Wanted Dead or Alive: This Man’s Reputation

Assigned Reading: Liberal Group Puts Bounty on Head of Chamber of Commerce CEO
(FROM: Fox News)

Conspicuously absent from the recent jobs summit were both the United States Chamber of Commerce and the National Federation of Independent Business. Obama is interested in hearing a diverse array of opinions from experts on how to create new jobs… as long as the opinions all agree with his.

But if you think that was a snub, the liberal activism group Velvet Revolution has offered $200,000 for information leading to the criminal prosecution of Chamber of Commerce CEO Tom Donohue.

The group is not leveling any specific charges of criminal behavior. Rather, it is casting a wide net, fishing for any whistleblowers from Donohue’s past who might come forward with allegations of wrongdoing. The campaign against the Chamber was launched in response to the group’s opposition to climate change legislation and health care reform, and its plan to spend $100 million lobbying against these and other initiatives.

Don’t get me wrong. If Tom Donohue is guilty of any of the things they accuse him of then I want him caught. No one gets a free pass for corruption just because they happen to be on my side of some important issues. But obviously justice has nothing to do with this ad:

“On every issue, the Chamber is kind of the lead corporate advocate for the status quo,” said Kevin Zeese, a lawyer who sits on the board for Velvet Revolution, calling Donohue a “knee-jerk reactionary” and the Chamber a “right-wing extremist group.”

Really? The Chamber of Commerce is an “extremist group”? The nut-jobs at Velvet Revolution aren’t interested in justice, or reform, or the truth. They are interested in piling on an offensive to debilitate critics of Obama’s progressive agenda using intimidation. We all decry the lack of public servants of high caliber, but is it any wonder when the price of running is making yourself a target for this kind of stunt?



  1. Gail B says:

    Some people are just desperate to cause trouble for someone who wants to do the right thing!

    With Obama-Soetoro's approval rating down to 47%, that leaves conservative-minded folks a 53% chance to stop him in his tracks, if they have enough hangydowny fortitude. But, then, there is that HUGE PILE OF MONEY that is very persuasive–just look at the New Louisiana Purchase!

    And, that is against the law–to use taxpayor money to promote a political agenda (read: bribe)!

  2. CHEECH says:

    90% of this administration are hippies that have never worked real jobs. They have sucked on government teats their whole lives and can't begin to grasp what 'commerce' is.

    Overeducated, and unexperienced.

  3. goddessdivine says:

    Wow. These guys will stop at nothing. This is absolutely sickening.

    Funny how they didn't feel the same about Van Jones…..

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