By John Feeny
America’s Right

“Public schools are the nurseries of all vice and immorality.”
Henry Fielding (1707-1754), English novelist, dramatist

I have been re-educated.

My worldview has understandably been corrected. Whereas for much of my life I always believed in the goodness of the United States of America, I now see that this country and everything for which it stands is a corrupt, irredeemable, and immoral fraud. Our Founding Fathers were nothing other than racist, slave-owning pigs more bent on protecting their own financial assets than they were in actually creating a land in which all people could thrive and be free.

I can’t believe that I never saw it before. The degree of my shame is so pronounced that it sickens me. Thank God–if there is one–that liberalism has brought me to my senses.

Obviously, I’m not serious. Fear not.

The few overtly sarcastic lines above were inspired, actually, by a recent interaction in the sophomore English class that I teach. It was a “teachable moment,” not in the same sense that Barack Obama has employed the phrase, but an actual “teachable moment” of the sort that we all encounter while dealing with young people over the course of our lives.

During the course of the political craziness which has been unfolding over the course of the past couple of years, but most especially during the reign of President Obama, I’ve been having a fairly good-natured back-and-forth with an old friend of mine, a military veteran who also happens to be a liberal — albeit a common-sense one. He’s truly a great person, and while we differ on social issues (which is part of being American), we both stand firmly on the common ground of financial common sense. He’d no doubt be a strong “Blue Dog,” should I be unfortunate enough to lose him to the halls of Capitol Hill. He’s also, obviously, very pro-military and ardently supports both our veterans and those in active service.

In any event, As December 7th approached, my friend–Dennis–asked me a question that, to be honest, really surprised me. He asked: “Hammer (don’t ask), do you think all of your kids know what happened on December 7th?” After pausing and looking at him with an expression which could have only conveyed “of course” and nothing else, I replied . . . well . . . “of course.” Dennis wasn’t so sure. I kind of laughed it off.

As luck would have it, an opportunity to find out presented itself in class a few days later, as we were discussing a particular piece from American literature. In my attempts to impress upon the young men in my charge certain ideas in the piece, I began touching upon the idea of whether there was anything in life worth dying for; it was the disconnected nature of their responses–while natural for a bunch of 15-year-old adolescent boys–which led me to think of the point that Dennis had no doubt been trying to impress upon me. When I then attempted to use the example of Pearl Harbor in order to illustrate the point that I was attempting to make, the response–or lack thereof–truly alarmed me.

That was when I decided to ask, point-blank, how many of them knew what had taken place on December 7, 1941.

In a class of 23, eight knew. Eight. Let me put it another way: 15, 15-year-old American high school students either had such little interest in the topic that it couldn’t pique even a passing attentive glimmer, or they didn’t know about it at all. As I dwelled upon this later, I had a hard time distinguishing which was worse.

When I asked shortly thereafter if any of them know what Arlington Cemetery is, one of them off-handedly answered, “Oh, yea . . . I think my grandfather is buried there.”

Think? I almost passed out.

As I was dwelling upon all of this later, it dawned on me — Billy Ayers may have succeeded, after all. Let me explain.

As Barack Obama’s Lamborghini-type campaign was peeling along the political highway during 2008, there was obviously a lot of information–information which he and his camp did not want out on the open market and upon which many people were desperately trying to shine light–that pertained to many of his past and quite questionable associations. Arguably at the top of the list was William Ayers, formerly of the terrorist organization known as the Weather Underground.

Without re-hashing all of the Ayers-related information, the portion relevant here pertains to one of his longer-term goals, which was (and arguably may still be) this: he felt that once the United States Government had been overthrown, it would become necessary to construct “re-education” centers, preferably somewhere in the American Southwest, where people who were “capable” of having their worldview reversed would be indoctrinated. In the end, he estimated, it would probably become necessary to eliminate some 25 million American adults, people who were still bent on . . . well . . . freedom.

Remember — this was one of Barack Obama’s buddies, the man who launched his political career, the man with whom he broke bread and served on boards, the man with integral connections that can be found in the Annenberg Foundation in Chicago (which, ironically, was purported to be all about “education”).

