Shifting Blame at Obama’s DoJ

Main Justice: ‘Voting Section Chief Out Amid Controversy’

Black is white, up is down, evil is good, and wrong is right . . . welcome to another day in Barack Obama’s America.

Not only has Obama’s Justice Department dropped voter intimidation charges against the members of the New Black Panther Party who were blocking the entrance to a Philadelphia polling station on Election Day last year, but now the scrutiny which should have been placed on the Panthers or on Attorney General Eric Holder is instead shifting onto the Justice Department official who wanted to pursue the investigation in the first place.

Veteran Civil Rights Division attorney Christopher Coates is no longer chief of the Voting Section, according to the division’s Web site.

There was no official announcement of the personnel change in the long-troubled section, which most recently has been embroiled in the controversy over the New Black Panther Party voter intimidation case. Main Justice noticed the change on the Voting Section Web site.

Taking over for Coates in an acting role is Chris Herren, a deputy chief of the section, according to the Web site.

That’s right, folks.  Forget the armed Black Panthers who were making their presence known at the door leading to the polls.  Forget the Attorney General who dropped any and all charges.  The problem child here was obviously the official who wanted to investigate in the first place.

And Valerie Jarrett claims that the charges of “seedy Chicago politics” in the White House were “cheap shots” and “completely unwarranted.”  Looks like the shoe fits to me.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    What, Valerie didn’t throw out the race card? Don’t leave home without it. Give her time and she will when the fire gets turned up on this.

    I know this is serious stuff, but I can’t look at that pic without thinking that dude looks like Nick Ashford of Ashford and Simpson. They were the great 70′s duo(sorry, showing my age again)that sang ‘Solid as a Rock’ and “Take the Whole World On” as well as sang/wrote so many other Motown hits – just sayin’

  2. 2010, 2012 says:

    ‘saw an interview on CBS’ Sunday Morning sometime back with the Ashford guy. he and his wife runs a restaurant or restaurants and it seems singing was a way of keeping them in funds to keep their first love – the restaurant business – in business. without knowing much more about the Ashford guy mentally he still seems a far cry from these people who imo appear to be thugs boldly comfortable that corrupt government’s got their backs.

    “And Valerie Jarrett claims that the charges of “seedy Chicago politics” in the White House were “cheap shots” and “completely unwarranted.” Looks like the shoe fits to me.”

  3. Nicknack says:

    Why isnt the MSM picking up on this story? At least Glenn Beck should do something on it. The American public is having their freedoms removed bit by bit.

  4. DetroitTowers says:

    Taken in combination:

    1) The unfounded firing of Inspector General Gerald Walpin by Valerie Jarrett in order to protect President Obama’s political ally, K.J. Kevin Johnson (current Sacramento Mayor who was alleged to have used as much as $850,000 of Americorps funds for his own political slush fund). Walpin was fired just as his investigation was ratcheting up.
    2) Failure to properly investigate ACORN on a Federal level on allegations of encouraging and possible actual tax evasion, obstruction of justice, witness tampering, aiding and abetting human trafficking of underage minors – including for use as prostitutes, destuction of evidence, et al.
    3) Honoring contacts with ACORN and the UAW but shredding up contracts with the shareholders of companies such as GM and Chrysler. Silly me, I was under the impression that some of the very foundations of our civil society were things like contract law and private property rights!
    4) Granting new and unprecedented immunities to Interpol on American soil. Interpol is no longer subject to the Freedom of Information Act or search & seizure laws, evidently, even if their operatives were to abuse their color of authority and violate the civil rights of an American citizen.
    5) Completely ignoring the latest Gallup poll results which saw 64% of Americans’ surveyed OPPOSED to spending an additional $75 million (according to Chuck Schumer’s figures – although, I’ve heard as much as $200 million)) to bring Khalid Muhammad and his co-conspirators to the southern district of New York for civilian trials even though, many of these detainees were apprehended on foreign soil, not wearing a uniform of any recognized nation’s military, AND all during wartime operations. Not to mention taking the UNNECESSARY RISK of getting a whole bunch more Americans killed here on U.S. soil if it were to go bad!
    6) Continuing the practice of releasing other Guantanamo Bay detainees, started under the Bush Administration, to foreign countries when WE NOW KNOW that 10% of those already released have returned to plotting and, at times, carrying out acts of mass murder via terrorism.

    Scoreboard….they’re whack!

  5. DetroitTowers says:

    Oh wait, here’s yet another to add to the(unfortunately)growing list:

    7) The Association of Former Intelligence Officers said that Wednesday’s deaths of the intelligence agents “should remind the American public that the CIA is truly on the front lines in this war; one that remains officially unrecognized”.

    Organization president Gene Poteat said, while he appreciated President Obama’s letter of condolences to agency staffers, he is critical of Obama for “his silence on the Department of Justice’s effort to prosecute CIA personnel over allegations of torture during the Bush administration”.

    Gee, having to “look over your shoulder” must do wonders for the morale of our intel personnel. One can only imagine what it must be like to be “out on a limb” in a foreign, often hostile land in service to your country all the while wondering if your very own Justice Department may seek to “use you as an example” to score political points with their “progressive” base of supporters!

    For far too long, our CIA has been used as a convenient scapegoat by some of the very same individuals who were privy to the inexact and difficult duties undertaken out of necessity. What makes it worse, in my mind, is that many of those “in the public eye” are aware that they can engage in this often slanderous demagoguery due to the covert nature of the various missions, hence, intelligence personnel can’t really defend themselves due to the secret nature of their work.

    Mine is an attitude of profound appreciation to people who voluntary put themselves in harm’s way to ensure both my safety and the safety of my fellow Americans.

  6. DetroitTowers says:

    I believe this Executive Branch action qualifies as our President allowing further DOJ intervention into intelligence gathering during this asymetrical war (to substantiate my earlier claim):

    Friday, October 30, 2009

    “Obama signs executive order strenghthening intelligence oversight panel”
    Andrew Morgan at 12:11 PM ET

    SNIPPET: “[JURIST] US President Barack Obama signed an executive order [text] Wednesday giving the Intelligence Oversight Board (IOB) [official website] the authority to report suspected violations of federal law related to intelligence gathering to the US attorney general.”

    link to full article -

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