White House vs. Fox News, Continued

The latest volley in the White House’s pitched battle against Fox News is perhaps the most egregious of all, more obvious than the West Wing decision to send officials to every network but Fox, and more outrageous than the press secretary and president alike denouncing Fox News Channel as “not a news organization.”

In attempting to enjoin Fox News Channel, the highest-rated cable news network by leaps and bounds, from interviewing White House “Pay Czar” Kenneth Feinberg on the day he decides–without presidential knowledge, of course (wink, wink)–to slash by 90 percent executive salaries in firms which received TARP funds, the White House has taken its War Against Truth to a new level. The administration can make their gripes about Fox’s opinion programming all they want, but the issue here is that there is one network willing to actually dig for the truth about this administration’s policies–such as the deeply-embedded provision in Feinberg’s authority allowing him to control pay in any company that is deemed a systemic risk to the economy, not just those that took federal funds–and the Chicago-style White House will do anything and everything it can to silence any fact-based opposition.

But what happened next, however, was an indication that I have been right when it comes to the consequences of the administration’s worst political blunder yet. On Tuesday, for example, I mentioned that that the only thing the mainstream press holds in higher esteem than Barack Hussein Obama is their access and freedom to do what they do, and that they will protect their own if cornered:

First, the press protects its own, even among factions that fundamentally disagree on everything. The mainstream media may be in the tank for Barack Obama, but there’s only one thing the press values more than a far-left president — and that’s the freedom to do what they do. In that respect, to some degree media organizations are like NATO; blatant attacks on one will only be tolerated so much by the others. That’s why we see statements from people like David Gergen and Donna Brazile and others on CNN and MSNBC denouncing the White House’s continued war on a sister network.

And that’s what happened — the other networks refused to do the White House’s bidding and sit down for a soft-hitting interview with Feinberg unless Fox News was given the ability and access to do its job. And, in the end, the White House caved.

Mark my words: this pitched battle against Fox News Channel could very well turn out to be the political death of the Obama administration. President Obama and his flunkies have banked heavily upon favorable news coverage to gloss over the worst of what they’re doing to the country — pick a fight with an industry that buys ink by the barrel and has air time to spare, and the entire fantasy of this Teflon president may very well be over.



  1. Anonymous says:

    I now am feeling some hope that moral and political factions in this nation are relizing what obama is. He is not the 'antichrist' but he is paving the wideroad to hell that this nation will go down.Unless Americans stand now and say no more.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Setting aside my opinion of the other networks for a moment, I have to give credit to them for doing the right thing this time. They could easily have gotten the scoop and celebrated the victory against a competing news group. More importantly, they got to see just how much power they can have when they unite. They can move the White House by doing nothing!

  3. T.I.M. says:

    Hats off to the other networks for realizing the real issue here. And a slap in the face to the chickens in the White House, afraid of the Fox that's really guarding this hen house, while the residents are playing "Who's afraid of the big, bad fox."

  4. Anonymous says:

    I continue to wonder what it will take for this abomination of an adminitration to outrage the people and the press. If their efforts to squash and silence FOX News does not set off alarms all over the free world, I can't imagine why not….they openly admit their desire to CONTROL every aspect of American life. They do not consider FOX a news organization because they don't spout out the PROPAGANDA that this bunch of hooligans want to spread. GOD Help US to rid ourselves of these traitorous imposters!!


    While Obama inherited an economic situation far worse than did Nixon, Nixon inherited a war far more divisive and bloody than Iraq and Afghanistan combined, with 535,000 troops in Vietnam or on the way, and 200 soldiers coming home every week in caskets and body bags.

    By October 1969, Nixon had ordered 100,000 troops home from Vietnam, proposed a Family Assistance Plan, enunciated a new Nixon Doctrine, welcomed the Apollo 11 astronauts home from the moon and become the first President to visit a communist country, Romania.

    Obama has held a beer summit and won a Nobel Peace Prize.

    from Patrick Buchanan

  6. Rix says:

    The one and only reason why the Lamestream Media is suddenly alarmed by the White House's treatment of Fox News is survival instinct. If somehow, by a divine miracle, a truly conservative Republican president wins in 2012, such treatment will give him (or her?) full legitimacy to reciprocate. Fox News may survive on its unique right-wing popularity (and support of Rupert Murdock's empire) but for other channels, denial of access to the White House means a death spell.

  7. Lilly says:

    I applaud the other networks for standing up and uniting on this. Now, when will they start telling the audiences the truth? Still waiting………..

  8. cher-pa says:

    When I saw this last night on Fox my jaw dropped.I told my husband,Finally people are waking up and realizing This is not about party or race.When push comes to shove this great country will unite to protect What we hold dear. Our Family and our FREEDOM!!! Thanks Mainstream media,now do the right thing and start reporting the truth.

  9. Anonymous says:

    with all the liberal news media (print and tv) losing money and viewers you would think they might change something. Not change so called "sides" but actually change and report the truth or question what is being fed to them. Instead of being obvious propaganda tools for our little wannabe dictator.

    That little change might actually bring back people to their organizations and keep them in business.

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