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When it comes to the facilitation and perpetuation of the liberal agenda, no mechanism is better than health care reform. By injecting the federal government into that industry–one-sixth of the American economy–the left ensures the expansion in terms of size, scope, reach and role of government into the daily lives of all Americans.

Below, separated into the Senate and House versions of the legislation, you’ll see a list of everything we’ve done here at America’s Right with regard to health care reform this fall. By no means is it comprehensive in terms of every shred of information out there, so please continue to seek more, but it is only from being informed that we can take our country back.

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The House Bill: H.R. 3962

One thousand, nine hundred and ninety pages is a lot of text. I get the feeling that, until the Democrats’ health care reform legislation comes up for a vote, there’s going to be a wealth of information on what can be found inside the bill — so I wanted to create a repository for all of the relevant posts and such here at America’s Right.

With any luck, I’ll be able to keep the contents of this list limited to posts which directly concern the health care reform bill, the text of which can be found by clicking HERE. Other pieces which tangentially mention health care in general, such as a piece regarding the government’s failure to properly handle Cash For Clunkers and how that failure reflects upon the government’s ability to handle health care, can still be found by using the “healthcare” tag.

Below, you’ll find the pieces run here about H.R. 3962, organized by date. Where such commentaries cover more than one topic, such as the piece posted on the day the bill was unveiled, or where the title of the post may not reflect its contents, I’ll do my best to summarize what’s in each piece. I’ll also do my best to keep things up-to-date, but because I occasionally schedule pieces to run at a later time, don’t be surprised if the latest piece isn’t on the list.

10/23/2009 — Fact, Emotion, Liberty, Tyranny and Health Care

  • An ideological analysis of the underlying factors beneath the debate over health care reform and an increased role of government

10/29/2009 — Facts and Contents of Health Bill Released Today

  • Ten facts every American should know about HR 3962
  • CBO scores sub-$900b bill at $1.055 trillion
  • Congressional regulation of vending machines
  • Bill advocates diverse, affirmative action approach to health staffing
  • Public shut out of public option unveiling
  • First look at tax hikes included in bill
  • $500 million per page
  • Boehner: ’1,900 pages of bureaucracy’
  • Funding scholarships for veterinary students?
  • More statements from House GOP leadership

10/30/2009 — The Not-so-Great Reid-ini

  • The ‘public option’ as a diversionary tactic

10/30/2009 — Obama Lied, and Unborn Children Died

  • H.R. 3962 provides for federal funding of abortion through public option

11/02/2009 — The Mandatory Option

  • The so-called ‘public option’ will result in 114 million Americans losing private coverage, said non-partisan group in congressional testimony

11/02/2009 — Pelosi Health Bill a Breeding Ground for Bureaucracy

  • 111 new agencies, commissions, panels and programs will be created by H.R. 3962
  • Each listed along with page numbers and applicable sections

11/02/2009 — Health Care Reform By the Numbers

  • From the House GOP, a list of relevant numbers and dollar amounts to remember when considering Nancy Pelosi’s health care reform legislation

11/02/2009 — ‘Let Your Voice Be Heard’

  • A new video from the office of Congressman Mike Pence

11/03/2009 — Health Care, the GOP, and Constructive Obstructionism

  • A list of components of alternative legislation offered by House Republicans
  • A list of legislative efforts already made by House Republicans

11/04/2009 — The Mike Pence Interview

  • The chairman of the House Republican Conference speaks to America’s Right on health care reform and the future of the GOP and conservatism.

11/06/2009 — Good News and Bad News on Elections and Health Care

  • Karl Rove’s great summary of the effects of H.R. 3962

11/06/2009 — Jail Time Awaits Americans Without Insurance

  • No, seriously.

11/07/2009 — Behold, the Ever-Important ‘Blue Dogs’

  • If you’re going to make a call, make it to one of these folks, as these are the ones who can stop this legislation.

11/07/2009 — Blue Dogs, Queen Nancy, and Canine Flexibility

  • AR’s Rick Saunders puts forth a far-fetched but phenomenal idea.

11/07/2009 — Ford = America – Federal Government

  • The surprisingly good third-quarter numbers from the only ‘Big Three’ automaker to refuse federal money proves a great example for the pitfalls of government involvement in American business, and a great correlation to the inevitable failure of government-run health care.

11/08/2009 — The Abortion Shell Game

  • How the Democrats won the vote.

11/08/2009 — Reactions to PelosiCare

  • Robert Wallace weighs in on the passage of H.R. 3962.

11/09/2009 — Lose Focus, Lose the Country

  • The passage of Pelosi’s health care reform bill provides a powerful and important lesson which must be learned by anyone concerned about the direction in which America is headed.

The Senate Bill: H.R. 3590

Well, well, well — here we go again.

At 2,074 pages, Harry Reid’s Senate Health Care Reform bill has started even larger than Nancy Pelosi’s counterpart in the House of Representatives which, as delivered, topped out at a scant-by-comparison 1,990 pages.

Also, while the House bill used the word “shall”–the governmental equivalent of a doctor telling a patient to turn their head and cough–a whopping 3,425 times, the just-released Senate version used the same word 3,607 times. And, while the words “tax” and “taxable” were used 87 and 62 times, respectively, in Pelosi’s nightmare, the same words were used 183 and 164 times in Reid’s version.

Silly me — I didn’t realize this was a race.

Like it’s counterpart in the House of Representatives, H.R. 3590 is the evisceration of the American health care system, destruction of the American economy, and erosion of American freedom, all rolled into one giant package. Increased taxes on individuals and small businesses will only serve to further encumber American families, increase unemployment, and stifle economic growth. Read the full text of the bill HERE.

Below, you’ll find the pieces run here about H.R. 3590, organized by date. In cases where the commentaries cover more than one topic, or where the title of the post may not reflect its contents, I’ll do my best to summarize what’s in each piece. I’ll also do my best to keep things up-to-date, but because I occasionally schedule pieces to run at a later time, don’t be surprised if the latest piece isn’t on the list.

(NOTE: The materials for the Senate bill are nowhere near complete.  Working on it…)

11/19/2009 — Congratulations, It’s a Behemoth!

  • Introduction
  • List of new taxes contained in the Senate version of the bill

11/19/2009 — Crucial Senate Vote on Health Care This Weekend?

11/19/2009 — Underestimating Underestimation

  • Comparison of the cost of the Senate and House versions of the bill
  • Projections from lawmakers, the CBO and New York Post

11/20/2009 — Hatch on Health Care Reform in the Senate

  • Sen. Orrin Hatch talks to FNC’s Greta Van Susteren about H.R. 3590

11/20/2009 — Cost-Cutting Begins

  • AR’s Robert Wallace on the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force, and mammograms as the start of care rationing.

11/21/2009 — Preying Upon the Disabled

  • Senate health care reform bill increases tax burden on already burdened special needs kids and their families.

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