A Plea for Reality

Can we just call it what it is? Please?

His name was Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan. Been a practicing Muslim since birth. A retired Army Colonel who worked with him at Fort Hood stated that he made “outlandish comments” condemning American foreign policy, claimed that Muslims had a right to rise up and attack Americans in Iraq and Afghanistan, and celebrated the murder of an Army Recruiter in Little Rock, Ark. by another Muslim, named Abdulhakim Margahid Muhammad. He was devout enough to have been disciplined for proselytizing about his faith with patients and co-workers while doing postgraduate work in Bethesda, MD. He has been linked to Internet postings glorifying the actions of suicide bombers, and equated a bomber blowing himself up with a soldier who throws himself upon a grenade to save others. And just this morning, outside his apartment–where he lived alone with the word “Allah” scrawled upon his door–neighbors say that he was giving away his possessions, and even handing out copies of the Q’uran, before bringing not one gun but two into his killing zone.

This wasn’t a man who just “snapped.” This wasn’t Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. My late uncle was a tunnel rat in Vietnam and was written up in Stars & Stripes for dispatching two Viet Cong with a shovel after his weapon jammed. He knew PTSD. These men and women coming back from combat zones, where they dodge bullets and risk death by IED, they know PTSD. Sure, Hasan was trained to listen to terrible stories from those returning from war, but he had never been to war himself.

Obviously, my heart goes out to the families of those soldiers hurt and killed. Home is supposed to be happy. Home is supposed to be safe. Home is supposed to be a place where military families can breathe again, where they can actually expect a dinner table with no empty seats.

When it comes to news, however, the real story here is the intentional glossing over of reality. Like it or not, we are at war with radical Islam. And like it or not, radical Islam is at war with us. No amount of name-changing will change that — Hasan didn’t care that the American war effort abroad was no longer called the “Global War on Terror,” he believed that Muslims had a right to kill Americans, that killing Americans and killing yourself in the name of Allah was honorable and heroic.

When is that story going to be told? How many times will we be forced to listen to network anchors blaming on “battle stress” the murderous actions of a radical Muslim who had never experienced battle? How many times must we hear that Hasan was just another peaceful member of the Religion of Peace, that this was just yet another isolated incident?



  1. Anonymous says:

    has come to the point, where the foxes are taking care of the henhouse, BUT I MEAN AT ALL LEVELS

  2. elspeth says:

    Thankfully, Jeff, that story was just told — by you!

    I pray our media wakes up and breaks the chains that bind them. I pray God touches their hearts.

    American patriots are becoming more involved. And prayer is a big part of that.

    Jeff, thanks for leading!

  3. John Feeny says:

    Forget it – those on the left are going to do everything they can to cover up the fact that this was an essentially a militant Muslim who took the fight to us on our own soil, and in a military installation, no less.

    While it is, indeed, becoming more and more difficult to defend Islam as a 'Religion of Peace', there are more than likely some peaceful Muslims serving in our armed forces. In a way, I feel a glimmer of sympathy for those possible men and women, because they are now most likely going to be watched very closely, and justifiably so. Like Jeff says, enough is enough; in my opinion, we long ago passed the point of having to stop short of making sweeping generalizations. From where I stand, it's time to simply end this, once and for all.

    Innocent Americans who've lived decent lives are now in real peril, and it has to end. Case closed.

    But don't forget….I'm just a hateful conservative.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Yes I agree we should call it what it is. This is a horrible tragedy.
    Did you see how they talked about this on Larry King? Dr Phil took a veteran apart for calling it an act of terror.


  5. Robert Pritchett says:

    Apparently he has not gone on to enjoy his 72 virgins, but is still alive.

    When did Military bases become High Schools?

    And if you Google to July, you will see this is not the first time this kind of thing happened at Ft Hood.

    And he was investigated 6 months earlier via Intent posts and nothing was done.

    Another false flag to take our eyes and ears off other activities?

    The same day, we had hundreds of thousands of grassroots folks in DC protesting ObamaScare.

  6. Lilly says:

    What really gets me about this is that the guns on the base are locked up. These men & women are trained with weapons but they can not have them on the base. TX is a carry state but I guess Federal land in TX is not. How many of the dead or wounded would have been prevented if they had their weapons with them?
    I read this am that he is still alive and under guard and will probably survive. I'm sure the media has been told not to say that he is a muslim and FOX is being cautious until more facts are known.
    Prayers are going out to them & their families. When will we wake up??

  7. ISLAM v AMERICA says:

    Spot on Jeff. Get real America, especially you, media, and politicians.

