Scozzafava Quits!

By Robert Wallace
America’s Right

The special election to fill New York’s 23rd congressional seat has become a focus point in the battle to redefine the Republican Party. Dierdre Scozzafava was the establishment Republican candidate. As a socially liberal Republican with endorsements from the New York State United Teachers union, the Log Cabin Republicans, and the founder of the left-leaning Web site The Daily Kos, she almost single-handedly represents the best advice offered by The New York Times and helpful liberals: the GOP needs to move to the left to win.

Doug Hoffman entered the race running under a 3rd party (the Conservative Party of New York). He became the symbol for conservatives who are disgusted with the GOP because it has already veered too far to the left, and who are willing to break with the party rather than stay aboard as it sinks farther into stagnation, corruption, and irrelevance.

The conventional wisdom has always been that 3rd party candidates are spoilers like Ross Perot or Ralph Nader who only end up hurting their own side. That probably explains why someone like Newt Gingrich decided to endorse the liberal Scozzafava.

The opposing school of thought is that the GOP needs conservatives more than conservatives need the GOP. The party has drifted so far away from its principles that it’s no longer worth strategically voting for the lesser of two evils out of a misguided belief that the Democrats can be outmaneuvered through compromise. If you stand for something, they will come. Sarah Palin bought into this belief, and so she endorsed Hoffman.

Far from becoming a 3rd party spoiler, however, Hoffman shot up in the polls. By yesterday he had surpassed Scozzafava and was leading the Democratic candidate Bill Owens by a statistically insignificant margin.

Today, according to a Politico post from just an hour ago, Scozzafava finally saw the writing on the wall and dropped out of the race. Although she could not bring herself to endorse Hoffman, she made it clear that the pressure to drop out was because so many of her supporters wanted to vote for a real conservative. Since Hoffman had proved he was a viable candidate, there was nothing left to keep them loyal to Scozzafava and she bowed to the inevitable:

It is increasingly clear that pressure is mounting on many of my supporters to shift their support. Consequently, I hereby release those individuals who have endorsed and supported my campaign to transfer their support as they see fit to do so. I am and have always been a proud Republican. It is my hope that with my actions today, my Party will emerge stronger and our District and our nation can take an important step towards restoring the enduring strength and economic prosperity that has defined us for generations.

On Election Day my name will appear on the ballot, but victory is unlikely. To those who support me – and to those who choose not to – I offer my sincerest thanks.

This is a powerful statement of the vitality of the conservative cause. With all the backing of the GOP machine liberal Scozzafava could not get it done. And yet – in New York state – an independent third party candidate overcame all the obstacles to upset the race.

This isn’t the death-knell for the GOP, but it should be a wake-up call. Conservatives are tired of being used by a party that no longer represents our values, and we’ve just proved that we can do it on our own. So to all those in the GOP political machine this is the message I want you to take from NY-23: Either get behind us, or get the hell out of our way.

Robert wallace is is classical liberal studying economics in graduate school. He and his wife work as business analysis consultants, and they live as undercover conservatives with their two small children in a socialist bastion of a college town. He has been writing for America’s Right since December 2008.



  1. Robert Wallace says:

    In the interest of full disclosure: I did have a final paragraph on here about GOP strategy going forward. I removed it because it was a bigger topic than I could handle in one paragraph, and I decided I would address it in a subsequent post.

    Should have that up in a day or two.

  2. Gail B says:

    Robert, absolutely out-damn-standing! Great news! Excellent message to the GOP!

    Thank you for making my day–and possibly week! The Democrats very well may get their rosteriums "whooped" this coming week!

    Newt Gringrich:
    mmm mmm mmm

  3. Gail B says:

    Robert, you scooped Fox News!

    You also scooped everybody who emails me about political developments, individuals and organizations combined.

    But then, isn't that what we have learned to expect from AR?

  4. Jan says:

    Nice piece, Robert. Thanks for putting this up for us. I don't do MSM anymore so this is one of the sights I get my news from. This is excellent news and I pray it will fuel the GOP to pay attention and act upon what the rest of us already know.

  5. Lilly says:

    WOOWHOO! About time! Thanks for the good news Robert.

  6. Robert Wallace says:


    What part of the numbers are you not registering? Despite all the gloom and doom about how the GOP needs to avoid offending anyone, the fact is that Hoffman *out polled* Scozzafava.

