When it Comes to Reality, Democrats Frighten Easily

The original $787 billion stimulus package was supposed to be about Joe Biden’s favorite three-letter word: J-O-B-S. Heck, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi even said it herself, noting on the House floor that the bill was about four things: “Jobs, jobs, jobs and jobs.

Those jobs, and the economic recovery which would purportedly follow, would come because the nation was awash in shovel-ready infrastructure projects which, upon receiving a cash infusion from the federal government, would employ millions of Americans. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, as it were, would save or create three million jobs, and would prevent the unemployment rate from climbing about eight percent.

Fast forward to the end of the year, however, and we see that the unemployment rate has risen above ten percent, with the true number of unemployed in America reaching 16 or 17 percent. So, the Democrats want another stimulus bill.

To justify spending another $130 billion or so, President Barack Obama is insisting that the first stimulus package was about stimulating the economy, and we need a separate measure to create jobs, and that there are more shovel-ready projects now than there were earlier this year. He is also warning Republicans to “stop trying to frighten the American people” and get out of the way.

First, as far as frightening the public goes, Republicans if anything have been speaking on behalf of an American people who would rather not watch a Democratic Party majority mortgage the financial futures of their grandchildren. If Obama is looking for scare tactics, after all, perhaps he should look over his shoulder at the next joint session of Congress. Recall, if you will, this lovely example of the House Speaker’s sheer brilliance and tendency to use fabrications and fear to elicit legislative action:

“Every month we do not have an economic recovery package,
500 million Americans lose their jobs.”

Second, while there may very well be more shovel-ready projects now than there were in January or February, only a fraction of the $787 billion has been spent so far, with the largest disbursement of allocated funds to come in the next quarter, just in time to fund various projects in advance of the 2010 midterm eletions. Perhaps, instead of spending more taxpayer money, the president should look at the cash he pilfered from our wallets which have yet to be appropriated.

Third, insofar as the source of the money for this new legislation will be a surplus of sorts from TARP, the Bush-approved bank bailout which Barack Obama voted for–and advocated swift implementation of–as an Illinois senator, the Democrats are once again showing their spendthrift ways. Because they look at it as “found money,” it seems, it somehow makes it okay to spend — when in reality it’s not unlike having a 40 percent off coupon, buying a pair of $100 shoes for $60, and then spending the remaining $40 on underpants.

The way to truly create jobs in America is to eliminate the uncertainty seen by business owners large and small. No fiscally responsible employer in their right mind will commit to hiring new personnel when they don’t know what effect the twin disasters of health care reform and cap-and-trade might have on their bottom line. The solution is a simple one: Congress must cut taxes across the board, and then get out of the way.

That’s not a scare tactic. That’s reality. But, then again, reality has always frightened Democrats.



  1. Frosty says:

    The only job coming out of this 130 Billion is a freakin SNOWjob.

  2. Anonymous says:

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  5. Dee says:

    Is this administration aware of how many professional people who have lost their jobs and probably would only be hired to direct traffic at the "shovel ready" projects? Not everyone without a job is qualified to work on roads and bridges.

  6. Anonymous says:


    A certain someone wasn't qualified to be president either, but..hey.

  7. Gail B says:

    My heart breaks every time I read about the administration pushing more spending.

    Either the liberal Democrats are CRAZY or they are CRIMINAL! No one with good sense is going to increase government spending in this economy. Everything possible to keep money in the people's hands, to let us do our own spending, needs to be done. Without the ability to buy and spend, the economy cannot improve.

    I get the distinct impression that Obama-Soetoro and his thugs are doing everything possible to bust the dollar and overthrow this government.

    It just makes me sick!

  8. bodenzee says:

    Nancy may be correct. The extra 195 million probably live in those 7 extra states that Barry thinks are in the country.

    Did any of this idiots ever pass a high school history or government course?

  9. Anonymous says:

    Gosh golly, if that there feller can be prezident, I gonna try my hardest at building me a bridge or two. we all need to be more like that little steam engine, ya know?

  10. MR KOTTER says:



  11. Boston Blackie says:

    Pretty bad when the governor of mASSachusetts wants to use stimulas money to build a bridge over Rte 1 in Foxboro from an empty lot used on Sundays to Gillete Stadium. The feds told Gov. Coupe Devoid that he couldn't so he is now using state funds to build this bridge connecting two private properties for the billionare owner of the Pats, talk about a bridge to nowhere.

  12. Builder Bob says:

    Massatwoshits can't even build tunnels that don't kill people.

  13. Boston Blackie says:

    Hey Bob, I totally agree and I have to drive through them twice a day. I have my survival kit in the car for when the walls collapse and Boston Harbor comes crashing in on us. I love your name for MA, I think I will steal it from you and use it – THANKS

  14. Builder Bob says:


    I often use the term Massholes….. feel free to use that one too.

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