Hatch on Health Care Reform in the Senate

Orrin Hatch on the Senate health care reform bill.


  1. goddessdivine says:

    That's my senator and I hope he fights tooth and nail to stop this thing.

  2. NC Sen. Richard Burr says:

    From NC Senator Richard Burr:

    Health Care Update

    As many of you are aware, Senate Democrats unveiled the latest version of the health care bill this week. The Senate will be voting on a motion to proceed to debate on this health care bill at 8pm tomorrow evening. This vote will require 60 votes to move the bill forward. I encourage my fellow North Carolinians to tune in to C-SPAN to watch the Senate debate today and tomorrow.

    While I have not yet had time to review this 2,074 page bill in its entirety, what I have read so far makes clear that this bill is the wrong prescription for our nation's health care system. What concerns me the most is that this bill cuts Medicare benefits for seniors, increases taxes on small businesses, dramatically increases federal spending, and puts government bureaucrats between patients and their doctors. This bill also increases health care costs. The real ten-year cost of the bill when fully implemented – $2.5 trillion – poses a significant threat to our nation's fiscal situation. I encourage you to read the bill and the official score by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO).

    I believe there is a better approach to health care reform, such as providing portability, eliminating pre-existing conditions, reforming our malpractice laws, and incentivizing wellness, prevention, and disease management. These measures would provide greater access and lower health care costs for Americans. That is why I introduced my own health care reform legislation called the Patients’ Choice Act last May.

    As an elected representative of the people of North Carolina, I have long believed that reform of our current health care system is necessary. Without any kind of reform, I fear that skyrocketing health care costs – which already consume one-sixth of our economy – will eventually destroy jobs and budgets as health insurance becomes increasingly unaffordable. I am committed to finding a solution that makes insurance affordable and accessible, but which also builds on what works in our current system. Any reform must continue to foster the medical innovation and quality that has made American health care the best in the world.

    Unfortunately, the bill before the Senate is not the kind of health reform I can support, and it is not the kind of health reform that the American people want. I oppose the bill, and I will work to see it does not become law.

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