Suffice it to say that Ayers never succeeded in the manner that he truly saw fit, but the more subtle efforts on the part of those people in our country who share the same worldview may have yet managed to accomplish many of their desired objectives, albeit in much less radical ways. In short, while it may have taken about forty years, much of our culture has indeed been re-educated, the thrust of which has taken place throughout our entire educational system – grade school, secondary education, and most especially at the collegiate level. Our young people have been dumbed down and broken down and have had a new intellectual “structure” implanted in their conscience. The lion’s share of our young people now actually believe that there is no real necessity for hard work in life because everything naturally works itself out, because day-to-day life is something that more expeditiously accomplished by a federal government larger and more far-reaching than it is now. And, of course, they’ve very neatly had many of the notions of American history and American exceptionalism surgically removed from their way of thinking. Hence, the Pearl Harbor example.

Our society and its history have been systematically compromised through the insipid process of a slow re-education. Let’s look at just the basics:

  • Our entire educational system. Why would Barack Obama have any motivation to improve the public education system in this country? Wouldn’t it be much more effective in terms of cost (not that he worries much about pecuniary issues) and ideology to just leave things the way they are, convince many of the people in the lower classes that they’re being exploited and oppressed, and to simply continue the current mode of indoctrination? Further, if he is bent on improving education in this country, why doesn’t he enroll his daughters in the DC public school system? Probably for the same reason that his family won’t be on the rolls of universal health care.

I could solve the problems in public education with a simple master stroke: remove the tax funding from the public systems, allow all families a choice of several high schools in a given region, and make them tuition-driven. In other words, incorporate the free market in American education. If teachers still wish to be gainfully employed, you watch how fast our public systems turn around.

  • Our history. As in the Pearl Harbor example, much of the inherent goodness and sacrifice that lay at the foundation of this nation is now more of a vague association of sorts to our young people. At least that’s what I think, and I see it every day. Each year in my school (and please understand that the school at which I teach, in case I haven’t said it before, is one of the finest academic schools in the Northeast) we see more and more students who choose not to recite the Pledge of Allegiance or refrain from placing their hand over their heart, and some of my students–the very ones who knew little about what happened to the young men in 1941–even asked me why we have to face the flag during the Pledge. “I know,” I responded, “it’s such an effort, isn’t it?” Hmm . . . I wonder where they get it?

Almost two weeks ago, Jeff posted a short piece here at America’s Right entitled A Hero Not Welcome, which was his reaction to the story of a homeowners’ association trying–thankfully unsuccessfully–to force perhaps the most distinguish American combat veteran alive to take down his flag pole. The mere fact that the people in that housing development know nothing about that distinguished veteran’s literal heroism tells me all that I need to know about their historical mindset, and in turn the general “success” of the left’s educational efforts over the past four decades, and not to mention about the hero himself, who obviously never talked about what he had done. Humility — imagine that.

I believe, to many of our young people and to many of our young adults, the American flag is more of vague symbol that has some kind of association with the notion of good, but to what specifically they truly do not understand. Try asking some of them about the American Revolution, and check their response; or, better yet, try asking them for their impressions of George Washington or Thomas Jefferson. Wait – on second thought, you might not want to after all.

  • The Constitution. I think I might be in the ballpark, so to speak, when I say that a lot of younger adults in our society see the significance of our Constitution as a non-issue. Forget that it truly is the one thing which allowed America to make thousands of years of progress in less than 250 years. To many of them, those who hold onto the ideals embedded in that incredible document–people like you and me–are some kind of right-wing extremists. The Constitution is only a piece of paper, after all, and should “evolve” with time, right? I mean, like, Benjamin Franklin never even had an iPod.

The larger concepts in the Constitution and Bill of Rights which we have most taken for granted, in my opinion, are the freedoms of religion, speech, and the press preserved by the First Amendment and the right to keep and bear arms preserved by the Second, both of which, ironically, are the very freedoms that the left attacks relentlessly — because once you have a truly unarmed society (intellectually and physically), resistance dissipates over time. Freedom of Speech has been practically sacrificed at the altar of political correctness (a term, by the way, that was born in Soviet Russia). Our young people, sadly, now view as “normal” having to hold their tongues and to not speak their minds, lest they be reprimanded formally in some way, shape or form, or ostracized from some group of peers.

