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By John Feeny
America’s Right

During the early-to-mid portion of the 1990’s, what I will call a “phenomenon of litigation” began to develop in our society. Now that I think about it, that was also probably right around the time when I first began to notice that something was “wrong” with America.

If we were to believe what we were seeing on the news, there was apparently not one, single solitary lifetime smoker who was at fault for having developed serious, smoking-related health issues.

Not one.

I remember my years as a college student when I would often mutter to myself in subtle disbelief at the antics and general sense of entitlement on the part of some of the students on campus. That was during the late 1980’s. America still seemed to be a fairly common-sense place to me, but there were some things that struck me as somehow strange, most of which I began attributing to the ever-expanding menu of television and entertainment choices and the encroachment of technology. A lot of that technological stuff struck me as pretty cool, but it also seemed to be manifesting itself in some strange behavior.

It was, however, the middle of the 1990’s when (to me anyway) things seemed to turn a corner for good. I would often look at the people on the national news, stridently claiming to having been victimized by the tobacco industry’s malicious goal of “forcibly” addicting a large portion of the populace to cigarette smoke. This, in all honesty, blew my mind.

I even had a minor dust-up with my father over it, a man who had been, at a minimum, a two-pack-a-day smoker for 26 years before quitting in 1980. He eventually developed smoking-related throat cancer as a result, and he too jumped on the litigation- victimization bandwagon, claiming that it “wasn’t his fault.”

Look, he’s my dad, and I supported him throughout his ordeal with cancer, which he won and still lives a good life; but when he one day hit me with this argument and I looked at him in stunned disbelief, he seemed to take umbrage with the fact that I was essentially saying to him that he was the one who made the choice to smoke in the first place. In retrospect, I believe that this was one of the first genuine signs that we were truly beginning to lose our way as a people. No one wanted to take any personal responsibility for the consequences of their own actions. The end result of all of the litigation fallout was that the grand majority of these people–a lot of people, mind you–received a ‘bailout’ of sorts for having been irresponsible.

Further personal edification on this phenomenon happened when I watched the movie called The Insider, which starred Russell Crowe, Al Pacino, and Christopher Plummer. Many of you have no doubt seen the movie, a true story about a career tobacco industry worker-turned-whistleblower who spoke up regarding what was actually taking place in the cigarette manufacturing process. The line in the movie that truly gripped my attention, and still does to this day, was when the main character (played by Crowe) claimed in an interview that the tobacco companies had for years been using ammonia as a chemical additive so that the cigarette itself became, in effect, a direct nicotine-delivery system to the brain’s pleasure center, something that we might otherwise refer to as addiction.

Forgive me for having provided so much context here, but as I put this article together, I felt it necessary. My discussion of the rough beginnings of America’s bout with personal irresponsibility speaks for itself, but the other part of this pertains to something even more troubling. At least I think so.

Much has been made lately of the encroachment of socialist and communist ideals in our country. Many of us no doubt wonder how this cancer was allowed to grow and thrive in a free society like the United States of America, but it doesn’t take a financial doctor to point to the lack of personal responsibility, the addiction to the easy “high” brought from acquiring more and more material comfort rather than earning our keep, and utter political negligence as some of the larger factors that have landed us in this situation. I suppose we could all band together and attempt to file a class-action lawsuit against our politicians for “forcibly” addicting us to the allure of easy money, but I suspect that such an effort wouldn’t get very far with champions of the entitlement society like Sonya Sotomayor sitting on the bench of the highest court in the land. My question here, however, is simply this: what were the forces that came together that made the delivery of this mindset seemingly so seamless? What was our ammonia?

Let’s think about this, just for a moment. What are some of the “mind-altering” substances or concepts that have one of a variety of effects on the brain’s pleasure center? Well, the first two that would come to my mind are drugs and sex — it’s pretty easy to enslave a person or people with either of those, in the hands of the “right” people. What about television, however? Scientific studies have proven that anything that utilizes “video”–television, computer, video games, etc.–all work on the pleasure center of the brain and, in their own ways, can become nearly as psychologically addictive. Couple that with all of the leftist propaganda on television aimed at young people, and then roll that around your cerebral cortex for a while.