    Just sit back and let that though rattle around in you brain until it finds a home.

    We had a Democrat, a "moderate" Republican, and a conservative, and the conservative was leading in the polls. You're so busy trotting out your pet theory that you don't even realize it just got disproved.

    Perhaps you should introduce your preconceptions and reality to one another.

    I'm sure that they would be excited to meet for the first time.

  7. Anonymous says:

    Way to go Robert! I'm lovin it!


  8. Gail B says:



    Truth hurts!

  9. Ima SoBelle says:

    Wonder whether she quit rather than be defeated? It had become very obvious that she couldn't win. This way, it is on her terms.

    Tuesday evening news will be very interesting. The 2010 elections can't come fast enough!

  10. Mike says:

    So, here we go. A Conservative vs liberal race. I would fully expect the Dems to pull out all the stops now, because this is no longer a race they can afford to lose. A loss now to Hoffman will destroy the liberal agenda.

    The libs have been quick to say how Hoffman was destroying the GOP by splitting the vote. Now we'll see how they react to the drubbing Owens is about to take!

  11. Boston Blackie says:

    Great scoop Robert!! I agree with Gail, this is wake up call to the GOP that the tea party is to be taken seriously, we will not vote the party line. I also think Newt just lost any chance he had of 2012 due to his backing of Scozzafava(that and the fact he is on his third or fourth wife)

  12. Mike says:

    Robert — what's your take on the Rasmussen poll in NJ, that shows Christie leading by 3, but by 7 among those 100% committed to voting?

    Is this a sign of what this election (in all of these races) is coming down to? How PO'd the Dems are at their own party? Is this why they're spending so much energy continuing to demonize us conservatives?

  13. Gail B says:

    An afterthought–

    I don't know about y'all, but I feel as though the tea party people and conservatives are flexing their (voting) muscles against this regime. Perhaps we are weary of a bought-and-paid-for Judicial Branch?


  14. Anonymous says:

    Michele Bachmann has issued a call for conservatives to come to DC on Thursday at noon and she will meet us on the Capitol steps to escort us to see our representatvies. She may arrange a meeting with Pelousy…this is a great opportunity, although short notice. I want to go so am trying to work it out. This would be HUGE if we could get a large group there right on the steps of the Capitol. Bachmann is passionate and not afraid to confront anyone.
    Try to go if you can!!!!

  15. Anonymous says:

    Didn't your conservative idol, Ronald Reagan, once say the person who agrees with you 80 percent of the time is an ally and not a 20 percent traitor?

    Dede only disagreed on social issues, she's fiscally conservative.

    Thanks guys, keep pushing those out who don't agree with you 100%. Then the GOP will be just you guys while the 40 year reign of Democrats James Carville wrote about will happen. Just go to places like Buffalo and Detroit to see what the country will look like after that reign. And write more groups of voters to be even more irrelevant.

  16. Anonymous says:
  17. YOU GO BOY says:

    Robert at 2:46,

    SNAP !!!

  18. Anonymous says:

    the fact is that Hoffman *out polled* Scozzafava.

    emphatically he did. The question is whether, having done that, Hoffman will outpoll Owens. And that depends on two things.

    The first is how many Scozzafava voters go to the left, and how many to the right. If she was as liberal as many are now at pains to say, more of her voters will go to Owens then to Hoffman.

    The second is that, Scozzafava having quit the race with so little time before the election, her name will still be on the ballot. Some people will vote for her, and it's essentially impossible to predict how that protest vote will influence the race.

    This situation is more complicated than most commentators like to make it look.


  19. THE SUN IS RISING says:

    Divine Providence, alive and well????

  20. Anonymous says:

    Where has Michael Steele disappeared to?

    Let's fix the Republican party, or dissolve it. He's not part of the solution though,

  21. CLEAN SWEEP says:

    Clean House 2010
    435 NEW congressmen

  22. Rix says:

    A good piece, Robert. Just add that Michael Steele will soon follow Colin Powell's way and the picture will be complete. Can we somehow replace that hip-hop clown?

    > Robert — what's your take on the Rasmussen poll in NJ, that shows
    > Christie leading by 3, but by 7 among those 100% committed to voting?

