Frightful, Inside And Out

As the snow falls, Democrats gather 60 votes and prepare for a crucial vote at 1:00 a.m. on Monday.

Well, finally finished with law school exams, this Auburn alum has packed his bags and is writing to you from Athens, GA. While we’re here for a wedding, being able to leave Philadelphia before the first snowflake fell and return after the last street is plowed was certainly an added bonus.

I’ve felt for a while that, because this is our last winter up in the frozen northeast, Mother Nature would give us one to remember. In other words, I wouldn’t be able to sell my snowblower in May without having to use it a few more times. This weekend, she threw a right hook and we ducked out of the way — next time, I guarantee you we won’t be as lucky.

Waking up after more than four hours of sleep for the first time in about two weeks, however, I flipped on the television in our hotel room this morning to find that Harry Reid and his flunkies on Capitol Hill had thrown a left hook, and hit every American square in the jaw. Sen. Ben Nelson has apparently been bribed with expanded Medicaid funding to his home state of Nebraska, much in the same way his counterpart from Louisiana was wooed with $300 million in aid sent to her own.

The Weekly Standard points out that Nelson has agreed to abortion funding in at least 13 states. South Carolina Sen. Jim DeMint, through the magic of Twitter, noted that Nelson has “caved,” and that he is “choosing to stand with Obama & Reid instead of with his state and the nation.” He also noted that, “if this takeover becomes law, we must send new Republicans to DC in 2010 to repeal this unconstitutional power grab.” I couldn’t agree more.

Not only is this bill patently unconstitutional, but it’s also exceedingly unpopular with the American people. A vast majority of people, a larger majority than that which voted Barack Obama into office a little more than a year ago, simply do not want the Democrats to proceed with this brand of reform. And the Democrats know this — why else would they proceed with votes as the Christmas holiday approaches?

It funds abortion, it imposes financial burdens on states already struggling with Medicaid payments, it will increase premiums, increase taxes, and increase our national debt. Together with the $1.1 trillion spending bill passed a few days ago, the Democrats have passed $2 trillion in brand new spending in the last few weeks of the year, as the people who elected them are more focused on the pending holiday, on travel, on family, on finishing up at work before finally going home to egg nog and crackling fireplaces.

This bill is a nightmare, and that’s why the Democrats are doing their best Bela Lugosi and working under the dark of night. That’s why the critical cloture vote will come at 1:00 a.m. on Monday. They’re banking on America looking the other way, and for those who are paying attention, they’re banking on obfuscation and confusion to pave the way for bigger government.

Call your senators this weekend. Call all of their home offices. Call their offices in Washington, D.C. Call Ben Nelson’s office. Call Joe Lieberman’s office. Call Mary Landrieu and Blanche Lincoln. Tell them that it is absolutely disgusting that they would ram this legislation, which fundamentally changes one-sixth of the American economy, through over the weekend and in the dark of night on the weekend before Christmas. Tell them that their days on Capitol Hill are numbered.

CALL! CALL! CALL! I’ve done so from my mobile phone, and I’ll be doing so again between wedding-related events this weekend. And when I return to Philadelphia on Monday–at least that’s the plan–we’re going to kick things into high gear.

It should be pointed out that, while our president was busy putting together a deal on the farce that is global warming, and while Harry Reid was busy on Capitol Hill plotting the destruction of the American health care system and economy, Mother Nature decided to make Washington, D.C. the epicenter of a historic December snowstorm. Not Burlington. Not Boston. Not Philadelphia. I’m certainly no theologian, but just as this nation was founded by the hand of Providence, it seems to me as though God is trying to give us a hint as to how to maintain it.



  1. John Feeny says:

    Jeff -
    If we do manage to get at least somewhat conservative Republicans into office in November, in all honesty, what are the odds that this can be repealed? Beyond needing the required number of votes, hasn't it historically always been nearly impossible to take away an entitlement?

    I fear that the die is cast. I hate thinking this way, but Ben Nelson may have driven the first nail into the coffin of the greatest nation this Earth has ever seen.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Our God is matching Obamas snowjob, with a snowjob of his own.

  3. Tilli says:

    Go have lunch or a late night burger at the Grill. Get the Fries and Feta sauce. Then take a stroll on the most beautiful campus ever created.

