The Abortion Shell Game

Republicans and Blue Dog Democrats just got played. Plain and simple.

The provision providing federal funding of abortion was in there only so it would draw the ire of Republicans and constituents, setting up a situation where its being stricken from the bill in one way or another would assuage Republicans like Louisiana Rep. Joseph Cao and Blue Dog Democrats enough to think that they could vote in favor of the monstrosity. And doing just that, perceiving the bill to be somehow toothless without the abortion provisions, shows that those of us on the beltway just weren’t being listened to.

Don’t you get it, you fools on Capitol Hill? The use of federal funds for abortions is already illegal, thanks to the Hyde Amendment. Those of you who expressed misgivings about the bill and voted for it only after the Stupak-Pitts Amendment was adopted got played by Democrats who simply were upholding current law by adopting the measure that would prevent federal funding of abortions.

I’ve got a day full of studying and other stuff. I’ll get to this more later. But I’ll tell you this — it certainly didn’t start the way I wanted it to.



  1. Gail B says:

    Grrrrr! Go War Damn Eagle! Sic 'em!

  2. carder says: has a post on the full wrath of Planned parenthood, NARAL, and the like. They not only want that Stupak Amendment removed, they want Hyde to be overturned.

    So this is just more angst for the democrats.

  3. Claudia says:

    The shame of this whole OBAMA ADMINISTRATION is that they, not one of them, are listening to the people that pay them. WE THE PEOPLE ARE SUPPUSED TO HAVE A VOICE IN OUR GOVERNMENT and we are being IGNORED, at every turn, on every item, and to top it off, we are being made fools of, every time we try to stop them.

    My guess it that we HAVE TO TURN OFF THE FAUCET OF THE MONIES THAT THEY GET FROM US. NOT ONE MORE RED CENT OF TAXES ARE TO BE PAID BY ANYONE, pretty soon their paychecks will dry up and then they will see that we mean business. WE ARE THEIR BOSSES and they are being paid by WE THE PEOPLE, that is US folks, and we can stop this. THey are their at our bidding and we can make them see that by stopping the faucet of money.

  4. Gail B says:

    Well, here's a kick in the rosterium–Just found this on Freedom's Phoenix:

    "Pro-Lifers Beginning to Realize Stupak Amendment Worthless" at this link.

    In it is another link called "Democrats Won’t Commit to Keeping Stupak Amendment to Stop Abortion Funding."

    The Stupek Amendment supporters could have kept future conference committees from taking the amendment out, but they didn't. so now we go to the Senate!

  5. Anonymous says:

    My congressman is going to get his pink slip at the polls 2010 with my vote. And it doesn't matter if he moved hell and high water from this time on to the election to try to get me to vote for him for Senator or Congressman. So let me say it plain and clear to my congressman. "Congressman Sestak, you are a nice person. Unfortunately, you are putting my children and their children into massive debt and you can't seem to stop the train on spending. It seems that you listen to your democratic leadership rather than your constituents. (Deep Breath.) So, it's my regret to you to inform you that when 2010 elections comes "YOU'RE FIRED." I will not be voting for you for Senator either. In my opinion, you haven't earned it. It's my right as an American to vote you out and I will exercise my right. If the PA Assembly could impeach you I would be all for it. Sorry Congressman…. I've just exercised my free speech.

  6. Rix says:

    > Sorry Congressman…. I've just
    > exercised my free speech.

    That foolishly assumes that you will be given your right to free speech. If you haven't noticed, that's not what socialism is about.

  7. Anonymous says:

    What a great day for America!
    Our elected representatives have finally listened to the people who sent them to Washington instead of the fat cat lobbyists and the companies that are buying their votes.

    It appears the right has seriously underestimated the talent of Pelosi. She did a great job and we should all be thanking her.


  8. UPCHUCK says:

    Chuck sure gets excited over a 'majority' vote by 2 votes.

  9. Kathy says:

    Actually, since the Hyde Amendment applies only to funds appropriated through the annual HHS appropriations bill, the Hyde Amendment will not apply to any of the funds used to establish or operate either the "public option" or the premium-subsidy program created by Pelosi Care.

  10. Still a Patriot says:

    Chuck -

    You are delusional.


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