Fair and Balanced? Yes.

Assigned Reading: Fox News: Fair and Balanced?
(FROM: Forbes)

What if I told you that Fox gave Obama his worst press and John McCain his best press of any network during last year’s presidential election? If you work for the White House, you’d probably take this as proof that Fox is just a mouthpiece for the opposition. Now what if I told you that Fox had the most balanced coverage of any network during the same campaign? If you work for Fox, you’d probably say we told you so.

But what if I told you that both scenarios are true?

While it seems unlikely, that conclusion is precisely the case…

Read on for the rest of S. Robert Lichter’s analysis of the facts around the Fox News controversy.



  1. Boston Blackie says:

    Negative press?? Could it be that Fox was the only network that tried vetting both candidates even though Obamama had no voting record besides "present" and his personal records are hidden away. Since his inauguration, he has been shoving one radical program after another down our throats. Since he is anything but transparent, Fox has been the only network trying to get the details for us.

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