  4. William A. Rose says:

    I have said since the beginning to members of my faminly that I beleive the Legislators would pass this Health Care Plan. It won't be in the form originally wanted by Obama, but it will be tweaked after it is passed and that won't require Congressional approval.

    Regarding your last paragraph, sure God has a hand in this. He is sovereign. He is the Sovereign. Is is curious that the winter storm is centered over Washington, D.C., but not surprising. Unless this nation repents and changes it's ways, it will be destroyed. God has done it before.

    Nelson probably has driven maybe not the first nail in the coffin, but he's certainly driven a key nail.

  5. Ian Thorpe says:

    A few more coincidences like that Jeff and you will have me believing God exists LOL

  6. Randy Wills says:

    I fear that the Democrat's bald-faced disrespect for the will (and intelligence) of the public, regarding the healthcare reform" bill, will push an ever-growing segment over the edge into civil disobedience.

    It's clear that Sen. Nelson, like all of the rest of the Democrats, has his price and it's not about the content or legitimacy of the bill. it's all about the "art of the deal". The proof of that is that "the bill" hasn't actually been written yet, to say nothing of not having read the "draft" version.

    And what in recent history makes us think that there are a sufficient number of electable politicians out there who can't be bought? Lieberman and Nelson are known as two of the more "principled" politicians in the Senate, but they had their price. And are the Sanford's of the Republican party any better? I think not, but it was less than a year ago that he was being touted as the next presidential candidate.

    No, the problem isn't the party, it's the loss of common integrity throughout society that asks not "is it right?" but rather "what's in it for me?"

    And you wonder why I write about spiritual things?


  7. Gail B says:

    Are we doomed yet?

  8. Anonymous says:

    Let's burn the traitors in effigy….how else can we show our disgust? These idiots DO NOT CARE about the AMERICAN people…they have been brain washed into believing that they will forever be protected if they go along with this overthrow of our gov't and the establishment of a dictatorship. We are but peons in the whole scheme. WE, THE PEOPLE NEED TO OVERTHROW THIS SHAM OF A GOV'T!!God Help Us!

  9. Anonymous says:

    If it's unconstitutional won't the Supreme Court throw it out. Judge Napolitano was speaking with two constitution lawyers who plan to fight this bill in the Supreme Court. They said the bill must be signed by Obama first but preparing for the battle as we speak.

  10. Anonymous says:

    Snowing like that night outside Valley Forge. The Delaware looming ahead of us. Many of us improperly clothed and freezing. But the thought of liberty fires us up and inspires us onward. Are we really going to let this hard fought for country be pis*ed away by these clowns?

  11. Bodenzee says:


    Congratulations of finishing up exams. Is the next step a robe and purple hood?

    I can't decide if I'm more angry or disgusted. Is there anyone in the herd of 535 that is consistently honest? It seems that they all lie and sell out. Membership in the Congress has become the more profitable analogue of the ‘world’s oldest profession.

    The real problem to me is that the electorate remembers these reprehensible acts for less than month. Only 30% of the stimulus bill has been expended thus far. The congress wants another one too. In the fall the Democrats will take the monies from both stimulus bills (aka taxpayer provided vote purchase fund) and sprinkle it over likely voters like Fairy Dust. The numb voters will be ecstatic, vote for the Firy Dust dispensers and it will be business as usual.

    I seriously question how much longer this nation will survive.

  12. Claudia says:

    I am soooo sick that I have to know that Harry Reid is from Nevada, the Battle Born State that was brought into this country by Lincoln to HELP the Union. Reid is a dispicable man who knows no honor at all and he should be tried for TREASON against the Nation and for fostering the ruination of the Republic and the destruction of all of the Rules of Parlimentary Procedure and Law and the Constitution by all of his underhanded MAFIA style politics and the doing of the bidding of Obama and Emanuel.

    I wish that there were something I could do to get him gone from the scene and taken away and put into a mental hospital for the duration of his life for the hatred that is festering in his mind and heart against America.