  8. sharon says:

    You are correct. This was a cold and calculated terrorist attack against American soldiers. Radical Islam, tell it like it is. If we continue to ignore this in the media it is at our own peril. Radical Islam has no room for "tolerance" of any other religion or faith. It is the only way for them and their ultimate goal is to convert us all.. Nothing less.

  9. NUTJOB says:

    It's reported he yelled ' Allah Achbar' before opening fire. Gee, who would have seen that coming?

  10. Lilly says:

    I just watched Pres. O's press conference about this from last night. It was disturbing. He talked for 3 minutes to and about the Native American's conference before mentioning the shooting at all. Then when he did, there was no emotions at all and he was clearly uncomfortable even talking about our military. I couldn't help but think of what GW Bush's response would have been, at least you knew he cared.

  11. Rix says:

    There is a rather good movie called "The Siege". For those of you who haven't watched it, the movie is about a major wave of Islamic terrorism on American soil and the military crackdown on Muslims following it. There is a scene in the movie when thousands of (supposedly peaceful) Muslims are looking through barbed-wire fence of makeshift concentration camp. The scene is supposed to jerk tears but, oh boy, my only thought was "That would be a good start!"

  12. Katherine says:

    You're right that we should not sugar coat the situation. Tensions loom larger when they go unaddressed. Anyone is going to put the facts together and notice he is Muslim, whether it is discussed in the news article they read or not.

    But a very strong word of caution — just because this guy was a Muslim does not mean we should generate and express more hatred towards his religion and those who follow it. Another fact from the coverage is that he claimed (yes, it is a claim) that his life changed after 9/11 because he endured constant harassment for his religion. I believe it because I know many normal, peaceful, considerate Muslims (or Christians with dark skin) who have suffered the same fate. Constant harassment is going to make someone who is on edge turn crazy, and make normal people on edge. This guy was already massively messed up, but I wouldn't be surprised if harassment helped him over the edge.

    I'm not saying "turn the other cheek" to senseless acts of terror. But we all have the same goal here — STOP the violence and hate. Alienating an entire population is not really the answer to that problem, and will in fact make things worse. The vast majority of Muslims are honest, regular, caring people just like your friends and family, and are likewise horrified by terrorist acts committed by those who claim the same religion as themselves (but honestly it's a way scarier version of the religion.) Mistrusting every Muslim will seriously make everything a LOT worse than it is now. We need to treat innocents with compassion and respect.

    By the way, I'm not accusing anyone here of harassing or even mistrusting Muslims in a blanket fashion. I'm just saying that we need to be careful. We should be open and honest about this case (no sugar coating) and about our fears, but we should also make efforts not to lump millions of good people into a category with a few psychopaths.

  13. JEFF SCHREIBER says:


    Of course, innocent Muslims must be treated as such. Of course. However, to say that we are responsible for our own fate because we harassed folks like Hasan doesn't quite go to the systemic nature of radical Islam.

    The USS Cole wasn't bombed because Muslims were harassed. The Khobar Towers, 9/11, Madrid, London, Munich … it just goes on and on and on.

    It is a systemic problem that has thankfully escaped some. And we need to be wary. Of course, we cannot write off an entire population, but to say that this was some sort of isolated incident fueled by harassment will only serve to get more killed.

    In the meantime, will we see you guys at Thanksgiving?

  14. Rix says:

    > Of course, innocent Muslims must be treated as such.

    I tend to sharply disagree with this statement. When you are bitten by a mosquito, you do not arrest it and give it a court hearing. You kill it, without compassion or mercy, and then do the same to other mosquitos. If you are smart, you will also fumigate and seal the house, and then lobby your municipality to drain the nearby marsh.

    Those who believe that "peaceful Muslims" exist are wrong. They have never been to the real Middle East. They have never watched Arabs dance on roofs joyously on 9/11 or when one of them blew up a disco hall full of Israeli teenagers. They have never read the local polls showing 97% approval of killing Jews and 92% support of suicide bombers. They have never opened Quran and never read the verses calling mercy to kaffirs (that would be us, you infidel Christian dogs) as a sin. Those "peaceful Muslims" might not kill you or your neighbor but they are fertile breeding ground for those who will.

  15. Anonymous says:

    Why are being a radicalized Muslim and 'just snapping" mutually exclusive?

    I'd think that, if anything, hate-filled extremism and and mental illness are natural cohorts.

  16. Anonymous says:

    The outcome of the problem is now fully exposed. Terrorist from withing and well as without. The question should be how does this happen? How does a man who has his education paid for and rise to the rank of major turn on all that America has given him? The ugly answer is that assimilation has not been allowed to cement the loyalties required to have a people honor their country.
    Immigration the becon that all admire America has been abused by Kennedy and his ilk all for political expediency. Well it is starting to come home to roost as Jerimiah Wright nooted. If it were for only 1 incident of this sort one could dissmiss the ineptness that America handle its immigration policy. But we now have had folks in Buffalo, Denver and Ft. Hood without really understanding the numbers behind these incidents.
    The lack of assimilation and the wanton disregard of immigration laws by no less than the speaker of the house and the current Homeland security secratary.
    It is an issue that brought down Rome and lately seems to be the achilles that pains and cripples America in a time of war.

