The Left’s Surprising Response to Rush Limbaugh’s Hospitalization

It’s about an hour and a half into New Year’s Eve here on the east coast, which means that it is just after 8:30 p.m. in Hawaii, where about six hours ago radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh was rushed to the hospital with chest pains.  Various reports have Limbaugh in varying conditions.  Some Twitter feeds claim that he is dead.  Another expressed hope that he would be “saved by a blood transfusion from a black lesbian with questionable immigration status.” So far, though, the general consensus is that the legendary talker has survived whatever ordeal brought about an ambulance call at 2:41 p.m. Honolulu time.  Businessweek, among others, is reporting that he is “resting comfortably.”

Upon hearing the news, the first thing I did was say a prayer.  It was the same prayer that I would have said for Barack Obama, or Al Franken, or Bill Maher, or Nancy Pelosi, or someone’s dear Aunt Freida.  The second thing I did, knowing the bitterness which resides in most liberals, was check their favorite haunts.  After all, if it had been Obama, or Franken, or Maher or Pelosi who had fallen ill, I’m sure that some on the political right might say something stupid — but I was positive that I’d see more of that from the emotion-led morons on the left.

My first stop was the Daily Kos.  Most of the comments were not germane to the topic at hand, some contained some variation of “I don’t care how much I dislike him, I hope he feels better soon,” others said that wishing enemies ill is “what the wing-nuts do.”  The person who put the original piece together warned against openly wishing Limbaugh ill, saying that such sentiments would be exactly what Rush would want to see; other commenters said the same thing, with some saying that tomorrow’s Drudge Report headline would highlight the bad comments from liberals for Republican Party gain.

And they’re right.  It’s the same reason that, here at America’s Right, I urge people to keep their comments on topic, to remain civil, and to back up any accusations or assertions with documented fact.  (Though I know I don’t have to, because those of us on the right are, for the most part, decent and respectful folks.)  Why provide political fodder for free?  We know they look; heck, checking the Daily Kos was the second thing I did.  And while the negative comments over there certainly were not as numerous as I thought, there were quite a few — despite the post author’s warning.  While it’s not a majority, here is a smattering of the general negative sentiments from the liberals at the Daily Kos:

  • This world will be a better place when Limbaugh leaves it.
  • Do they make a coffin big enough?
  • I hope he fails.
  • I hope his kidneys fail.  Just saying.
  • Good luck with that you fat bastard! No tears will be shed here.

Some of them had to do with Karma:

  • He is somebody that looks to soon be in for one serious fucking surprise. Good luck in the next phase of your development as a life energy, you’re going to need it. That is the absolute nicest thing I can say to the imperious fwad.
  • I don’t wish him ill… karma will take care of Rush and his ilk.

Many of the negative comments referenced Limbaugh’s previous battle with prescription drugs. Some called for the release of toxicology reports. One particular comment, no doubt taking into consideration that Limbaugh was taken to Queens Medical Center in Honolulu (one of the two Hawaiian hospitals pegged as the place of Barack Obama’s birth, as some legitimate reports seem to conflict between Queens and another facility), called for a long-form death certificate. Some of the drug-related comments:

  • The Drugster is back on the Oxycordon! Messes with your heart, or so I’m told.
  • Looks like he will be getting all the Oxycodone he wants now … he will have to go back to rehab after he gets out of the hospital
  • I heard that Rush and Glenn were doing lines off the belly of Sarah Palin, Michelle Malkin, and that crazy congresswoman whats her face.

My second stop was an Associated Press report posted at the Huffington Post.  There were none of the “watch your tongue” warnings as was seen at the Daily Kos, but for the most part things seemed to remain respectful. One commenter, apparently a right-leaning individual, thanked the “Huffposters” for restraining themselves, and even said that he would remember the respect shown the next time he commented on Barack Obama.  Because the vitriol was surprisingly light, here’s a sampling of the good ones:

  • Get well, Mr. Limbaugh. You make this world very … interesting.
  • As much as I dislike the man, I wish him no harm and a quick recovery.
  • I hope you get well, but I also hope you retire and start taking care of yourself.
  • Not a fan of his but wish him well.
  • I’m praying for Limbaugh’s speedy recovery, even though I despise his politics. Also, he’s a cat lover, like me. He can’t be that bad!

My third and final stop was Media Matters.  They weren’t on top of it enough to have something up and running on the site.  As a guy who barely is able to find time for America’s Right, I certainly am in no position to chide anybody else.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised.  No doubt, comments are being moderated.  No doubt, it’s late at night.  Still, given Rush Limbaugh’s polarizing personality, I expected much, much worse from the left.  For the most part, though, when it comes to politics you’re going to see disappointing displays from all sides; while those of us at America’s Right, for example, were respectful following Ted Kennedy’s passing–we did mention the plight of Mary Jo Kopechne, though, but the last time we checked Rush Limbaugh never left anyone to die in the front seat of his car–some on our side of the proverbial aisle weren’t as charitable.  In this case, even Rachel Maddow’s Twitter feed was what I’d hope to see:

All best wishes to Mr. Limbaugh tonight, for a full and speedy recovery.

