Greedy Fat-Cat Insurers Gain 2.2 Percent Margin

Assigned Reading: AP Finally Reports on Thin Insurance Industry Margins (FROM: HotAir)

The average profit margin for health insurers last year clocked in at an anemic 2.2%. What does that mean from the investor position? They would have done better to put their money into FDIC-insured savings accounts at their local bank, let alone a CD or other guaranteed investment device. A 2.2% profit margin would normally trigger a stockholder revolt.

In comparison, trial lawyers showed a profit margin of almost 14%, six times that of the health insurers. Do Democrats scream about villainous trial lawyers and windfall profits taxes on those that exploit the legal system and drive prices up across all American industries? No, because the trial lawyers share a good portion of their filthy lucre with Democrats.

I’m glad the AP finally decided to check facts on Democratic lies about the health-insurance industry. My question to them would be, what took you so long? And to the rest of the media, why haven’t you done any real reporting on this outrageous lie?

Ed Morrissey over at HotAir is a stud. I love that Web site, for reasons like this. I never saw the original Associated Press report but, my goodness, it needs to see the light of day.

Great job over there at HotAir.



  1. Rix says:

    Lawyers are probably the only freelance profession that create job for themselves; if there is no demand, it is always possible to create more by chasing another ambulance or suing another chinese laundry. Without a profound tort reform, this country is even more doomed that if it had been run by a communist dictator… heck, why don't we have both for a price of one!

    To sum my feelings up, ninety percents of lawyers give the other ten – including Mr. Jeff Schreiber – a very bad name.

  2. Anonymous says:


    Company profit vs. employee compensation is a dangerous statistic also.

    additionally, Health Insurance industry pay vs. (typical)Physician net pay.

  3. goddessdivine says:

    I knew it wasn't more than 3%. But you'd never hear that from CNN, MSNBC, or the like. Maybe if they quit checking the accuracy of SNL skits and analyzing the psychosis of conservatives….

    Nah. Who are we kidding?

    Time to throw these lying dirtbags out of Washington.

  4. Gail B says:

    Rix said–

    "To sum my feelings up, ninety percents of lawyers give the other ten – including Mr. Jeff Schreiber – a very bad name."

    Rix, dem's fighting words! Not fighting with you, of course. Fighting with that corralled bunch of nitwits under the Dome! Certainly we need something done (but not to our healthcare)!

    And, have you heard what they're doing to the retired folks? No COLA (cost of living adjustment) but they're getting a 2 percent raise themselves. Plus, our coverage cost is going up, up, up!

  5. Vibe says:

    Undoubtedly true that the Insurance company itself won't show a major profit. That would be a major faux pas. The parent company however, is making a mint from the other sections of the medical infrastructure. You were aware that Johnson and Johnson owns Met Life – only one of I'm sure many many examples. So when Met Life covers the cost of the $18 for a $4 bandage – who is it making the profit? Besides a whole horde of middle men? Many answering to the same parent corp.

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