I Thought Science Answered Questions

Assigned Reading: UN Security Stops Journalist’s Questions About ClimateGate
(FROM: BigGovernment.com)

That’s supposed to be the point, right? Science is all about answering questions. And scientists are the folks who are dedicated to searching for those answers. Not based on their preconceptions, or politics, or what they want to be true but on unbiased logic and objective evidence.

That’s the theory, anyway.

A Stanford Professor has used United Nation security officers to silence a journalist asking him “inconvenient questions” during a press briefing at the climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Professor Stephen Schneider’s assistant requested armed UN security officers who held film maker Phelim McAleer, ordered him to stop filming and prevented further questioning after the press conference where the Stanford academic was launching a book.

The video has been edited and it’s still fairly short, but from what you can see the questions seem reasonable and Professor Schneider’s answers (when he gives any at all) seem evasive if not downright dishonest.



  1. Theory of irrelativity says:

    I miss Einstein. Science is now a freakin farce.

  2. Anonymous says:

    "Obviously we need to run the government, but do you suppose the government could be a little bit like families and be just a little bit prudent in how much it spends?" said Sen. Jon Kyl, R-Ariz.

    Oh you silly man. We have such pressing, earth ending, dire problems like global warming to address. Our great grandchildren in 30 years will understand this debt, as they shiver.


    Speaking of science. The science of heroin injection is fascinating……

    A Senate bill lifts a nationwide ban on the use of federal funds for needle-exchange programs.

  4. Uncle Rick says:

    Watch McAleer's 'Not Evil Just Wrong' when it comes to your town. I saw a screening last Sunday and it is a must see.

  5. Anonymous says:

    Eco-Natzis in action!

  6. Ian Thorpe says:

    Science serves itself. Did you know Rajendra Pachauri the head of IPCC, the UN Climate Change committee is also the head of TERI the Tata Energy Research Institute, an organisation set up by the Indian Conglomorate Tata International (now the world's biggest steelmaker) to research ways of exploting commercial opportunities thrown up by the energy crisis and climate change (TERI press release)

    Anyone smell a conflict of interest?

    Pachauri was also joint winner of the Nobel Peace Prize with Al Gore in 2007. Al Gore is one of the biggest players in the new carbon trading market.

    Coincidentally, or maybe not, Tata will make hundreds of millions in windfall profits from selling off the UK carbon permits they hold after closing the Redcar steelworks in northern England. Gordon Brown's "Green" government OKd this auction when they could have simply cancelled the permits thus preventing Tata's profiting from shifting British jobs to India.

    You don't need scientists to answer question. Just follow the money and keep fitting the pieces of the puzzle together, sooner or later the questions answer themselves.


    In the meantime, Al Gore is now writing poetry…….. ENJOY

    One thin September soon

    A floating continent disappears

    In midnight sun
    Vapors rise as
    Fever settles on an acid sea

    Neptune's bones dissolve

    Snow glides from the mountain

    Ice fathers floods for a season

    A hard rain comes quickly
    Then dirt is parched

    Kindling is placed in the forest
    For the lightning's celebration

    Unknown creatures
    Take their leave, unmourned

    Horsemen ready their stirrups

    Passion seeks heroes and friends

    The bell of the city
    On the hill is rung

    The shepherd cries

    The hour of choosing has arrived
    Here are your tools

  8. Anonymous says:

    Is there ANY way possible to force a 72 hour hold on Al Gore and have him mentally evaluated?

  9. Anonymous says:


    The mindless masses.


    Was that poetry written while cozied up in his home in Nashville? A home that uses more energy in a month than average homes use in a year?

  11. just a prick says:


    So the government is sticking it to us, AND PROVIDING THE NEEDLES.

  12. Anonymous says:

    UN nazis is right. That video should send a shiver up your spine.

  13. William A. Rose says:

    I have never believed the idea of global warming. I do, however, believe something else, probably not suited for this forum.

    In any case, the media is well into trying to dispell the rumors that global warming is a hoax. As expected.

    Here's a link to just one story of probably many: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20091212/ap_on_sc/climate_e_mails

  14. Boston Blackie says:

    Hey Ian-
    I think Rajendra Pachauri just wants to "save the TaTa's" hehe

  15. Gail B says:

    I am so sick of the lies and con jobs of this administration and its cohorts! They think we are STUPID? Just wait until Election Day!

  16. Anonymous says:

    Did someone say 'tatas'?

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