Tiger Woods and The Myth of the ‘Great Black Example’

Meet Lisa Fritsch. I’d never heard of her before watching Glenn Beck’s special on black conservatives about a month ago. Yet, during that hour, I found myself applauding her stunningly brilliant, unafraid articulation of unapologetic conservatism.

Now, I’m applauding again, as I have the absolute honor of announcing that this phenomenal conservative woman, who is a radio talk show host at KLBJ in Austin, Texas and has been published in The Dallas Morning News, The Baltimore Times, The Florida Sun, The Austin-American Statesman and Today’s Black Woman, will be bringing her passion and perspective to America’s Right. – Jeff

By Lisa Fritsch
America’s Right

Tiger Woods’ latest violation with the black community is that, out of the string of adulterating women of late, black women don’t rate.

Tiger Alienates Black Community with White Lovers,” attests one headline. Whether he cares, or whether he knows it or not, Tiger has been alienating the black community for some time. The black community wanted Tiger as their latest “great black example,” in order to validate their cause of collective power. This is how it has always been done; the black community celebrates and shares in the successes of one of its own, the “great black example” gets approval and acceptance. Only, Tiger Woods has rejected the need for that approval and acceptance.

Frankly, it’s about darn time for somebody to have the courage to live outside the box and boundaries of race.

Tiger has appeared firmly against being the “great black example,” and who can blame him? Being part of the “great black example,” after all, requires no small tendering. The “great black example” must abide by certain codes of conduct and pass extensive loyalty tests within the black community and its leaders. It requires loyalty put into action over reason, individual choice, and common sense. It requires the adhering to three main rules, three very important rules which Tiger Woods did not follow and thus led to the disappointment and angering of this “alienated black community.”

First, where there is any ambiguity in the race of the “great black example,” be it a white, Asian, or other non-white mother or father, they must identify first and foremost, as the one-drop rule states, with blackness. He or she should first announce, publicly and emphatically, their unequivocal blackness to the world. To not obediently and happily adhere to this rule is considered a shame. Tiger Woods may be–by his own description–Cablinasian, but the black community is willing to overlook this infraction, as Tiger is such a “great black example” attesting to the limitless world of elite sports for blacks. So they define him as black, whether he accepts it or not.

Second, it’s best that a “great black example” marry within the black enterprise. This is especially crucial when the “great black example” is of mixed race, because it further solidifies their alliance and loyalty to their blackness. President Barack Obama, for example, passed this loyalty test with flying colors in marrying Michelle, who is not only intelligent and attractive but also unambiguous in her blackness as she is dark-skinned. “Had Barack had a white wife,” said one woman in an article on race and Tiger Woods in the aftermath of the implosion of his personal life, “I would have thought twice about voting for him.”

Woods, however, is not a politician, and the voting for his endorsements and trophies lies only in his swing, not in his wife’s skin color. Tiger’s wife is everything in which alienated black community disapproves: white, blindingly blond, and married to the uber-celebrity, multi-millionaire “great black example” that got away. Similar abandonment issues have been reckoned with before when other “great black example” strayed — notably Quincy Jones, Van Jones and OJ Simpson. (Which begs the question: were any black women were envious of Nicole Simpson after she was murdered?)

Tiger didn’t just marry, though. His cheating revealed a certain amount of profiling and preferences for women that, according to several black talk show hosts, has supposedly disgraced the name of black women who wonder, in this alienated black community: Are we not good enough to be the plaything of a “great black example?” Says talk show host Michael Dyson: “Woods bought into the lie about what is beautiful?” Is there anyone out there who denies the beauty of Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Tyra Banks, Lauren Hill, or our First Lady simply because Tiger Woods’ wasn’t unfaithful with a black woman?

Finally, the “great black example” must willingly and publicly denounce and cry foul to any person or entity that hints at racism through commentary, off-handed remarks, or lack of racial/black diversity. Racial offense cannot be tolerated and no “great black example” can overlook this no matter how evolved and post-racial he thinks himself. Tiger failed greatly here. When CBS broadcaster Kelly Tilghman said that golfers challenging Woods should “lynch him” in order to prevail, Tiger took the high-road. “We know unequivocally that there was no ill intent in her comments,” said Woods through his agent, even going on to say that he was friends with Tilghman and respected her. GASP! This kind of grace and dignity that turns away from conflict and finds strength in forgiveness and excuses human err is not permitted — “great black examples” are explicitly expected to conform to victimhood at every opportunity so as to defend the dignity of the community they represent.