    No bloody wonder. Newark hordes won't bother skipping the rib barbecue cookout without the Great Kenyan Shaman on the ballot. But did the poll include illegal aliens and dead citizens? If not, it is hopelessly far from NJ reality.

  23. Anonymous says:

    That last paragraph nailed it better than anything I've read on this issue. I hope the GOP is paying attention, because just putting an "R" at the end of your name won't cut it anymore. I can't speak for the rest of you, but I'm proud to be a Conservative and I'm sick and tired of having to hold my nose when I cast my vote.

    On a somewhat lighter note, check out this awesome Halloween Night Video (3 minutes):

    Paranormal legislative activity?

  24. Mike says:

    Anonymous is under the impression that Scozza voters are liberal, whereas many of them were voting for her because of the "R" after her name.

    Hoffman in a landslide.

  25. Gail B says:

    Happy Halloween!

    I don't understand why Jeff didn't put a horror picture up — like one of Pelosi. Guess he felt that this leftism is scary enough! Or maybe he realized that I am not a kid anymore, even though I sometimes act like one.

    That's okay–I enjoyed imagining the look on Pelosi's face when she learned that "Scuzzyfava" had quit.

  26. Anonymous says:

    This is really good news. But what may be better is what is happening in NJ. If…..If what is being whispered is true, a Christie win would hurt the Dems much more. Nj has been blue for soooo long and the Obama man has been there so many times. If it is lost to the Obama camp and Health care goes down you wont be able to find a liberal for a long time.

  27. Anonymous says:


    Recent Poll

    It's not going away! It continues to grow! Ignoring it is not working!

  28. Gail B says:

    Rix sent me an email with this link and a keyboard laugh:

  29. Gail B says:

    Oh, mercy sakes! It's bigger than anyone realized! Check this out, and be sure to read the heartwarming COMMENTS under the story~

    Jeff, you will love it!

  30. Jesse Ray says:

    Praise the Lord!

    Conservatives UNITE!!

  31. Gail B says:

    And, here's a comment from a member of my political forum:

    "The success of NY-23 is important to the conservative movement. All the better reason to financially support Hoffman if at all possible, by sending any amount of contribution you can spare. I was pleased to see that Michael Steele immediately announced the National Party was supporting Hoffman and would spend money on his behalf now.

    "If somehow NY-23, New Jersey, and Virginia were to come in as wins in Tuesday’s elections it would be a huge step forward to reclaiming our country." /s/ (name)

  32. Ian Thorpe says:

    Now you guys just need some proper liberals (individual freedom and responsibility and minimal interference from Government) instead of politically correct do – gooders and gay rights campaigners and you can leave behind those two parties that had become indistinguishable from each other

  33. Anonymous says:
  34. Anonymous says:

    i do not if anyone remember that was corsine in denver who threw hillary under the bus, thus i believe the "commander" is very thankful,that is why instead of taking care of our soldiers dying like mosquitoes in afghanistan is doing so much campaigning for him

  35. Rix says:

    Gail B:
    > Rix sent me an email with this link and a keyboard laugh:

    It would be totally funny if it weren't so scary, Gail. But it is Halloween, remember? Halloween stories are scary. And that's why, coincidentally of course, October was the month when Obama chose to introduce us to the anal probe otherwise referred to as "Healthcare Reform"…

    > BREAKING NEWS: Scozzafava Throws Support to Democrat Owens

    Holy crap! Newt has buried his own presidential bid such a huge pile of shame, I almost pity him. Well, almost.

  36. Mike says:

    I guess Scozza just proved that Hoffman was right all along …

  37. Robert Wallace says:


    "Robert — what's your take on the Rasmussen poll in NJ, that shows Christie leading by 3, but by 7 among those 100% committed to voting?"

    I think Rasmussen is generally more reliable than you average pollster, but I haven't been following the race closely enough to say anything more specific than that.

  38. Anonymous says:

    Rix said…Holy crap! Newt has buried his own presidential bid such a huge pile of shame, I almost pity him. Well, almost. November 1, 2009 6:57 PM

    Gingrich has fooled too many for too long.
    The Real Newt Gingrich


  39. Anonymous says:

    well, great¡¡¡
    seems that in new jersey the help of the "commander" had a boomerang effect

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