The single most insidious part of all of this, in my mind, is that the genesis of this mindset–at least in America comes from a class of spoiled, petulant, intellectual elitists who, when push comes to shove, do not want to work very hard yet wish to be able to have the upper hand over everyone in their lives. Their corrosive worldview has, to borrow a phrase, “trickled down” to the younger generations among us, many of whom view themselves as disaffected, disenfranchised and shunned. These are the people that our resident elitists exploit, churning up populist rage at those who have more in an effort to maintain their cozy lives. America? Who cares? Let it burn.

During that class, when I asked my students if there is anything–anything at all–that they consider worth dying for, the unanimous response was “no”.

I still think there is.

John Feeny is the author of the recently published book, Congress Shall Make No Law…Abridging Freedom of Speech and works in secondary education at a Catholic high school in the Northeast. He and his wife, Sheila–who works in higher education–have been married for 14 years and have become increasingly alarmed with the direction of the young people in our society and what that means for the future of our society. They’ve been blessed with one son, who at 11 years old is in the process of giving John a run for his money. John has been an America’s Right contributor since September 2009.

Congress Shall Make No Law…Abridging Freedom of Speech can be purchased at and is currently being sold alongside the books of Glenn Beck, Mark Levin, and Michele Malkin at Patriots Heart Network. John can also be followed at Twitter (JJFeen).



  1. whats_up says:

    Mr. Feeny,

    Why does this surprise you? We are talking about 15 year olds here, there idea of history is what happened in the last eight years. Answer this honestly, could you have answered all your concerns at 15, did you even understand what sacrifice meant at 15? Schools are required to teach so much more now than they were 20 years ago, perhaps more responsibility on the parents part would be helpful. After all isnt it the job of parents to teach their kids?

  2. Randy Wills says:

    GREAT! Thanks, John for hitting hard on the most important "change" that needs to take place if we're to regain even a semblance of the nation that once was. I vote for this piece as "Best of the Year" award.

    For my wife and I, personally, we've redirected much of our giving to the scholaship fund of a local private school that teaches the values reflected in our Constitution and personal responsibility. If we can save one child from the brainwashing that is going on in the public school system, it will be worth it.

    Keep up the good work.


  3. Anonymous says:

    I just don't want to die alone and be an embarrassing headline.

  4. George S. Patton says:

    Their little brains are too full of CO2, penguins and polar bear nonsense to worry about Dec 7 or Jun 6. Thank you Al Gore and all your disciples.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Speaking of Al Gore, has he given pre-approval to this volcano to erupt?

    MANILA, Philippines – The Philippines' most active volcano oozed lava and shot up plumes of ash Tuesday, forcing thousands of people to evacuate their homes and face the possibility of a bleak Christmas in a shelter.

    State volcanologists raised the alert level on the cone-shaped, 8,070-foot (2,460-meter) Mayon volcano overnight to two steps below a major eruption after ash explosions.


    Jeff, can you tell us of any course material for teaching The Constitution to young people and adults? I would so love to teach a class at my church, or at the local civic center. It's pretty self explanatory (it seems to me) but I guess it would be best to use a curriculum. I have a book called "The US Constitution: The Words We Live By" which is pretty good.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Why would Barack Obama have any motivation to improve the public education system in this country? Wouldn’t it be much more effective in terms of cost…and ideology to just leave things the way they are, convince many of the people in the lower classes that they’re being exploited and oppressed, and to simply continue the current mode of indoctrination? …These are the people that our resident elitists exploit, churning up populist rage at those who have more in an effort to maintain their cozy lives.

    For "Barack Obama" substitute "Arnold Schwarzenegger" and realize that the "resident elitists… with cozy lives" are overwhelmingly Republicans. 30 years ago, which is not so very long in the timeframe of the nation, California had the finest public education system to be found in the 50 states. It no longer does and may never again.


  8. Anonymous says:

    WASHINGTON (Reuters) – If the U.S. Congress fails to agree on a healthcare bill soon, the opportunity for a sweeping overhaul of the $2.5 trillion system will be lost for a generation, Vice President Joe Biden warned on Tuesday.

    Somebody needs to educate Joe.

  9. Gail B says:

    John "Hammer" Feeny, you are brilliant! Your students are blessed by having you for a teacher!

    Folks, if you haven't read his book, I heartily recommend it.

    Also, in your article, you made not one grammatical error, did not misspell one word, and made perfect sense. (Good job!) And, the piece was interesting and thought provoking. Thank you!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Generate a Barack Obama speech to recite at your families Christmas dinner. Educate them.