The “great black example” is extinct. The notion that an individual is obligated to a group based on race or gender, is inhumane. A person belongs to God and themselves. No group has a right to lay claim to someone else’s existence and their individual right to free will, tastes, and choice. It is time for the black community to accept and rejoice in this, for this is the ringing of true freedom.

There is no “alienated black community,” and woe to the person who works to manufacture one. There is only the fruitful character of the individual and therein our responsibility lies. For so long the black community has known power through a collective force of identity, and that time was not misplaced. The time now, however, calls for us to serve our communities collectively by living and thinking through the lens of character. Our only obligation to each other is to be ourselves. Apparently, Tiger Woods understands that and has been true to that at the risk of rejecting or alienating a community of people, or being rejected himself. More power to him — for “to thine own self be true” takes courage. And so too does letting go of others who define and represent us. Rejoice in God-given individuality! This, we owe to ourselves and others. This, so that we don’t rise and fall according to mere examples of our race but, instead, united with the human race we stand.

Lisa Fritsch is an Austin, Texas-based conservative writer and radio talk show host known for her no-nonsense approach to today’s social and political issues. She is of the conservative character, and has been contributing to America’s Right since December 2009. Visit her Web site at lisafritsch.com.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I saw that program and came away with the exact same impression … now I'm clapping!!

    Welcome aboard lisa!!

  2. Randy Wills says:

    I think that Jeff just cranked the stature of AR up a notch with the addition of you, Lisa.

    Great article, and can we ever use some of your straight-forwardness in this world. Intellectual integrity is in short supply these days. Thanks for your clear demonstration of that precious commodity.


  3. William A. Rose says:

    Mr. Woods' escapades on the 'Appalachian Trail' are none of our business.

  4. elspeth says:


    So glad to have you here. I hope your stay is long and reception is grand!


  5. Anonymous says:

    congratulations jeff for making a what appears to be a great step to inclusiveness and an opportunity to reach many people who THINK they are democrats but are really conservatives at heart, morals, etc. many have been conditioned to think they are automatically democrats but they are seeing what extreme left democrats are doing to the future of children and its not pretty.

  6. Anonymous says:

    as for Tiger he probably needs to admit who he really is and get himself a a bachelor pad instead of pretending he is what he is not at heart.

    maybe someday Tiger will embrace the idea of being a family man but right now i dont think that is his mindset and i am not convinced that after such a long time of being married AND having so many multiple partners is something he will shed instantly, if ever. but i think he first needs to acknowedge who he is instead of acting on what he thinks the public prefers.

  7. Robert Wallace says:

    Great article, Lisa! We're lucky to have you on board!

  8. Pat in NC says:

    Lisa, I too was impressed by your insight and am very happy Jeff has included you among the group of contributors to America's Right> I am looking forward to your writings.

  9. Laurie says:

    Lisa, Welcome aboard!! This was a great article and I for one am looking forward to more. Thanks, Jeff, for another brilliant addition to AR.

  10. Anonymous says:

    A M E N

  11. FORE! says:

    When we get to Tigers 18th affair there is sure to be a golf joke in there somewhere.

  12. T.I.M. says:

    I'll be waiting for the Rev. Jackson to accuse all those ho's of racism against poor Eldrick Tont Woods, and for America's Right of abduction for stealing a great mind from its rightful place in the Democratic fold.

    Lisa: Thank you for adding another strong and thoughtful voice to what is shaping up as a foundation for our nation's future.

  13. Ray Charles says:

    Ebony & Ivory ? ?

    looks like Tiger plays in the key of C…..

    A joke for musicians.

  14. Karen says:

    I think Lisa has a fresh perspective and great insight. It is great to have a Texan contributing.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Content of Character

    no matter your color.


  16. Anonymous says:


    You are right "the great black example is extinct". In case you didn't notice, our great country elected a President last November. His name is Obama and he is black….the US doesn't need any more "examples".