  17. Jan says:

    Kudos to you Jeff! I am so glad you told it like it is. I am tired of hiding behind the curtain of political correctness where we cannot talk about radical Islam.

    Katherine – I don't like to generalize any more than the next person. However, through numerous occasions of radical Islam killings I don't see or hear those peaceful Muslim speaking out against those actions. I see a few in this situation and only wish more would follow suit.

    We are at war with radical Islam. Thanks for this post Jeff.

  18. Katherine says:


    Agreed — someone this deranged was already over the edge before he was harassed. He was already a bad person who needed MUCH better monitoring in order to avoid this situation.
    We won't be around for Thanksgiving but will be in Rosemont for Christmas this year. I really hope we can see you and the family then!


    I said before that I wasn't accusing people on this site of irresponsible and counterproductive hate, but I have to take it back based on your posts. I seriously hope that you can meet some regular, peaceful American Muslims. (Or not American) Hopefully you will meet someone and become friends with them before you later realize that they are Muslim, and then I maybe you will be able to evaluate that person for whom they are. The overwhelming and vast majority of Muslim people are good people with values exceedingly similar to Christian values. I realize you won't take my word for it, so I hope that you can open your mind for long enough to meet some of these people.

    The mosquito analogy was irrational and offensive. Mosquitoes have to bite you (and/or other people/animals) in order to live. Muslim people do NOT have to be terrorists in order to remain Muslims or in order to remain alive. Your logic tells me that I should imprison or kill all men because they commit 99%+ of rapes and I need to make sure I don't get raped. But I realize most men are not rapists…and people are innocent until proven guilty in this country.


    Very good point about Muslim people speaking out against the violence caused by radicals of their religion. I have heard some of this. I do hope that the news will cover it more so that people will realize they are trying to speak. I also wish they would speak more. On the other hand, I can understand it if they don't make a huge outcry all of the time. When you are disrespected every day of your life in your own country (USA) based on your skin color and/or religion and/or nationality, you might not go well out of your way to defend America against attackers. I guess this is the point I'm trying to make — if we stop being asses to all of the perfectly good people who happen to be Muslim, they will be more empowered to fight against the radicals. We should recruit and welcome rather than alienate.

  19. Anonymous says:

    I'm afraid that I have to basically agree with Rix; you cannot read the Q'ran without understanding that it is fundementally a religion of murderous violence towards all non-Muslims – particularly the Jews.

    There is no such thing as a "moderate" Muslim; there are only dedicated Muslims and non-practicing Muslims.

    Old Bob

  20. Rix says:


    I will take none my words back because they are based in many years of personal experience. I have seen, and dealt with, more Muslims than you will likely meet in three lifetimes unless you are one. I happened to be born in the Soviet Union, was brought up on internationalism propaganda, and – having seen no Muslims until not-so-tender age of 21 – had no preconceived notions whatsoever. Then I moved to Israel. During my next decade, I lived in so-called "occupied territories", served a year in the army, collected bloodied body pieces on Dizengoff in 1995 and on Tel-Aviv Beach in 2000, and saw Palestinians celebrate on their roofs on September 11, 2001. I have met thousands of Muslims, some in battle and others in less dire circumstances, and there were precious few that deserve to belong to human race. Perhaps Muslims somewhere in Malaysia or Qatar are different, I can't say, but after what I saw they are all guilty to me until proven otherwise.

  21. Anonymous says:

    I think the real irony here is that Rix is promoting the exact same attitudes that he's condemning in fundamentalists.
    That, and he'll never recognize the depts of his own wrongheaded prejudices.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Folks, if you read your Bible, the Islam vs Christian (pick any religion) becomes obvious.

    Sorry, Katherine, I know you won't like this.

    They have three choices in dealing with non-Muslims: 1) convert 2) enslave 3) kill.

    My 8yo daughter asked me why there are wars. I explained that there are some people who hate us Americans and only have those three choices. But I gave her a 4th: fight. She chose fight!

    And that's why there are wars.

    Please don't fool yourself into thinking that Muslims (practicing or not) have any other choice than those three. They don't/won't/can't.

    And, Obama stated in his own book that he would stand with the Muslims.

    I love America and want it to remain as it was before I grew up to know that it wasn't what I thought. Still, where do we have to escape to (I know it's bad grammar…listen, don't judge).