  11. Anonymous says:

    Seeing as this was now used as an example of patriotism, I just can't leave it alone.

    The FLAG POLE incident is no different than the actions of La Raza and MEChA.

    No one forced him to buy that piece of property subject to pre-existing CC&R/HOA's.

    The Sussex Square homeowners' association caved to the pressure reminiscent of Jesse Jackson. (see "Shakedown")

    There are avenues for changing rules and laws, Col. Barfoot disregarded all of them when he didn't get his way. I can only imagine a disgruntled neighbor erecting a larger flagpole and flying the Rising Sun out of spite.

    Does it not bother you that you are siding with Robert Gibbs?

    My time, energy, and effort has always supported and revered the sacrifice of anyone who has served, but the law, not the extortion thereof, is paramount.

    The incident stripped power away from the individual and granted it to a consensus.

    With regard to the rest of the article… spot on.

    It is refreshing to read exceptional solution to the educational situation. Despite being well intentioned, I tire of the voucher argument. Vouchers, as have been proven, would only exacerbate the situation.

  12. Wally says:

    The 3 color photos of this article explain without words what is wrong and where we are headed. This mindset being perpetrated into our youth by either parents or education systems, will erode this country into a demise similar to what the Egyptians, Mayan's, Romans or the Aztecs went through. I suggest this may take place in 4 short years at the pace the exalted one and his followers are leading us. Who cares if Al Bore predicts the Arctic ice cap will melt in 5-7 years, by then the USA will have tipped over and drowned if nothing is done. Can we wait till 2012 "NO." American history and the words of our founders are not to be taught and studied. They were wrong and we must according to "Barack The KIng Obama" you must trust me for we need to make fundamental changes to this country and how business is done.

  13. Anonymous says:


    Thank you for your insight into the educational system and the youth of this country. You are blessed to teach in a school with high academic credentials. Can you imagine what the youth in the inner city schools think? My sister works for the state of New York as a speech therapist for children. She works closely with Social Services and she says the social workers describe the children there as animals. This is really a disgrace.
    As a result of a poor overall education and lack of parental guidance, it is the children who will be the ones who suffer – for their attitude and lack of a complete education and for a lack of moral character and the shredding of religion and ethics.

    This country is great, but if we have youth who do not believe in the basic tenants upon which it was founded or even know them, how long will freedom last? They will then learn through enslavement what real freedom is and they will pay the price for it.

  14. Anonymous says:

    This commentary on today's represents exacty why I have come to cherish this website of Jeff's as one of the very best. It addresses not only the enormity of our challenge in preserving and protecting this gentle republic for ourselves and our posterity, but it also compiles the issues of the day in such a clear and presentable (and arguable) manner. May God bless and keep you all that contribute here.

  15. Boston Blackie says:

    "Suffice it to say that Ayers never succeeded in the manner that he truly saw fit."
    Not yet, but give Obamama time, he still has 3 more years to try to shove that where the sun don't shine on us.
    This is what happens when history stopped being taught in schools, what the hell is social studies.
    This is also why I am in debt up to my eyeballs but have sent my kid to private school from kindergarten right through college.

  16. John Feeny says:

    WHAT'S UP -
    I just wanted to react in a small way to your thoughts. I explicitly alluded to the fact that I'm well aware that I'm dealing with 15-year-old boys….that's why I often laugh when parents of today come to me and claim that their son has "ADD". WHAT ADOLESCENT MALE DOESN'T HAVE AT LEAST A MODICUM OF AN ISSUE PAYING ATTENTION TO STUFF, WITH ALL THAT HIS BODY IS GOING THROUGH? When I was in high school, I can tell you for certain that yes – I was definitely more interested in the girls that were walking the halls than I was in accounting class.

    I will add, however – and I'm done feeling guilty and/or apologizing for being at least somewhat intelligent – that I was a reader growing up and was always interested in history. Couple that with my having been lucky enough to have one of the greatest teachers of my lifetime in 7th grade, a history teacher and military veteran, Mr. Egan – and yes, I can absolutely tell you that I understood what happened at Pearl Harbor when I was 15. Any teenager in this country who doesn't at least have a sense of it has problems, case closed.