    Maybe instead of vouchers we need to change our drug laws. My daughter (a white 25 year old from suburbia) taught 3rd grade in the inner city. She innocently ask her students to bring in pictures of their parents for a project they were doing. Sadly, out of a class of 20, there were four students whose only picture of one of their parents was a MUG SHOT. Even sadder, there were three students who brought in MUG SHOTS of both their parents.

    Do you really think vouchers would help these kids?


  17. Anonymous says:


    refer to the post directly before your last post. Cry me a river and get over your bleeding heart, HR 3962 doesn't cover bleeding hearts. People, no matter their color, need to grow up and take responsibility for their action.

    In the spirit of MLK

  18. Anonymous says:


    Are you a bank robber, gang banger, embezzler or maybe even a member of NAMBLA? Want any LAWS related to those changed or revoked while you are at it?

  19. Anonymous says:

    The oldest diversionary tactic is to outgown the face you have….. thus these elaborate gowns that ooze of royalty.

  20. Teri~Facedown says:

    Great post Lisa! I look forward to your contribution to AR! Welcome, and thanks for your strong voice!

  21. Boston Blackie says:

    Welcome aboard Lisa, from one strong woman to another. I saw you on Beck's show and loved the fact that everyone in the audience was not afraid to speak their mind about what is happening to our great country no matter who is in the WH. School vouchers are a perfect example of how racist liberals really are. They believe that underprivledged Americans, no matter the color of their skin. can not survive without government intervention. This is quite the opposite, it keeps generations more dependent and does not encourage self reliance. Yet when push comes to shove they show their true colors with their "not in my back yard" mentality. An example is in Cambridge, MA some 20 years ago when a day school wanted to open in the most exclusive area, Brattle St, but the students of the Commonwealth Day School were about 90 per cent black. Among the names on the petition opposing the CDS were a U.S.-appeals-court judge, a member of the board of directors of the Boston Globe, the president of WGBH-TV, TV chef Julia Child, the local city councillor and many members of the Cambridge Civic Association, which ardently supports one of the strictest rent-control laws in the nation, architect Graham Gund and several Harvard professors, including Laurence H. Tribe.
    In regards to Tiger, this is a matter between he and his wife. He has never tried to be anything but an American and has always said he does not like labels put on him. So he likes blondes, many men do. At least he doesn't hide the fact(except from his wife,the cad) unlike Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and Louis Farrakhan. All who have made millions as race baters yet all assocoated with white women at one time or another. I think MLK would be shocked if he saw America today and the big brother knows best mentality of our government.
    Jeff, thanks for the link to Lisa's site as well.

  22. Boston Blackie says:

    Hey Lisa – LOVED, LOVED, LOVED your bio from your site. It was inspiring and hilarious.
    I would say "you go girl" in Japanese but that is way above my pay scale.

  23. Dee says:

    Lisa, welcome. Very insightful article. I'm looking forward to your future contributions. Jeff has a great group of journalists here and I enjoy reading each and every one.

  24. Gail B says:

    B R A V O !! with A P P L A U S E !!

    I'm on my feet!

    I saw you on Beck, too; and I am very grateful for your writing for Jeff's site! I know that Jeff is thanking his lucky stars!

    Right on spot in every word!

    Welcome aboard America's Right, and we do look forward to more from you!

  25. GATOR-1 says:

    Yes Welcome Lisa, You are a Class Act and you are going to like it here.

    There is quite a lot of "Quality" Content of Character that flows through this site.

    Way to go Jeff, getting bigger and better every day! Its been a few months over a year now for me visiting your site and it has yet to not amaze me how you do it all.


    It still never ceases to amaze me.

  26. carder says:

    Cool, Jeff.

    How on earth did you convince the Great Lisa of Austin to contribute to this blog?

    Now for a latina…

  27. Lynn says:

    Welcome Lisa!

    Common-sense conservatism just makes sense, no matter what color your skin or heritage of your parents and ancestors.

    I'd like to see more articles everywhere about the TRUE history of the civil-rights struggle, esp. which political party REALLY opposed it.

  28. Gail B says:

    Jeff, does Lisa read our comments?

  29. Hewlett says:

    Like all celebrities who “get into trouble”, Tiger Woods is going to “Rehab”. A sex addiction rehab that is! http://www.thesun.co.uk/sol/homepage/news/2807214/Tiger-Woods-in-rehab-to-cure-his-sex-drive.html

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