Health Care Reform By the Numbers

Well, it’s becoming obvious that somebody on Capitol Hill is reading the 1,990-page health care reform monstrosity introduced late last week by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. And, I tell you what — over the past few days since the legislation was unveiled, I have been incredibly impressed with the House Republican Conference.

Consider the group’s latest release, a “by the numbers” guide to H.R. 3962. Some of this has already been covered here in greater detail at America’s Right, but it doesn’t hurt to have it all in one place.

Regardless, here are the significant numbers to take away from Pelosi’s bill:

5.5 million — Number of jobs that could be lost as a result of taxes on businesses that cannot afford to provide health insurance coverage, according to a model developed by Council of Economic Advisors Chair Christina Romer

$729.5 billion — Total new taxes on small businesses, individuals who cannot afford health coverage, and employers who cannot afford to provide coverage that meet federal bureaucrats’ standards

$1.055 trillion – New federal spending on expanded health insurance coverage over the next ten years, according to a Congressional Budget Office preliminary score of the bill

0.7% – Percentage of all that new spending occurring in the bill’s first three years-representing a debt and tax “time bomb” in the program’s later years set to explode on future generations

$88,200 — Definition of “low-income” family of four for purposes of health insurance subsidies

114 million — Number of individuals who could lose their current coverage under the bill’s government-run health plan, according to non-partisan actuaries at the Lewin Group

43 – Entitlement programs the bill creates, expands, or extends-an increase from H.R. 3200

111 – Additional offices, bureaus, commissions, programs, and bureaucracies the bill creates over and above the entitlement expansions-more than double the number in H.R. 3200

3,425 – Uses of the word “shall,” representing new duties for bureaucrats and mandates on individuals, businesses, and States-also more than double the number in H.R. 3200

$60 billion — Loss sustained by taxpayers every year due to Medicare fraud, according to a recent 60 Minutes expose; the government-run health plan does not reform the ineffective anti-fraud statutes and procedures that have kept Medicare on the Government Accountability Office’s list of high-risk programs for two decades

Zero — Prohibitions on government programs like Medicare and Medicaid from using cost-effectiveness research to impose delays to or denials for access to life-saving treatments

$634 Billion — Amount that could be saved by denying individuals access to treatments that are not “cost-effective,” according to a report by the liberal Commonwealth Fund; Section 1160 of the bill gives bureaucrats in the Obama Administration virtual free rein to develop a new “high-value” reimbursement system for Medicare by May 2012

2017 — Year Medicare Hospital Insurance Trust Fund will be exhausted-an entitlement crisis exacerbated by the bill, which according to the Congressional Budget Office will increase the federal budgetary commitment to health care by $598 billion in its first ten years alone

$2,500 — Promised savings for each American family from health reform, according to then-Senator Obama’s campaign pledge-savings which the Administration’s own actuaries have confirmed will not materialize, as the Pelosi health care bill would increase the growth of health care costs



  1. Walt says:

    How long do I have till my savings and 401 are relieved by Washington to pay for their stupidity???? What will we do then. I wish I could march on Thursday in DC>

  2. Gail B says:

    NO GOVERNMENT-RUN HEALTHCARE! It's too much control over our lives. We do not want to be at the mercy of our own government!

  3. Anonymous says:

    This healthcare bill is already making me SICK!

    Lisa in TX

  4. Rix says:

    Republicans are greatly weakened by their RINO wing, and states are powerless to protect us from the federal push because they are no different from it when it comes to electoral-grease legislation. There is no stopping this train short of organized violence that Jeff so loves to denounce and condemn. So we will denounce violence, too, and when the next piece of socialist agenda is signed by the Usurper, we will rant, rave, lament our lost freedoms, and then obediently bend over and take in the rear like good, law-abiding citizens we are.

  5. Gail B says:

    Rix, I hear your frustration by both what Jeff is saying and by what the regime is trying to pull off.

    I am also getting emails from my congressional representative and from Michele Bachmann and others in regard to gathering at the U.S. Capitol on Thursday to visibly show our disdain for the worse legislation thus far–the government-run healthcare bill that Americans have said for MONTHS that we do not want!

    Today is Election Day, and tonight is going to be either heartbreaking or something to celebrate! And, this thing about going to D.C. is HUGE, folks! There are even buses that will not be going to hotels or motels–the passengers will sleep on the bus! It's not too late to see about getting your own group to charter a bus and joining others up there.

    Wonder what the liberals will have to say about that?!

  6. MiravistaBob says:

    The website has the new Health Bill HR 3962 in MS Word, richtext and .pdf versions as well as a program, myWordCount, that lets you easily count, sort and list all words and phrases in the document. It also lets you select a word or phrase and easily go to each occurence in the document. You can get myWordCount and the different versions of the bill at

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