode into the Oval Office in large part because “[t]he American people were desperate for something to latch onto” and Barack Obama “gave them a slickly tailored package.”

It really is quite incredible, and while the apparent disenfranchisement on the left might not translate into trouble in 2012–apart from a situation in which Hillary Clinton assesses her chances in November, resigns from her post as Secretary of State and runs against the incumbent president as the moderate, center-left alternative to Barack Obama’s far left–it could have implications right now as Democrats in the House and Senate attempt to ascertain the mood of their base.  Seeing this sentiment, that Barack Obama hasn’t done enough to appease the far left, could make some on-the-fence congressional lefties more comfortable with voting in favor of health care reform.

Or, it could not.  Still, there’s merit in knowing that “the activist base is moving from ‘demotivated’ to downright demoralized and antagonistic.  It means that even in this era of a Democratic Party supermajority those of us on the common sense right are still able to shake the tree a little.

On the other hand, however, there is rarely a chance where any president, Democrat or Republican, can be all things to all people, even within that president’s own party.  As a guy who falls somewhere between conservative and libertarian, I certainly didn’t care for former Republican President George W. Bush’s admitted abandonment of free market principles during the latter half of his second term.  Nor did many like me–but with stronger isolationist tendencies–care for his intervention in Iraq.  There is always going to be opposition from all sides — that’s part of why presidents age so darned quickly.

Nevertheless, as we enter into what will likely be a legendarily interesting political year, it is important to note that the American left is nowhere as cohesive as the Democratic Party leadership and mainstream press would like us to believe.  On the right, the biggest concern is making the Republican Party the correct political vehicle for Tea Party types and avoiding the temptations–which will inevitably be augmented by a suddenly fawning press–of fracturing into a third party.  The left, however … there’s just inherent distrust and dislike and disillusionment.

Slowly but surely, that divide is going to get worse, too.  As the economy continues to falter under this administration’s backward policies, and as the threat from radical Islam continues to present itself due to the incompetence of the Department of Homeland Security and overall problematic nature of this president’s worldview, Barack Obama will be forced to tack to the center in advance of the mid-term elections and his own re-election two years later.  Every president does it, especially Democrats.  And the far left base won’t like it one bit.

All the more reason why it is so important that the Republicans are able to unify the base and return to conservative principles and a message which drips with a Jeffersonian attitude toward governance.  We’re being given a wide open invitation to bring this nation back from the brink — let’s take advantage of it.




    The left, AND the right need to get back to the Constitution.
    Below is an excellent resource for them, and for anybody else interested, to understand it.


  2. 2010, 2012 says:

    some time ago i concluded and blogged that the perception of many of obama as an intellect is erroneous. Do i have the documents to prove it? i do not. but from the time obama began making huge errors along the campaign trail and his inability to sound as if he is in complete charge of what is coming out of his mouth disturbed me much.

    i remember hinting that given obama’s relationship with Rezko-the-briber who is now in jail that perhaps that relationship might be worth examining – - did Rezko payoff people to make obama appear to be a brilliant scholar? in my opinion the facts rule and obama’s inability to give a synopsis of his posiiton on certain matters when his teleprompter fails him is only one indication that he is not the brilliant man that was sold to the public.

  3. this stinks says:

    there is a major deception going on and
    i sincerely hope someone is doing some
    serious work on putting it into a format
    that will expose beyond a doubt the illigitimacy
    of obama.
    for example, just why does it take him so many days to
    give his opinion on certain things? because he’s waiting
    to learn his lines?

    think about this one: whenever he DOES give an off-the-cuff opinion its always a disaster such as “stupid police officer,” and “lets not rush to judgment, ” etc.

  4. this stinks says:

    a situation in which Hillary Clinton assesses her chances in November, resigns from her post as Secretary of State and runs against the incumbent president as the moderate, center-left alternative to Barack Obama’s far left

    a perfect scenario, i say. it will divide the already fractured party even moreso and they will be left with too little votes for either one to be successful.

    you say Pence; i say Palin but whomever runs i see success for Republicans this time around and this year will be a true scorecard of what’s to come.
    this year will tell us much and one of the reasons obama wanted his dirty
    deeds out of our memories early on so that when 2010 rolled around we’d be
    forgetful lambs. i think not. republicans did a fine job of dragging out
    the healthcare depate right into the tsuami 2010!

  5. 2010, 2012 says:

    one of the things i think we must be very mindful of is ACORN’s role in the mix. i have serious doubts whether obama won the presidency square and fair. how much did his Gooooogle pals help him out? how much of a role did acorn play?

    we need to make voting fraud a huge part of our fight to gain back the administration. i think far too much went un-answered in 2007-2008 in the area of fraud and the mishandling of information.

  6. Smile says:

    That picture (virgin) sums up our Commander-In-Chief.
    3 more very rough years.

  7. 2010, 2012 says:

    house-cleaning has already begun.
    obama has ruined the careers of many.
    but they brought it on themselves.

    big lesson: be true to yourselves and be honest with yourselves.
    far too many went for obama because of fears of being called a racist.
    how very, very, very stupid and what a hard lesson as a result.
    some have lost their integrity, some have lost the respect many had
    for them as it became evident who they really are underneath and some lost
    all that and their careers too.

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