It’s Only Worthy of Investigation If They Think it’s Wrong

Assigned Reading: Obama-Holder Justice Dept. Turns Blind Eye to ACORN
(FROM: Powerline)

Robert Wallace put together an excellent piece on Eric Holder’s Justice Department and ACORN here at America’s Right back on Saturday, but there was something about the beauty of the argument made by an anonymous friend-of-the-author over at Powerline yesterday that I had to bring out:

DOJ has initiated grand jury probes of major businesses, and government contractors, with far less in the way of evidence than is available in the public domain on ACORN right now. It’s also ironic that the DOJ has had in place for several years a Procurement Fraud Task Force that goes after contractors who receive federal funds through fraud or collusion, or bribery, or the like. And in the new administration, DOJ announced with fanfare a so-called “Recovery Initiative” that will target fraud and abuse in connection with the expenditure of “stimulus” money. Some of those very dollars are probably going to ACORN, but somehow the Recovery Initiative folks appear not to have noticed.

And, there’s more:

So, the New Black Panthers get a pass on voter intimidation. The ACORN fraudsters get a pass on tax fraud and God knows what all. Members of Congress and administration appointees need not bother with tax compliance, and can dance around any number of improprieties.

But, defend the country by engaging in aggressive interrogation of terrorist murderers using methods specifically approved by the DOJ under the previous administration? Watch out. Eric Holder and his DOJ — now so heavily populated with fancy lawyers who, in private practice, gave those same terrorist murderers free legal services — will investigate you relentlessly.

Respect for the law is not something valued by this administration’s DOJ, much less by its “community organizers.” I predict we’ll see worse on this front before we see better.

There’s always been a double-standard in Washington, regardless of which power had control of whichever branch of government. The difference here, however, is that America has [unfortunately] grown quite accustomed to corruption and that double-standard displayed in pursuit of power in perpetuity — what’s new with this crew is that the corruption and double-standard seem to be the currency of ideology.

These aren’t government officials who overlook on-point statutes in order to keep their seat at the table, these are high-profile administration personnel who do so because they fundamentally look at right and wrong and good and evil in a different way than do you and I.

In other words, as strange as it sounds I’d be far more comfortable–though still wouldn’t like it one bit–with the Department of Justice overlooking ACORN improprieties because they felt doing so would be the best possible course of action to ensure Democratic Party re-election in 2010 than I am with Eric Holder and Barack Obama turning a blind eye because they and their jilted, far left perspective and worldview cannot discern the difference between community organizing and the systematic dilution of a representative republic.



  1. Gail B says:

    It makes one wonder who–or what–is actually running our country, who is telling the administration how to operate, and what their end game is.

  2. T.I.M. says:

    I think Rush put it very well on a previous show when he referred to the Somali pirates as "merchant seamen organizers" — using any means necessary to get their rightful share of "booty" from the greedy capitalists. He's right. In this light, there's not much difference between ACORN and pirates, except that ACORN's former attorney and ongoing proponent now runs our country — and promised them a place in the White House.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I think it's clear what the end game is since it's in Rules for Radicals, a book Obama has mastered and taught to others. They have been following it religiously and, if you don't want to look it up, the answer is "communism".

    Notice the rich are being asked to pay for everything from health care reform to the foreign wars. That is an effort to move them down closer to the middle class.

    Notice the poor are getting help with cars, residency, citizenship, and affordable health care insurance. That is an effort to move them up closer to the middle class.

    Everyone meets in the middle and share the same social status. Combined with state control of the economy, that's the definition of communism.

    I don't who "they" really are behind the scenes, but this end game isn't going to end very well. We like our freedom too much!!

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