Turning a Blind Eye to Jihad

Assigned Reading: Ft. Hood and The Cult of Indiscriminateness
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Consider a journalist covering a football game and the Jets have just defeated the hapless Patriots 57-3. (Hey, this is MY post, I can make up the score.) An objective journalist would write a report about how the Jets are a better team than are the Patriots. The story would feature key plays and decisions that highlighted New York’s superiority to the New England franchise on that day.

But what if all sports reporters had it drummed into their heads that they were not allowed to write a piece that in any way implied that one team was better than any other? Given the objective fact — the final score — not only would the reporter’s story not reflect the Jets’ superiority, but they would have to in some way explain how it is that two equally good teams saw such disparate results. The only way for this reporter to be neutral and deal with the objective facts would be to invent a false narrative whereby the evidence does not prove the obvious. If the Jets aren’t a better team, then they must have stolen the Patriots’ playbook. If the Patriots aren’t an inferior team, then the officials must have been bought off.

Consider the coverage of Nidal Hasan’s massacre of 14 innocent people at Ft. Hood. The objective reporter writes about the clear and obvious link between the murderer and his Muslim faith. But the neutral reporter — the one who has been taught that he cannot imply in any way that one culture or one religion is better or worse than any other — will not only not write the objective truth, but he will seek to invent a narrative that proves the murderer has been victimized.

A fantastic analogy from the regularly fantastic Evan Sayet.

This indiscriminateness is of the same sort which is causing the destruction of Europe, which has already fallen and failed in the face of stealth jihad, and did so quickly. This unwillingness to confront reality has become the catalyst of the change seen in the England and Spain and France and the Netherlands, the latter pair of which have whole cities controlled by Muslims and Islamic Law to the point where French and Dutch police dare not patrol.

Here in the United States, groups like CAIR, alongside mind-numbing enforcers of dhimmitude like the ACLU, have become the driving force behind the political correctness that has caused the Archbishop of Canterbury to admit that Sharia Law is inevitable in the U.K.

Groups like CAIR and the ACLU are the forerunners and harbingers of jihad from within, and any red-blooded American who doesn’t believe that this nation is following in the dangerous and self-destructive footsteps of Old Europe is either too involved with American Idol and the NFL Wild Card Race or is willfully and knowingly sticking their head in the sand in the hope that everything will eventually go away and we’ll be back to our blissful ignorance in no time.

But it will not go away. Not unless we stop changing the narrative, as Sayet describes. Not unless we somehow wake up and smell the jihad.

Everyday Americans, people of all ages and all political affiliations, seem to get this sense that the great experiment which is the United States of America–if not Western civilization as a whole–is somehow infallible, is somehow immune to the adverse consequences of apathy met with evil. It is not. Every great civilization has had its rise and its fall, and there is no reason whatsoever to believe that we somehow cannot share the same fate as the Mayans, as the Prussians, the Egyptians, the Carthaginians or the Romans.

We are marching ourselves, blindfolded by political correctness, right toward our own destruction. Our need to be careful, our obligation to be vigilant, our struggle to be unafraid is damaged and hindered by apologies and arbitration awards, and I fear that unless we wake up, we’ll be handing over our own severed infidel heads before you can say “another victimized Muslim trial in Manhattan.”

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  1. MEP says:

    This can’t have anything to do with Liberalism or Modernism, can it? We see this cancerous mindset embedded in global warming (hoax), universal health care (socialism), the war on terror (more like Islam), not keeping score in little league sports, and the list can go on and on and on. This way of thinking is going to cripple this country and it is time we start calling a spade a spade, and liberalism a failed, egotistical, narcissistic, I am a pussy and am good at nothing therefore you can’t be either, let’s all get along since I am an idiot, homosexual equalizing, whiny and childish mindset that wants nothing more than society to be flipped on its head and mankind to think that they are gods themselves and therefore look to strip GOD out of every aspect of society including religion itself.

    These people want you to believe that they are for the downtrodden, the little man, the poor fellow that just can’t catch a break. The part they don’t tell you is that they are the ones that put you in that position by ripping the personal responsibility, the drive and motivation to succeed, the thirst to know the Truth, and the desire to know GOD straight out of your inner being. They form you into a worthless piece of manure so that they can use you to fertilize their fields of phony crops, luring more people into their stockpile of feces.

    It is time to speak out against this hideous ideology, not the people. There is nothing wrong with the truth.

    Just do it with compassion, as I have. 


  2. Amy says:

    This reminds me of something I just read by Richard Cohen called "The Obama I Remember". He said this:

    "And the Barack Obama of the speech would have enunciated a principle of law and not an ad hoc system in which some alleged terrorists are tried in civilian courts and some before military tribunals. Where is the principle in that – what works, works? Try putting that one on the Liberty Bell."

    The article is pretty interesting, coming from a formerly joyful Obama supporter.


  3. John Feeny says:

    Jeff -
    I always agree with your points, Jeff, but this time you crossed the line. Hands off the Patriots, big guy. That's sensitive territory.

  4. Randy says:


    The film takes place in a dystopic future in which the US government mandates total egalitarianism in all things, by having everyone attach wearable mind "handicapping" devices to their heads and showing only mind numbing shows on TV. The story centers on a high school student named Harrison Bergeron whose extreme intelligence makes him something of a pariah. He is ultimately recruited by a secret organization whose purpose is to operate the functions of society that cannot be handled by the unintelligent.

    While he thrives in this environment for a time and even meets a girlfriend there, he ultimately pays a personal price and comes to see the true social structure as unethical and immoral, and thus rebels – even if it means making a sacrifice.

  5. John Feeny says:

    Randy….the short story is much better. Written by Vonnegut. It's always been one of my all-time favorites, and, unfortunately, although it was written in 1961, I believe, it seems to be coming true. Makes Vonnegut something of a prophet, I suppose. One of the most rewarding things that I get out of it is when I have the opportunity each year to teach this story to my students. The degree of awakening in them is sometimes something to behold.

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