  13. Anonymous says:

    Jeff: We can get ready for massive taxes on private insurance rate changes for health insurance in 2010. If passed this year all the taxes start in 2010. The governor of Neb. Stated on friday that Nebraska Non- profit: Blue cross/blue shield says when the bill is enforced as written it will force them to immediately increase premiums by $90-$175/month!! The 3 states bought off won't have increased Medicaid costs: Loisiana, Vermont, and Nebraska!!! The other 47states will go broke if the insanity of this bill isn't stopped!!! Obama's claim that the government can save 600 billion over the next 10 years is a Damnned LIE. On 60 minutes they ran a piece that illustrated that over the last 5 years the government lost 600 billion dollars to fraud/waste and abuse and only collected $5 billion back!!! In the senate today they showed that 46 cents of every dollar to be spent for this bill is already coming out of the general fund. The $400 billion being stolen from the Medicare funds will cause instant rationing for seniors like myself. Even now only 40 percent of doctors or hospitals take patients and this bill cuts doctors pay by 25% forever!! The democrats are sacrificing all seniors and those who pay private insurance to take their money and coverage to shift to those who say they cannot get insurance. in short the 80% who like their insurance will get royally screwed so that Obama and the democrats can fund all the leftists and illegals and give funding to abortions. i pay $97 /month for part B coverage! If they use that as a cost for 30 million more people in 2014, it will backrupt the USA in short order because the true 10 year cost of the bill is $2.5 trillion from 2010 to 2019 per the cogression budget office.

  14. Bruce says:

    President Obama Dec. 19, 2009, "And now Americans will get the Health Care they deserve."
    "Deserve" was repeated over and over again by my dad and mom during my youth. I have never forgotten "Deserve." And now President Obama used "deserve" in the phrase above. In my family "deserve" was usually reserved as retribution for my having trespassed against my parents wishes and the wishes of the various persons they placed in authority over me. "Deserve" was a term that I did not want to hear used directed towards me. "Deserve" meant "Bruce, if you keep doing that you are going to get what you deserve!" Deserve was bad as it could get as in the wrath of God coming down on me.
    And now President Obama is using "Deserve" in reference to Americans future health care? Most reading this know and understand that somewhere close to 80% of Americans are happy with the healthcare they have now but President Obama is going to give U.S. the heathcare we "Deserve." Expensive, rationed, rare for U.S. but President Obama thinks that is exactly what we "deserve."
    More and more my belief is that President Obama and others in his administration don't really care much for the people who really make this people work and is this healthcare plan will give us what we "deserve".

  15. Anonymous says:

    Ray Stevens explains it better than most..


  16. Walt says:

    My wife and myself have decided this country needs to vote all standing Senators/Representatives who will vote for this bill out off office, no compromises. This should be the rallying cry from now till 2012. If we get behind this we can unseat and repeal this and other dastardly garbage they have pushed down our throats.

    I would appreciate more information on the unconstitutionality of this and other so called help the country legislation they have passed or will propose.

  17. John Feeny says:

    I really, seriously wonder how much longer it will be until an uprising of some kind. It's not going to take much. Can we hold out until November? I'm not so sure.

  18. Anonymous says:

    The moment a mandate is signed into law through this bill I will be canceling my health insurance. This is no easy decision at my age, but this is my line in the sand. When they ask me to choose a plan, I will not respond. When they attempt to fine me, I will not pay. When they come to arrest me, I will not go. By any means necessary!

  19. Take that Gore, then this too says:

    LEGAZPI, Philippines – The Philippines' most active volcano could have a huge eruption within days, officials warned Sunday after detecting a drastic surge in earthquakes and eerie rumbling sounds in surrounding foothills. Tens of thousands of villagers have been evacuated as a precaution.

    Scientists raised the alert level for the Mayon volcano after 453 volcanic earthquakes were detected in a five-hour span Sunday, compared to just over 200 Saturday, said Renato Solidum, chief of the Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology.

  20. Gail B says:

    Saw SC Senator Graham on TV this a.m. — he is really livid about Sen. Nelson's caving. Nelson's state is receiving additional federal funds for their Medicaid program to lessen the load on the state. Graham said that every state isn't getting that relief — just Nelson's state — and that Nelson is punishing the balance of the United States just for his one vote!

    Why are we not being represented? The majority of the U.S. citizens do not want the Obama HealthScare. It is worse than the Stimulus package!

