Voices from Afghanistan

Assigned Reading: I agreed to be a suicide bomber
(FROM: BBC News)

Ever wonder where suicide bombers come from? Well here’s one thing you should know: they aren’t always volunteers.

There were five people who came after me from a place in Bajaur. They tricked me. They told me they were going to behead my father.

I went with them but my father wasn’t there. They tied me up.

They said: ‘You have two choices. We will behead you, or you will become a suicide bomber.’ I refused.

There were two more guys of my age. They were also training to be suicide bombers. If we refused they would tie our hands behind our backs, blindfold us and start beating us.

They brainwashed us and told us we would go to heaven. They said ‘there will be honey and juice and God will appear in front of you. You will have a beautiful house in Heaven’.

We used to ask them to let us out to pray. They would reply ‘you are already on your way to heaven. You don’t need to pray.’

They beat me hard for five days. I wasn’t given any food. While they were beating me I agreed to become a suicide bomber. They separated me from the other boys.

Even after agreeing to kill himself the young man was heavily drugged before they finally put a suicide vest on him and sent him to the mosque of a cleric who had condemned the Taliban. The young man refused. He eventually escaped from the Taliban and returned to his home. Now?

I want to join the army because they are the defenders of the land. They are fighting for the right cause. I want to fight against the Taliban. I have no other intention except to defend my country. The Taliban should be eliminated.

I want to tell the Taliban that they are cruel, and what they did to me was unjust. I can’t kill innocent Muslims.

I am not afraid of them. I am only afraid of God. I am answerable only to Him.

Afghanistan needs more such young men.



  1. SimpleSwine says:

    Afghanistan? For a second there, I thought it was either Texas, or an obama czar vetting…
    Yes, Afghanistan, and the entire muslim world, needs more such Men…

  2. Robert Wallace says:

    It is really sad to me that in response to a young man deciding to take up arms against the Taliban and radical Islam folks like Rix and Boston Blackie respond with knee-jerk bloodlust.

    Here we have evidence of a courageous young Muslim citing his faith as a reason to *oppose* our enemies and you guys respond with "ah, kill 'em all".

    It's wrong on too many levels and for too many reasons to list.

  3. Rix says:

    …and that is exactly what Israel has to deal with. Why do we even bother to store nukes if we cannot put them to good use?

  4. Boston Blackie says:

    I'm with Rix, Pull out all our people from the Middle East and drop a nuke on the whole damn place
    (we would have to somehow alert Isreal before hand)then let God sort it all out afterwards.

  5. whats_up says:

    Im sure that Isreal would love all that nuclear fall out that they would be exposed to. Seriously do you even think before you post? Not to mention destablising the region that provides the majority of the worlds oil? You havent thought this through very well have you?

  6. Boston Blackie says:

    Sorry, I didn't think anyone would take my previous comment seriously, guess the sarcasm didn't come through very well.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Don't nuke, put smallpox in the burqas.

  8. Robert Wallace says:

    Sorry, Boston Blackie. There was a happier time when I could have assumed you were being sarcastic, but these days it seems you can always find someone who actually thinks that "kill them all" is a valid solution.

  9. Anonymous says:

    Their 'Enslave them all' plan is working brilliantly, Robert.

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