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YouTube: ‘The Reagan-Obama Debate’

One of my favorite statements by former President Ronald Reagan is about the character of the political spectrum and candidates on it.  It was in 1976 at the Republican National Convention, addressing the GOP’s ideological direction and fighting the temptation of moderation, when he first said that the party should carry the “banner of bold, unmistakable colors.”

John McCain and Barack Obama were too similar.  Both wanted a cap-and-trade system to fight the farcical scourge of man-made global warming.  Both wanted to cut Medicare as part of a health care reform agenda.  Both advocated for amnesty for illegal immigrants. We needed bold, unmistakable colors to choose from last November — these two gave us pastels.

Consider the ideological choice demonstrated in the video above.  Consider how easy it is to discern between a candidacy advocating statism and one promoting personal freedom.  We need a conservative to fight this tide in 2012 on a presidential level, and while there will never be another Ronald Reagan, I have no doubt that we can find someone who shares his perspective and worldview.

I listened to this video twice.  In this day, considering the exponential expansion of government and the consequences of liberalism run wild, it was great to hear his voice.



  1. John K. says:

    Ronald Reagan was a true American Patriot, Obama, well Obama is noting more than a zit on butt check.

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