For me, it just comes down to character.  And, quite honestly, conservatives don’t have a monopoly on character, and decent character and partisan passion aren’t always mutually exclusive. I’d like to think that we’re a little bit better than our counterparts on the left–after all, I’m not certain how many liberals’ first inclination was to say a quiet prayer for Rush–but it’s nice to know that, tonight, I was proven wrong. Unless I’m missing a repository for venom and vitriol, I think it’s fair to say that any pieces of writing which highlight particularly nasty comments about Limbaugh’s condition will be citing the anomaly and not the norm.  If it were six days ago, I’d say it was a Christmas miracle.  For now, though, I’ll just stick with it being a pleasant surprise.

On my end, I think I speak for everyone here at America’s Right in wishing Rush Limbaugh a speedy recovery.  When you’re so concerned about everybody else–try 300 million Americans and their children and children’s children–it’s easy to forget about yourself.  Let’s just hope and pray that he emerges from this even stronger.



  1. William A. Rose says:

    100% agreed. I find Mr. Limbaugh very difficult to listen to. The man makes many many great points and is very important in the world of talk radio. We get alot of information and perspective from him that will not be heard anywhere else. What bothers me about him is his presentation of the material.

    I particularly agree with the well-wishing and positive thought toward those that are destroying our country. We cannot and should not ever wish anyone ill.

    I really wanted to say something profound. It must still be too early.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Being civil is one thing; but don’t think for one second that we should have the same feelings for an ailing socialist lib as we do for a man that speaks TRUTH and LOVES this country.

  3. John Feeny says:

    I, too, Jeff, couldn’t believe some of what I was seeing in reactions from the Left…or, maybe I could believe it. For such a bunch of allegedly ‘peaceful’ people, they sure do pack a substantial amount of vitriol into their vocabulary. I actually got into a minor head-to-head with one of them (my own fault, I suppose), when I expressed to him that he was exposing exactly what he was at his core. His response? All “evil people should just die.”


  4. sharon says:

    I do not get to listen to Rush much anymore. I am a 24/7 member, but my visits to Americasright prevent me from turning that on much. That being said, when they broke in the news last night and said he was “serious”, I immediately said a prayer for him as well. I was a little surprised at my feelings.. I literally shook inside and my heart started pumping, almost as if he was a family member. I turned off the news because I did not want to hear it if for some reason he did not make it. I have the utmost respect for Rush, I have been a fan since the eighties. He has had the guts to say so much the rest of us have not been able to say. Most of what I have learned about conservatism has been through him. I wish him well. We need him on our side.

  5. nana says:

    I realize there are a lot of critics of Rush but he certainly has promoted conservatism and respect for our heritage….to me, that is worthy of admiration, especially today, considering that many of our leaders are seeking to distance themselves and our country from the foundations on which our great nation was built. Some think they can ‘do it better’ and that we don’t need to cling to the ideas and principles of our founding fathers and the dream they envisioned for our country. Rush is one person who helps us realize the value of our heritage. I will pray for his recovery because we need his voice and his ideas in a world that seems bent on destruction. God knows his heart so I will leave the judging of whether he is always right or not to HIM but I pray for his recovery and trust that he will continue to be a defender of our liberty and freedom!

  6. 2010, 2012 says:

    without a doubt the democrat party has taken a very low downturn.
    being very left has always been someting to be careful of in the
    sense they always want to go further than their present left and
    that gets into deep imorality, imo.

    heaped onto that i can hardly express what i see and hear from this
    even newer and worsened democratic left. and i concede there are still
    good people among the democrats but what i do not hear from them is a
    voice to help tune down the ones who are literally taking the party
    into a vomit-pool.

    i can fully understand some democrats leaving the party simply because
    they are embarrassed at the level it has come to. and NO ONE, as far
    as i can tell is speaking up to help their fellow democrat with this
    poor behavior… no one. WHRE ARE THEY? when is at least one or two
    leaders in the party going to take a role and speak to their own and
    say, THIS IS WRONG?

  7. 2010, 2012 says:

    when is hillary going to hold a press conference?
    when is nancy pelosi going to address the wrongness of this kind of behavior?
    where is barney frank on this?
    where is obama’s voice in what he surely konws is being said?
    i blogged about obama stepping up to the plate about the nasty blogging
    during his campaign and wondered why the silence from him?

    where is Joe Biden’s voice on this?
    where is Harry Reid’s voice of digust on this?
    when is Robert Gibbs going to acknowledge and address it and speak against it?


  8. Leah says:

    When Glenn had his health problems, you should have seen the vile comments that were written on FaceBook about him. Guess it is always sort of the same thing … when someone on the Right has a problem, they DESERVE it. But should one of their esteemed (cough cough) leaders have a problem, then OMG! We have to do whatever we can to help them.

    They are basically hypocrites in my book. (Remember how they had no problems with saying nasty jokes about Sarah Palin’s daughter?)

    Thanks though for letting us know what is being said, both the good and the bad.

    And of course, HUGE prayers to Rush for a speedy recovery. We need him back in one healthy piece.

  9. Lilly says:

    I too said an immediate prayer for Rush and was very worried as if it were a family member. I’ve checked a few places too and when you wrote this it was still early. They are filled with vial hatred and are saying all types of nasty things. I wouldn’t say most of what I had seen about anyone. So much for the compassionate people loving lefties of this country. Hopefully it’s just heart burn. He has been complaining for a while about major back pains. God Bless and Happy New Year to all!

  10. Gail B. says:

    Prayers answered~! Prayers answered! Prayers answered!

    Rush did not have a heart attack!


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