New Video: ’2009 Epic Fail of the Year’

Great, great work by the people at Naked Emperor News.  Kinda speaks for itself, don’t you think?  The thing is, the American Recovery and Reinvestment act was never really about jobs.  It was about $8 billion for Harry Reid’s Mag-Lev train, about $300 million for somebody’s new electric golf carts, about $650 million for digital television converter boxes, about $350 million for STD prevention, and about $50 million for the National Endowment for the Arts.  It was about delaying the bulk of the funds to be spent in the months leading up to the congressional mid-term elections this year.

It’s only pure convenience–not to mention the natural consequences of a non-stimulative “stimulus” package–that the unemployment rate has only increased in the wake of such unnecessary spending, convenient for Democrats who want to pass more legislation and spend more money claiming that the first $787 billion wasn’t spent quickly enough, or wasn’t focused enough, or whatever makes them feel better about fleecing the American taxpayers.  From crisis comes opportunity, and they were able to milk the unemployment crisis once, why not milk it again?

Still, videos like the one above are extremely useful.  The American people need to know why their government is doing what its doing.  They need to understand that just as the “stimulus” package wasn’t about stimulating anything, the cap-and-trade bill isn’t about conservation, and health care reform isn’t about health care — everything this government is doing is about making government bigger, more powerful, more easily capable of subjugating the American people.  Once this is understood, everything changes.  Good on the folks at Naked Emperor News for putting this together.



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