Political Correctness Leads to Slaughter

Assigned Reading: Major Nidal Hasan had an enabler
(FROM: Macleans.ca)

In defense of Canada’s anti-hate speech laws “an opposition MP mused on whether it wouldn’t have been better to prohibit the publication of Mein Kampf.”. Mark Steyn recounts his response:

“That analysis sounds as if it ought to be right,” I replied. “But the problem with it is that the Weimar Republic—Germany for the 12 years before the Nazi party came to power—had its own version of Section 13 and equivalent laws. It was very much a kind of proto-Canada in its hate speech laws. The Nazi party had 200 prosecutions brought against it for anti-Semitic speech. At one point the state of Bavaria issued an order banning Hitler from giving public speeches.”

And a fat lot of good it all did.

He then takes the offensive:

…the opposite is true: a constrained and regulated culture policed by politically correct enforcers leads to slaughter. I’m not being speculative here, as Commissar Lynch is about my murderous prose style. It’s already happened, just a couple of weeks back. Thirteen men and women plus an unborn baby were gunned down at Fort Hood by a major in the U.S. Army. Nidal Hasan was the perpetrator, but political correctness was his enabler, every step of the way. In the days that followed, the near parodically absurd revelations piled up like an overripe satire, but a two-panel cartoon at the Toronto blogger Scaramouche’s website provided the pithiest distillation:

“This is your brain. This is your brain on political correctness”—a small and shrivelled thing.

Mark Steyn then catalogs the litany of warning signs that were ignored leading up to the shooting at Fort Hood as well as the absurd mental gymnastics people went through after the fact to avoid mentioning the possibility of a terrorist attack before concluding:

Commissar Lynch has it exactly backwards: it’s the craven submission to political correctness, the willingness to leave your marbles with the Diversity Café hat-check girl, that leads to death—real death, with real corpses, from Texas to Ontario. And when the guy’s on the table firing wildly and screaming “Allahu akbar!”, the PC enforcers won’t be there for you.



  1. Gail B says:


    And Major Hassan was not a terrorist, not a crazed man, was not the cause of a man-made disaster. Major Hassan was an enemy combatant.

    Folks, this is MY country, too. Fighting the War on Terrorism is what our military personnel are doing.

    And, as for "Happy Holidays" as a greeting? My response will be "And a Merry Christmas to you; this is my country, too."

    BY THE WAY! Why did it take Obama-Soetoro less than a month to get the Stimulus Pork Bill passed in such an urgent manner, but it's taken him THREE MONTHS to decide that General Stanley McChrystal is over there watching his men die and trying to keep up the morale of those who survive?

    And for those who think the president's job deserves a "date night" and days off, how do you think Gen. McChrystal feels?!

  2. Still a Patriot says:

    Hi Robert -

    I remember listening to an NPR call-in show after the terrorist attack at Ft. Hood. People were turning themselves inside out trying to find a way to sympathise with Hasan & make excuses for his heinous acts. I found it sickening.

    Gail – I agree with you on all points!!!


  3. Bodenzee says:

    Let's force Barry to lead…really lead. Let's move his desk to Afghanistan so he can be focused on the real mission.

    Save the nation some money too. Leave the Secret Service here. They've demonstrated ineffectiveness.

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