  21. Anonymous says:

    435 freshmen congressmen and 36 freshmen senators to be elected on November 2, 2010

  22. CONGRESS' BONES says:

    One thin November soon
    A floundering congress disappears
    In midnight returns

    Confettis rise as
    Voters sense an end to the spending spree

    Robert Byrd's bones dissolve

    The evil and corrupt flee to the mountain
    Eyes flood with tears for a reason

    A hard reality comes quickly
    those tainted men are no longer perched

    Kindling is placed in the torches
    For the patriots celebration

    Unseated congressmen
    Take their leave, unmourned

    Patriotic freshmen congressmen ready their stirrups

    Passion has filled these heroes and friends

    The bell of the city
    On Capitol hill has been rung

    The speaker cries

    The hour of choosing has arrived
    Patriots have used their tools

  23. Anonymous says:

    2:10, I will walk point for you, with all my hubris in tow.

  24. Anonymous says:

    How much snow does it take to collapse a granite dome?

  25. Anonymous says:

    they just made 2010 even easier.
    how do they do it?
    how do you ignore the majority of america and still go your own way.

    a wall street journal article on the 18th painted the very dim view the majority of americans have towards this Bill, yet these people totally ignore the reality of it as if only what THEY want is important. they are a tiny minority who are not representing the whole as they swore to do.

    that wsj article by the way can be seen at

    (i am just literally shocked at the behavior of this president and this administration as a whole.) SHOCKED that any body is so bold in such a negaitve way. reminds me of events during the days of hte GESTAPO.

  26. Anonymous says:

    by the way has an article on China's position on obama's spending. and its not good.

    china is beginning to flex its muscle – talking down to obama and warning him of his spending. i guess it was inevitible. china now feel because we are indebted to them that they now have a right to direct our finances? how soon will it be before China begins to tell us how much we can spend on healthcare?

    our country is in such dire trouble i yearn for 2010 to keep this man from totally flushing this country down the toilet.

  27. Anonymous says:

    let us become and remain physically involved – DOING – CALLING, WRITING, VOTING. i feel 100% sure we will remove the majority of democrats in 2010. as long as we keep this fire burning and not forget what this administration has committed the future of htis country to.

  28. Bruce says:

    Why don't we try this instead?

    Health Care Takeover!
    Democrats want to take control of our lives so badly they can taste it! They even want to entrust our healthcare to Washington bureaucrats!
    Let's do this instead:
    Get the fraud out of Medicare and save +- $80 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Get the fraud out of Medicaid and save +- $100 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Send the illegal immigrants home and save +-$11 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Get illegal drugs out of the U.S. and save +- $40 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Limit medical malpractice lawsuits and save +- $92 Billion in healthcare costs.
    Total saved +- $323 Billion each year.
    This savings totals +- $1077 for each American (man, woman, child) each year.
    A Family of 4 would save +- $359.00 each month in health care cost without Democrats destroying the world’s best health care system!
    This is savings I can believe in without having to depend on the Democrat Party for our healthcare.

  29. Gail B says:


    You're GOOD!

  30. GROW UP says:

    Chuck-E-Cheese would be too sober a hall for the likes of these people.


    Bruce for President 2012

  32. Boston Blackie says:

    Gail, Nelson, the latest whore in the Senate, did not additional Medicaid funds to lessen the load for his state. His sweetheart deal was that Nebraska does not have to pay a penny for Medicaid, which means the other 49 states will have to pick up the difference. Love how the governor said he didn't ask for it, he is already running scared that he will be voted out because of this.


    PARIS (AFP) – The death toll from winter storms across Europe rose to at least 80 on Monday as transport chaos spread amid mounting anger over the three-day failure of Eurostar high-speed trains.

    With tens of thousands stranded by the cancellation of London-to-Paris trains and hundreds of flights across the continent, new accidents and mass power cuts added to the big freeze tumult.
    A car veered off an icy road and knocked concrete onto rails, derailing a Paris commuter train and injuring 36 people, police said. Three hundred people had to be evacuated from the train.
    Another train in the Croatian capital Zagreb hit a buffer injuring 52 people.

    Croatian investigators blamed the minus 17 degrees Celsius (1.4 Fahrenheit) temperatures for a brake failure, national television reported. European temperatures as low as minus 33.6 degrees Celsius (minus 28.5 Fahrenheit) have been recorded in Bavaria.

    In Poland, authorities said 42 people, many of them homeless, had died of cold over three days after temperatures plunged to minus 20 degrees Celsius (minus four Fahrenheit).

    Ukraine reported 27 deaths while six people were killed in accidents in Germany and three in Austria.

  34. Anonymous says:

    All we need are 60 home addresses, a Garmin GPS, and a buttload of Charmin to send a message.

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