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Assigned Reading: Worse Than The Public Option
(FROM: The Wall Street Journal)

Over the weekend and throughout the Sunday shows, the mainstream media is going to tell America that the so-called “public option” is gone from Harry Reid’s Senate bill, that expanding Medicare eligiblity by a decade is somehow fiscally responsible, and that the Democrats’ brand of health care reform is now suddenly palatable. This editorial makes some excellent points about those assertions.

Here’s an excerpt, but please read the piece in its entirety:

This last-minute, back-room ploy shows again that Democrats are simply winging it as they rush to pass something—anything—that can get 60 votes by Christmas. President Obama praised the proposal as “a creative new framework,” while Finance Chairman Max Baucus told the Washington Post, “If there’s 60 Senators who can reach agreement, I’m for it.” Now there’s a model standard to use for reordering 17% of the U.S. economy.

The latest polls show public support for the Senate plan falling into the mid-30%-range. The remaining supporters must not be paying attention.



  1. Anonymous says:


    Recently Robert Wallace stated in your blog that the US pays twice as much for health care and has lower life expentancies than other countries because our population is the unhealthiest in the world. The primary reason for this is obesity. You argue that we should allow the market to determine costs. Is it not time we follow your advice and allow insurance copanies to charge fat people more?


  2. HAL says:

    As a systems engineer (computer) for 30 years, this haste really irks me. Whatever happened to pilot test programs, and incremental implementation of subsystems….. this all or nothing, right now approach will fail. Trust me.

  3. CLEAN HOUSE 2010 says:

    Get Out Of Our House.


    NASHVILLE, Tenn. – It's been the year of the gun in Tennessee. In a flurry of legislative action, handgun owners won the right to take their weapons onto sports fields and playgrounds and, at least briefly, into bars.

    A change in leadership at the state Capitol helped open the doors to the gun-related bills and put Tennessee at the forefront of a largely unnoticed trend: In much of the country, it is getting easier to carry guns.
    A nationwide review by The Associated Press found that over the last two years, 24 states, mostly in the South and West, have passed 47 new laws loosening gun restrictions.

    Among other things, legislatures have allowed firearms to be carried in cars, made it illegal to ask job candidates whether they own a gun, and expanded agreements that make permits to carry handguns in one state valid in another.

  5. Anonymous says:

    2:35 should pay a higher premium for that mental health condition, hero worship.

  6. Boston Blackie says:

    This Congress has set up the biggest three card monte EVA!!

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