    I know…I must be an awful guy for speaking my mind. Oh, the temerity.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Try this website on for size:

    Charlotte Iserbyt has spent a great deal of time researching how the government starting with Woodrow Wilson to present has worked to dumb down our population. They've succeeded.
    The research is also available in a 700 page book.

  18. Dee says:

    John "Hammer", great article. This morning I was listening to the the local talk radio show and they mentioned that the vouchers for the underpriviledged in DC will be discontinued. This bill was quietly slipped in with another. BO wants to help the black children become more educated but then allows this to happen. Once again it appears that many liberals are more concerned about the teachers unions than allowing students the chance for a better education than what is provided for in the inner city schools. I'm sure not all inner city schools are poor but DC public schools have a bad reputation. BO's daughters go to a private school and I'll bet he and FLOTUS do not sign up for the healthcare plan that he wants approved.


    At age 15 I was immersed in books on WWII, was always building models of B17's & P51's….. gazed at my dad's Silver Star, Bronze Star and Purple Heart buried in his sock drawer each time I rummaged for socks to use as mittens….. not all 15 year olds are numb nuts.

  20. John Feeny says:
  21. William A. Rose says:

    Absolutely the best article I have seen at AR.

    To the person talking about the Flagpole Incident, I am glad the American People did not have that mindset when it was decided we would break away from England and form our own nation.

    That man deserves the utmost respect and admiration. Anyone that would even remotely contemplate regulating or disallowing him or anyone to have a flagpole with our flag on it is simply wrong.

    Gail B and Randy Wills, I liked your comments.

  22. Anonymous says:

    John Feney, I also loved to learn about History, when I was in school. Your assesment of our youth is so true. I wish it weren't. I think we have lost the greatest asset in our grasp……OUR CHILDREN. We have allowed them to be mind-warped by the liberal-left,… which happen to be in our schools and college's,… just waiting to destroy their minds.
    I wish you were my grandchildren's teacher. I WOULD BE PLEASED.
    Thank you for your common sense.

  23. Anonymous says:

    "please understand that the school at which I teach, in case I haven’t said it before, is one of the finest academic schools in the Northeast"

    My children attend a no-child-left-behind public school and they reminded last week that it was Pearl Harbor day. The public schools where I live seem to be covering this topic, but American History usually isn't until Junior year.

    If you have a concern about 15 year olds knowing about Pearl Harbor perhaps your school needs to work on introducing these topics earlier.

  24. Living History says:

    As a Civil War Living historian ( a reenactor), it distresses me no end that a majority of the students I interact with at museums, or living history events, have little or no knowledge of the Civil War. Many tell me they cover the entire period 1859-1876, John Brown through reconstruction, for about two and a half weeks in 8th grade, then perhaps a refresher in high school. I do take heart in the fact that most of the parents they are with seem to want to try to supplement that meager education by taking the kids to events like the ones I attend. Also, when I talk to teenagers, and explain to them that the 1 million American casualties of 1861-1865 would equal 10 million American casualties in Irag/Afghanistan today, they tend to sit up and pay a little more attention.
    P.S.-My 17 year old daughter and 12 year old son most definitely know what happened on Dec. 7, and not just because their parents are history buffs. Their Great- Grandfather (deceased) and Great-Grandmother (still active and driving at 96!) as well as their Grandmother (age 1 month in 1941) were stationed at Hickham. Great Grandma had just celebrated her birthday at the O club the evening of Dec. 6, 1941, with many friends that did not survive the attack.

  25. Lisa - Mother of the Tribe! says:

    Thank you for a fabulous article! Just a word of encouragement and comfort – there are hundreds of thousands of young people in America that DO know the story behind December 7th, they can have an intelligent discussion on the United States Constitution, they are thinkers and not robots and they love their country and are quietly, but steadily learning, searching, watching, and getting ready to enter the adult world where they will vote and speak their mind. They are young men and women, boys and girls who have been taught by their parents – some call it homeschooling.

    My kids know about Dec 7th – even my 7 years has a decent grasp of this date and it's significance. It is important that all 10 of my children know their family heritage (a long line of Veterans) and their heritage as American citizens.

  26. Anonymous says:

    If by "make them tuition driven" you mean "privatize," then you will definitely improve test scores … by ensuring that no one from low socio-economic levels has to take any tests … because they won't be in school.

