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The Atlantic: ‘Odd Couple of Norquist, Hamsher Call For Investigation, Rahm’s Resignation’

Hamsher and Norquist coauthored a letter to Attorney General Eric Holder today calling for a Department of Justice investigation of Emanuel for his role on the board of Freddie Mac, alleging that the White House, since Emanuel arrived there, has blocked an investigation of the government-sponsored mortgage lender.

Norquist and Hamsher cite a Chicago Tribune story from March reporting that, while Emanuel was there, Freddie Mac’s board was encouraged to misstate earnings and that Emanuel benefited from a Freddie Mac fundraiser after he left the board to run for Congress (Freddie Mac was fined by the FEC for illegally hosting fundraisers for politicians, the Tribune reported). The Justice Department possesses board minutes and correspondence from Emanuel’s time there, the two say; they also cite the removal of the former Inspector General in charge of overseeing Freddie Mac during the transfer of oversight authorities after Freddie Mac was taken into conservatorship as part of its government bailout.

The letter from Grover Norquist–of Americans for Tax Reform–and Jane Hamsher–of liberal Web site Firedoglake–is also included in The Atlantic’s piece. It makes for some good, but hardly surprising, reading. After all, self-dealing is a hallmark of Chicago-style politics, and Chicago-style politics is a hallmark of this White House.



  1. Steve says:

    Jeff, you understand the law. Holder has elected not to pursue any investigation of any group or person that will place the Obama administration in a negative light. This is, to me, an obvious conflict of interest.

    Is there a feasible legal remedy that will allow for The People to bring these people and groups before the bar of justice?

  2. Jordan says:

    Can a citizens’ arrest be applied to members of the government?

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