The Party of ‘Know’

Ah, do you not love the smell of the Democrats’ blossoming liberal hypocrisy in the morning? And in the afternoon? And at sundown? And midnight? And at 1:30 AM, when they call for the votes on their scheme to nationalize one-sixth of the nation’s economy?

But I digress.  Yes, already.

The clarion call of the Democratic Party now, in futile preemptive anticipation of the tsunami of electoral rage over their disingenuous behavior regarding healthcare “reform,” is that they tried.  Lord knows, they say, they attempted to get the Republicans to cooperate. They tried valiantly to persuade them to grasp the hand of bipartisanship which they had so graciously extended across the aisle to accomplish “reform,” but the right-wing troglodytes would have none of it. So you see, dear voters, it was the evil Republicans and their treacherous leaders who forced this vote to take place along unbending party lines. They are the party of “no,” those dogs.

Earth to all sentient, rational beings paying attention: as noted here at America’s Right on numerous prior occasions, the Doctrine of Constructive Obstructionism is a concept with which everyone should become familiar, at least until the inmates now running the public asylum can be cashiered from office. Distilled to its essence, it simply means that when someone (or some group) proposes a plan or course of action which is (a) destructive, rather than constructive, (b) costly and measured in the trillions of deficit-ballooning dollars, rather than frugal and within our means, (c) stupid rather than rational, (d) unconstitutional, and (e) all of the above, then it is the duty–let alone the act of a rational mind–to say “no.”  And then to offer copious amounts of rational, frugal and constitutional alternatives, forcing ownership on the other side.

The latest joke in the tiresome series of soap opera “don’t blame me” excuses coughed up by the Democrats came yesterday when Arlen “Still-Alive-Because-of-the-Evil-Private-Sector-Healthcare-Cabal-I-Want-to-Destroy” Specter again recited the tune that, if only the Republicans had grasped the hand of Democratic insanity, none of this acrimony would have occurred. Appearing on television on Sunday, Specter claimed: “If some of the Republicans would come forward with suggestions, offer a vote or two, or three or four, to take away the need to have every last one of the 60 Democrats, you’d have a much better bill in accordance with the tradition of the Congress, especially the Senate, on bipartisanship,” adding that Republicans are more interested in “plotting ways to beat President Obama in 2012.”

Plotting? Please. Barack Obama needs no assistance from Republicans or anyone else in his quest to continue digging his hole deeper by the day, so Specter’s contention that there is a supervening interest in “plotting” on any scale is, shall we say, a tad hyperbolic. Moreover, it is difficult to “offer a vote or two, or three or four” when you are forbidden at the get-go from even taking part in the discussions leading up to the vote.  Besides, everyone seems to forget that the Democrats have the votes to pass whatever they want — if they can’t do it, perhaps it’s because the American people don’t want it, perhaps it’s because the legislation is a stinker, or perhaps it’s a combination of both.

And speaking of soap operas–as if Specter’s Sunday arabesque weren’t enough–it would be difficult to top the floor performance last week of Sen. Max Baucus (D. Mont.), which one needs to savor over and over as he slurs his meandering way through the party line.

When someone–or, as here, a cast of sixty senators–asks their sane counterparts to hold hands with them, like lemmings, and smile for the cameras as the train wreck approaches, only a fool would disagree that the correct response is “no.”

The Republicans have seen through the duplicity, hypocrisy and unconstitutionality of the health care “reform” bill now being peddled like so much snake oil by the Democrats. They are decidedly not the party of “no.” If anything, they are the party of “know.” And what they “know” is that you can call a lemming skydiving party a bipartisan “consensus,” but that won’t make it so. Moreover, people need to understand an immutable truth which always eludes the brain of a lemming, and in particular liberal lemmings: it is not the long fall that will kill you, but rather, the sudden stop at the bottom of the cliff.

Rick Saunders is a freelance writer who splits his time between endeavors in southern California and the American southwest. He began writing for America’s Right in December 2008.



  1. The good old days says:

    “It isn’t that liberals are ignorant. It’s just that they know so much that isn’t so.” Ronald Reagan

  2. Rachel says:

    There is a glimpse of hope and an opportunity, if Brown is elected in the special election for Senate seat in MA, than Obamacare is dead. 60 members will become 59. Because Democrats will have lost the Liberal Lion’s seat, this may become a reality if Brown will be elected to the Senate to replace Kennedy. If you can, you should help Brown win in MA by election on January 19.

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