    You don't have much experience in public education, do you? And like most of the Right, you've bought into the lie that education alone can transform society, ignoring the debilitating effects of socio-economic factors. But take heart, Duncan is after the same mis-guided end, just through means that appear less hostile.

    The rest of the post is reductionist over-simplifications of both sides, with the Right cast as "right" and Left cast as hippie know-nothings. God forbid we tackle nuance, complexity, or any issue that requires combined (vs. individualistic) effort and sacrifice to solve.

  27. Anonymous says:

    Interesting that the Anonymous above me presumes that is the case. While I am a Republican moderate, I'll state this simply.

    Some teachers are more interested in passing on students who are problematic than actually teach them what is needed to learn. If teachers were in charge of schools and could enforce discipline w/o risking being dragged into court, students would learn better. Consider how many distractions kids have nowadays with cellphones, iPods, and just general noise from music, TV, and Hollywood. This is added to "spare the rod" which has resulted in spoiled children, some of whom have become overmedicated because their parents did not want to deal with them.

    If parents were willing to enforce discipline and not medicate children they had a hard time dealing with, the face of the future of this country would not be in such peril.

  28. John Feeny says:

    Anonymous (12/16, @ 10:23) -
    I certainly respect your right to express your views. I may not agree with them, but that's fine, so long as we can agree to disagree. Let me ask you one question, though:

    If things ever get really bad in this country – and you know what I'm driving at – are you willing to sacrifice yourself for what you perceive to be 'ideals'? I'd bet not. I have a family, Anonymous, and you may well have one, too; if I have to decide between my son's future and my own…well, that's no choice at all.

    Chalk that one up to trite Americanism if you'd like; I know where I stand. I don't sit around and pontificate at Starbuck's about what's best for everyone else.

  29. Boston Blackie says:

    Amen Hammer!!!! I too would give up my life to save my child's.
    I know you like to keep your privacy but I wish I knew which Catholic school you teach in, there are so few left and you are certainly an asset. I purchased your book for my mother for Christmas with the agreement that I get it after her.

  30. John Feeny says:

    Boston Blackie -
    Jeff can certainly give you my email address. Contact him. I'll be happy to touch base with you.

  31. SOON A PLATOON says:

    Jeff, I would gladly walk the point for Feeny. Feel free to give him my email address. Patriots unite.


  32. Anonymous says:

    history lesson

    something that will never play on our MSM tv ever again, they find it racist and offensive.

  33. Anonymous says:

    This is anonymous 10:23 … Your response, Jeff, does nothing to address the points I actually raised in my comment. Your response to a challenge to dig deeper in your analysis is to go apocalyptic and start hinting at secessionist fallout? And this is somehow considered an appropriate contrast to "pontificating at Starbucks"? This attitude, dripping with fear and selfishness, is a massive chunk of our national problem. Thanks for adding to it, and good luck with your rod. Moving on in exasperated disbelief.

  34. Jan says:

    My children attend a no-child-left-behind public school (where scores of children aren't left behind but fall through the cracks). Social Studies is not on the national stadardized tests they have to take every year in order to determine funding. As such this subject gets little dedicated time or effort. My husband and I have decided that this is the last year in public schools for our children. We actually want them to learn something more than how to complete math on a calculator or how to pass the standardized tests. When will we ever learn?

  35. John Feeny says:

    Anonymous 10/23:
    That wasn't Jeff, that was me. Yes, I'm full of fear, and I'm incredibly selfish. I've been accused of those very qualities many, many times throughout my life. "Spare the rod, spoil the child", right? THAT is part of the core of our national problem. Oh, wait…but that must make me a child-beater, too. Now that I think about it, I really hope that my son's teachers don't notice his bruised ribs and fat lip. We all know how much trouble a fat lip can get you into nowadays.

    Anonymous, re-read my response and yours, and tell me, objectively, who is going, as you call it, 'apoplectic'. I was happy to tip my hat to you and walk away.

    Know what I really think? I think you need to either resolve your issues with mommy and daddy, or you need to re-visit the kids who made you fell less important on the playground during middle school. You can probably find them running any one of the successful businesses that are increasingly being torn down by this petulant administration.

    I'm off to Dunkin Donuts.

  36. Anonymous says:

    socio-economic communist talk.

  37. Anonymous says:

    I'd be honored to sit for coffee and Dunkin D's with that man.

  38. Anonymous says:


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