Here’s my real question, however: what about religion? Depending on the strength or degree of the individual’s faith, I think we’d all agree that while it certainly is not physically addictive, it most certainly can become a mind-altering concept and certainly a psychologically-dependent mechanism.

History tells us that when Roman Emperor Constantine was on his deathbed in the late 4th century, I believe, he supposedly converted to Christianity. As a common-sense person, it doesn’t take me too long to see right through the historical veil: Constantine, a life-long pagan (a religion based on the cyclical nature of the seasons, not Satanic worship, as many would have you believe), most assuredly did not suddenly “see the light” and the errors of his ways and open his arms to Jesus Christ at the last moment; his empire was in its initial stages of beginning to crumble (are we seeing this here?), and it needed an infusion (bailout?) of “life” that would ensure its stability, at least for a while. The religion that had been growing in strength throughout the empire from the Middle East was a “cult” called Christianity, something that Roman Emperors had for generations been trying to crush, but to no avail (is this beginning to sound vaguely familiar?). The Empire needed Christianity; Christianity needed the Empire. In Constantine’s mind, he probably saw it as a political inevitability.

Christianity became the state religion of the Roman Empire, and the Roman Empire became the “delivery system” for Christianity. And it worked. The Roman Empire was consequently politically stabilized for about the next century, after which time it collapsed for a number of reasons. One might argue that it collapsed under its own weight, or that the relentless immigration of the Gothic hordes were simply too much for the Empire to withstand. One could even argue that Constantine’s politically adept decision was so incredibly adept that the Roman Empire lives and breathes right to this day, albeit in the form of the Roman Catholic Church. That, however, is another discussion for another time.

Today’s geo-political situation is terribly unnerving. Watching the violence that has been transpiring in Copenhagen over the last several days has made me wonder, more than ever before, about this: what if the truly terrifying ever took place — the marriage of the geo-political uber-left and radical Islam?

It would make Nazism look like a peace movement.

Look, I’ll admit that I’m thinking outside the box, but would anyone argue that we have reached a point in this country (and world, for that matter) at which we must start thinking outside the box? I’ve always been a big-picture guy; I’m always trying to look beyond the present to the eventual endgame. Let’s look at some of the characteristics, that, in my mind, anyway, are beginning to find a disturbing “point of convergence” (a tip of the cap to Randy Wills’ phrase) in Copenhagen.

There are many of us who are often bewildered by the antics of those on the radical, hard, political left. They’re violent, uncompromising, and will do anything–anything–to achieve their ends. No idea or action is off the table. Ultimately, even if they were to achieve their ends, they’d probably kill each other for no reason whatsoever. I’m being totally serious. This, my friends, is the mindset of religious fanaticism.

Many political experts whom I’ve read, people who are a lot more well-versed in this stuff than am I, have often remarked that liberalism has evolved into a cult, nearly religious in nature; look, after all, at what has happened since the release of the e-mails that have, for all intents and purposes, dropped the proverbial anvil on the global warming industry. What have been the reactions of the political left? Well, let’s see: they’ve resorted to arguing about the manner in which the e-mails were obtained (to say nothing of what’s actually in them, and tactics that they would use in a heartbeat themselves), they no longer want to answer any questions about the science, we on the right are referred to as “deniers,” and, most incredibly, the entire debate (which, apparently, has been settled for us) has been divided into “believers” and “non-believers.”

This is a faith movement, with ardent followers of the Word of Al.

Do you think that megalomaniac Al Gore sees himself as some sort of de facto god?

I do.

What would be the psychological consequences to these people if they were ever to learn that everything into which they’ve invested themselves–emotionally, politically and financially–is suddenly proven false?

Quite simply, they cannot allow that to happen.

This is a situation that is eerily similar to the persecution of Galileo and Copernicus. Both men had science on their side, much as we do on the political right; however, what is frightening about this is that while Galileo and Copernicus were not deliberately attempting to undermine the authority of the Church but rather to enlighten minds in claiming the sun to be the center of the universe, they were in fact doing just that; the Church could not have such heresy bandied about. Both men were to be forced–by inquisition if necessary–to publicly re-affirm that the earth was the center of the physical universe.