    Change is inevitable, but if they don't like America, I'd just as soon they leave.

    Thanks, Jeff, as always for a venting place! We love you and America's Right!

    God Bless America!

    verification: yesseme (yes, see me)


    Rix and Old Bob are so right. When can this fight be fought and put to rest?

  24. Rix says:


    > I think the real irony here is that Rix is promoting the exact same
    > attitudes that he's condemning in fundamentalists.

    Pardon me? There is, I believe, a tiny difference that could be lost on a liberal mind. Unlike them, I do not want to kill their children. Actually, I do not even want to kill *them*, as long as they stick to their sandy shitholes, don't come here, and keep slaughtering each other instead of us as they used to do for centuries.

  25. Hugh says:


    Concerning this word to Rix:

    "The overwhelming and vast majority of Muslim people are good people with values exceedingly similar to Christian values."

    It is imposssible that Muslim values are 'exceedingly similar to Christian values' since the spiritual root of the Muslims and Christians is irrevocably and radically different. I have heard it reported that Bin Laden has said that "we (Muslims) love death and the Americans love life."

    Look at the fruit of Bin Laden's life. Christians would not and do not act in these ways.

  26. Anonymous says:

    Too all:
    On the day of the killings
    the reporters kept saying the gun used was a five- seven,so I looked it up. It is a $900 special glock with a 20 round clip. For a man afraid to deploy and shoot fellow muslims he 'planned' these murders and used a handgun that can penetrate any kevlar armor so that even police and soldiers could be wounded or killed !! he only had to reload once to get off the 40 rounds. It was premeditated and I hope he suffers every pain and gets executed under military law for he is truly a cowardly killer,who is a terrorist. You can bet if he had been Christan ALL the media would have called him one but the PC media is afraid to call any muslim a terrorist!!

  27. JEFF SCHREIBER says:

    Actually, the FN Five-Seven is not a Glock. It is made by FN Herstal, the same group which makes the SCAR rifle, if I'm correct. It is expensive, but one of the ugliest darn handguns I've ever seen or used.

    The round, which looks more to me like a necked-off rifle round than a typical handgun round, may no be used by any other handgun I can think of. When it first came out, I remember that the talk was about it being a vest killer, but I also recall people saying that such performance was a little hyped. High-velocity round, but small holes (if I'm correct).

    It is accurate, though. I had the opportunity to use one at a range once. I put less than one magazine through, but I recall being impressed by the low recoil and good accuracy, but not with the ergonomics.

    Point being, the media looks for it's boogeyman, and instead of focusing on th jihadist with his finger on the trigger, they focus on the tool used, as if Hasan would have been any less of a True Believer had he been wielding anything else.

  28. Anonymous says:

    What is Belgium doing manufacturing small arms? I thought they just put their arms in the air.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Let's @ 9:15:
    When can this fight be fought and put to rest?

    Which fight are we discussing? There are over one billion Muslims in over 60 countries in the world. Of these countries, many are well-funded and some are exceedingly well armed. No single country can remotely hope to take them all on, and as has been made quite clear in Iraq and Afghanistan, no country other than United States would make the attempt. The British tried and failed. The Soviets tried and failed. In fact, though Rix may take me to task on this point, I regard the defeat of the Soviets in Afghanistan as the primary cause of the dissolution of the Soviet Union.

    The Crusades the first time were a historical curiosity. The Crusades the second time would be a worldwide disaster. So what "fight" are you proposing to fight, and with what, and with whom?


  30. Rix says:


    History is full of examples when superior numbers did not matter. Fernando Cortez destroyed huge and densely populated Mayan empire with laughably small forces. Alexander the Great conquered Persia with an army 100 times smaller than that of Darius III. Israelis won war after war against vastly superior and better-armed Arab forces before "politically correct" media (paid by the very same Arabs) intervened.

    All it takes is courage, will, good leadership, absence of the "fifth column" and a slight advantage in armaments. Of that all, unfortunately, we have only the latter.

    I would also argue regarding what happened to the Soviet Union. The fall of the Red Empire and the stinging loss in Afghanistan were not an effect and a cause; they were, in fact, two effects of the same cause. We might praise dissidents and refuseniks today as harbingers of democracy, but to the Soviets, they were what CNN and ABC are to America now: a deadly bacillus of the "fifth column".


  1. [...] Some even posited that Hasan suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and when it was pointed out that Hasan had never been close to action, those who stayed with the meme tried to rationalize that he developed PTSD from all of the stories [...]

  2. [...] Some even posited that Hasan suffered from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, and when it was pointed out that Hasan had never been close to action, those who stayed with the meme tried to rationalize that he developed PTSD from all of the stories [...]

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