Hoffman Unconcedes

Assigned Reading: Hoffman ‘unconcedes’ in N.Y.-23 House race
(FROM: The Hill)

As some of our readers have already pointed out, independent conservative Doug Hofman has “unconceded” (I don’t think that’s a technical term) in the NY-23 race.

Hoffman appeared on conservative commenatator Glenn Beck’s radio show this afternoon. Beck asked the him if he would “unconcede.”

“Yes, if I knew this information at the election night, I would not have conceded,” Hoffman said. Beck asked him again if he was “unconceding” and Hoffman replied, “If that’s possible, yes.”

There are over 10,000 absentee ballots to be counted, and it’s possible that Hoffman could end up winning the race, but to do that 65% of those ballots would have to go to him. That’s unlikely, especially since Republican candidate Dede Scozzafava pulled out late in the race after many of the absentee ballots may have been cast.

Of course I’m hoping for a Hoffman come-from-behind upset, but no matter what happens the stage is being set for a showdown in 2010. Bill Owen’s lead has already been cut from 5,000 votes to 3,000 votes and will probably shrink farther. If this is how well an unabashed conservative can do in a liberal/moderate race in New York, the GOP should take note for races across the nation.

If they don’t, there might just be a few more conservative independents where Hoffman came from.



  1. Robert Wallace says:

    Anonymous and Rix –

    This was posted by me (Robert), not Jeff. Usually my pieces lead with my name, but not when I'm just posting Assigned Reading pieces. In that case you have to catch the "Posted by…" line at the end of the post.

    I guess if it's really confusing we may decide some other way of handling it.

    As to the "liberal/moderate" label: yeah, it's been in GOP hands for a long time. That doesn't mean it's been in conservative hands. It's New York, after all. The Democrats from the South are a lot more conservative then plenty of the GOP from New England.

  2. Anonymous says:


    My sister lives in New York and went to help Hoffman on his campaign traveling from Schectady to Oswego. On the night of the election Oswego was having trouble with counting the votes and required hand-counting and review of many of the different areas. A lot of the ballots came in late because of the troubles there. They have also found some improprieties in various other areas. Apparently there is a particular voting machine that has a deliberate or unintentional programing clinch that is adding additional votes for a candidate. The morning after the election they were still having problems with the vote count. I hope like you that many of these absentee votes go for Hoffman because it would really be a conservative miracle and then it would throw the house vote on health care into question. How great would that be?

  3. Rix says:

    What liberal/moderate, Jeff? Just like you do, I really hope for a turnaround in this race, but we should not forget the facts: the district voted Republican for a hundred years.

    As a side note, I wonder if it is somehow possible to legally check Scozzafava's receivables. The b**ch might have buried her political future but she'll likely get a hefty wad of cash out of it.

  4. Anonymous says:

    given that Dede S. pulled out so late thus creating some confusion for some – isnt this a solid grounds for a do-over?

    and can U fathom how much of the vote HOffman received with the short notice that he was even on the ballot?

    and if hoffman is declared winner does this cancel his Pelosi-vote making it now a win of only ONE?

  5. Anonymous says:

    a thing i am feeling very proud of is that we the American people are getting back to what really matters. its slower than a snail's pace but i see us climbing UP that slimy ladder to dry land.

    NY-23 is a story in itself (hey not a bad name for book, huh? "NY-23")…. okay, maybe not so hot, but back to my observation:
    this race is yelling at ALL politicians in office that Americans have had it with the dishonesty, and the backroom deals that richly benefit a selected few…. i think the message crawling back up is that you had better stand for something and your record had better reflect what you CLAIMED and PROMISED when you were trying to get votes.

    we have obama to thank for that in part….

  6. Scriv says:

    Ok, on the questions with the voting machines—> we have machines that take a man into space and keep him alive for months in the harshest environment imaginable. We have machines that split atoms. My damn cell phone connects with a satellite to get me the cheapest gas price locally and then give me turn by turn directions to get to that gas station. We can't get a machine to COUNT ACCURATELY on matters this important? This happens every election. I smell bullshit, from all sides, and it is filling the room. What is it going to take to get a FAIR election, one without any doubt of possible fraud?

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