Freaked out yet?

Today, we now have a political leftist movement that has, for all intents and purposes, morphed into a cult/religion that also claims that the earth is the center of the universe, albeit the moral one. We on the right–those actually advocating real science–had better be careful, because if Copenhagen and the result of the damning e-mails are any indication, we may well be putting ourselves in line for an “inquisition” ourselves. All we have to do is look at what happened to Lord Monckton–one of the most outspoken diplomatic voices on the environmentalist movement–while he was in Copenhagen. His own account can be read HERE.

In short, people, we are living in times that are going to be discussed in the pages of future history books. I certainly hope that this is not going to be the case, but I really think that things are going to get a whole lot worse before they get better.

Now, can you name another possibly burgeoning religious movement, one that we’re desperately trying to hold off (not in the sense of persecuting them for their beliefs, but in the sense of totalitarianism) here in America? Did anyone notice that almost immediately after Obama’s election, a delegate of American financiers convened in order to learn more about Sharia law? How many of us have taken note of the five-story mosque in New York that is being built a mere five blocks from Ground Zero? Who is allowing this to happen, and more importantly, why?

Like Christianity, radical Islam needs a “delivery system,” and the geo-political left needs strength to stabilize it. If only those who claim to be “liberals” had the intellectual wherewithal to realize that they’ve been painstakingly brainwashed and are no longer capable of seeing the forest for the trees.

John Feeny is the author of the recently published book, Congress Shall Make No Law…Abridging Freedom of Speech and works in secondary education at a Catholic high school in the Northeast. He and his wife, Sheila–who works in higher education–have been married for 14 years and have become increasingly alarmed with the direction of the young people in our society and what that means for the future of our society. They’ve been blessed with one son, who at 11 years old is in the process of giving John a run for his money. John has been an America’s Right contributor since September 2009.

Congress Shall Make No Law…Abridging Freedom of Speech can be purchased at and is currently being sold alongside the books of Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Michele Malkin at Patriots Heart Network. John can also be followed at Twitter (JJFeen).




    Was that photo taken today? more than likely.

  2. Gail B says:

    Georgia, along with 20+ other states, including Arizona, is planning STATE legislation to nullify — yes, NULLIFY! — any federal legislation that is forced down our throats, unless We the People want to opt in! This includes nationalized healthcare.

    The United States Constitution does not enforce itself; the federal courts will not hear anything where the general public is harmed; yet there had to be a way for the people to protect themselves against tyranny — by THE STATES and legislation designed to nullify unconstitutional, railroaded, congressional bills!

    I learned about this from the Tenth Amendment Center! (


    Get off the pot Barry, and drill!

  4. Chuck in San Diego says:

    Is this scenario represented by a serpant and Hydra? Meaning…will it be easy to just cut the head from the serpant and be done with the problem…or will it be like the Hydra and just grow another…my fears is that it is the latter…unless we learn a secret like Hercules to prevent the heads from growing back.

  5. Anonymous says:

    This exactly describes my view of our current situation. I've warned Conservatives before that we will never stop Islam with Christian morality. It is the fear that what needs to be done to Islam (total annihilation and complete eradication) will next be necessary for Christianity that prevents our believing Conservative friends from understanding what we're up against. Freedom and adherence to the Constitution is our morality.
    You must trust science to defeat global warming power grab and that means trusting science that evolution is a fact. You can't pick and choose. Science is the Conservative's tool. Embrace it. Knowledge and Truth will defeat all our enemies: liberalism, statism, religious totalitarianism and worst of all ignorance.

    John Thornton

  6. TOKE, THEN QUOTE says:


    I wonder if he hangs with Marion Barry since they are both in DC.

    "The brave men who died in Vietnam, more than 100% of which were black, were the ultimate sacrifice." — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

    "What right does Congress have to go around making laws just because they deem it necessary?" — M. Barry, Mayor of Washington, DC

  7. Lisa G in NZ says:

    Great post Mr. Feeney. & thank you for freaking me out.

