Connecting the Dots

The Hill: ‘Rep. Hoekstra: Airline Attack Should ‘Connect the Dots’ For Obama’

While the Hill piece notes that Hoekstra had not yet known about the Obama administration classifying the Christmas Day attempted terrorist attack as indeed an attempted terrorist attack, Hoekstra’s underlying message should not be lost.  Here’s an administration, after all, which feels more threatened by ordinary American people who care about the sanctity of life or about increased government interference in daily life than they do by committed fundamental Islamic terrorists.

Hoekstra was right, too, to bring up the president’s failure to properly address the terrorist attack at Fort Hood, noting that both the airline bomber from yesterday and Nidal Malik Hasan had ties to a Yemeni cleric, and asking aloud about the plight and erosion of our intelligence community and capabilities.

“Are we seeing a breakdown in our intelligence community so that when we see these red flags we aren’t recognizing them? That’s something that’s going to have to be investigated in our committees,” he said.

When asked what the specific red flags were, Hoekstra said he didn’t know yet. But he said the White House has “been totally unwilling” to share information with lawmakers about red flags that could have prevented terrorist acts. For example, Hoekstra said officials knew about emails sent from Army Major Nidal Hasan before he opened fire at Fort Hood.

“Congress needs to push to get access to this information to answer these questions,” he said. “Al Qaeda doesn’t take a holiday and neither should we.”

Hoekstra has been a powerful voice in defense of our intelligence community–especially with regard to meritless accusations by Nancy Pelosi that the CIA had been systematically lying to Congress (see HERE and HERE, for example)–and in favor of proper treatment of the Overseas Contingency Operation formerly known as the Global War on Terror.  From his stance with regard to the attempted attack on the Detroit-bound airliner yesterday and the Obama administration’s prior refusal to acknowledge the threat from Islamic terrorism, it seems that Hoekstra is remaining on the offensive.  Good for him.



  1. Rob in Katy says:

    He has some very strong points. At what point do those of us that wish to remain alive and safe have a right to kick out those that would like to see us lay our necks on the chopping block.

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