    The mosque at ground zero is freaky as are all of BHO handlers ideas for the new regime in Amerika. (he is certainly not acting alone – check out the investigative work at if you haven't yet seen)

    The religious fanatacism of AGW believers is truly frightening. Were they chanting "climate rights" or some nonsense during those protests…? (wtf?)…

    I think the last, lonely AGW believer on the southern most Florida key island left – as an Artic glacier plunders the entire continent previously known as America… yes, the last AGW follower will scream (as he/she is getting crushed by ice)… "But the Goracle said Man was warming up the planet! …aaaarg" (slow creaking & crunching sounds of iceberg sliding over house…)

    (in my scenario, the millions with logic or sanity on earth have already moved to the equator as the ice age descends…)

  8. Anonymous says:


    Having been trained in emergency medicine, and on top of that, having had my own near death experience, I cannot embace your call for treating evolution as fact. Intelligent design, and the hoax that is global warming, are in my opinion, two different things.

  9. Randy Wills says:

    To "John Thornton":

    I guess that means that you don't care for the articles that I post on AR – or, for that matter, the Founder's perspective on "Christian Morals".

    Actually John, we do agree on something; "you can't pick and choose". You want a return to the Constitutional Republic of the Founders? Then accept the "religious" part as well as the "legal" part. Otherwise, be up front about it and work to create a new form of government more suited to those who would proclaim "evolution as a fact".

    Talk about fanatical, religious, intolerance. That statement is no more worthy of consideration within the context of a serious, non-ideologic, conversation than "the science is settled" regarding global warming. Neither is true.


  10. Anonymous says:

    The love of money is the root of all evil.

  11. Anonymous says:

    I would like for everyone to watch the youtube video of Geert Wilders speaking to a Florida group regarding Islam. This man knows what he is talking about…he has lived amongst the islamization in The Netherlands for a long time.


    Let's be careful not to lump Christianity in with Islam!

    Faith and science are actually very complimentary.

    Lastly, to those who feel the need to place "faith" in our Constitution without truly realizing its underpinnings, in particular natural law and inalienable rights (from God), I would humbly ask them to read more accurate history of the founders and the large body of their own statements which make it quite clear as to where they derived the founding principles.

    Our founders believed that our republic could not be maintained without a moral and religious people. I didn't say it….they did!

    Lisa in TX


    PARIS (AFP) – Man's best friend could be one of the environment's worst enemies, according to a new study which says the carbon pawprint of a pet dog is more than double that of a gas-guzzling sports utility vehicle.

  13. Lilly says:

    Thank you for another great article and spelling it out as plain as day. After talking to a very liberal relative, I have to agree that it's a religion or cult. I came back at him with stated proven facts for everything he said and it doesn't matter. He even said he doesn't care about the Constitution, which is when I blew a gasket! And he's an Educator in a college!!! Thank you!

  14. Anonymous says:

    Your article is extremely thought provoking.

    The left has entered a period of "frenzy" trying to pass as much legislation to achieve their end goals. The problem is they have no idea where this end goal will eventually take us.

    I believe this is forcing us into one world government and the United States must give up its wealth to feed the lesser countries. However, human beings are behind this plot and they are being manipulated by someone or a group of people whose intent is to enslave the world for their own purposes. Human greed being ever present, everyone wants to get in on the receiving end of the left's and world domination goodies, but I fear they will all be disappointed. This plot is leading to a massive war perhaps of biblical proportions as the Muslim's exert more and more influence aided by the politically correct left in all of the countries of the world. They encourage the destruction of Israel.

    I also believe the day is coming when states will not only proclaim their sovereignty, but distance themselves from the union. This will mean internal struggles for the United States and upheaval. This plot is all by design to make us weak and vulnerable to our enemies. However, I also believe the common people of this great country will ban together and put this great republic back on its true course – a nation of freedom loving men whose allegiance is to truth and to each other and most importantly to a nation blessed and guided by God as the founding fathers created and envisioned for all.

  15. SIC EM says:


    I'd love to turn my German Shepherd loose on the author of that carbon footprint study, and eliminate entirely, in perpetuity, his/her carbon footprint.

  16. Anonymous says:

    Great photo. Sure does look like a professor of the constitution to me.


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