Define ‘News Organization’

So, the White House is e-mailing MSNBC mid-broadcast to offer a “correction,” but says that Fox News Channel is “not a news organization.” Obviously, the White House’s definition of a news organization is a pandering, malleable collection of worshippers who immediately bend and twist at the administration’s will.

Note that Fox News Channel’s Glenn Beck–a thorn in the administration’s side, for sure–actually went so far as to install a dedicated hotline in his studio through which the White House can call and correct anything being said. Yet, no such call has come in.

This administration is interested in one thing: control. It’s message is not beneficial to America, and they know that if their agenda is finally understood by the American people, their days in Washington, D.C. are numbered. That’s the thing we always have to ask about every liberal idea and policy, whether it is health care reform or the nomination and confirmation of Supreme Court Justices like Sonia Sotomayor — if their ideas, plans and proposals are so great for America and Americans, why do they need to manipulate the message and obfuscate the truth? Why can’t liberalism be advertised as liberalism?




    Not just a hotline phone, this week he added carrier pigeon and fax access as well….. you gotta love Glenn's sense of humor, as well as his love of country.

  2. Rix says:

    Again and again, I will repeat that the reason we as a nation ended up in such a big doodoo is the devastation that our education system has endured. There is no other explanation for the American people to routinely elect those who have nothing in mind but personal gain and power obsession. I have looked into my daughters' school programs – in a conservative school out of the national top-hundred – and what I saw there horrified me. Students are trained to memorize, not to think, there is no place whatsoever for independent thought or analysis, and political education is limited to date/name quizzes. Same or worse, I fully expect, will await them in college. How can the conservatives hope to reclaim the country if they can't stop their own children's minds from being hijacked and poisoned? And homeschooling is NOT an answer to the problem, but its avoidance. The education system MUST be freed, and no Preisdent-hopeful will have my full confidence until I get a clear, unequivocal solution to this problem.

  3. Anonymous says:

    I agree with Rix. I graduated High School in 2001 and that was my biggest observation throughout my education. Memorization and regurgitation of whatever the subject matter concerned. I remember the "A" students imploding every time there was an assignment that required a critical thinking aspect or ANYTHING involving any sort of logical analysis. The "top performers" were there because they could memorize a list and repeat it on test day. I was in all the advanced classes, and there I noticed the problem had become the standard of success. This is a generalization, but was the overall theme of my American education experience. Luckily I was taught through my parents to look at things from a different perspective and think for myself. (To be fair I did have one teacher in 8th grade that always harped about "the dumming down of America". She was the exception to the rule. She encouraged debate and critical thinking. I remember that I debated her in class one time and got the class out of a "busy work" homework assignment. She didn't view it as dissent, but as an exercise in reasoning. She was definately the exception to the rule. Other teachers had punished me for similar behavior.)

  4. Anonymous says:

    Homeschooling may not be the answer – in the long run – but neither is it "avoidance". It serves a very definite purpose until the public school system can be reclaimed by responsible parents.

    Old Bob

  5. Anonymous says:

    Old Bob,

    Good to see you again, and as always, thanks for your bit of wisdom!


  6. Anonymous says:

    I have been homeschooling for about 10 years now. Have you ever tried homeschooling, Rix? How do you know so much about it? Why don't you take a look at Patrick Henry College and see what homeschooling turns out?

  7. Rix says:

    > I have been homeschooling for about 10 years now. Have you ever
    > tried homeschooling, Rix? How do you know so much about it? Why don't
    > you take a look at Patrick Henry College and see what homeschooling
    > turns out?

    I never said homeschooling is bad, just that it means avoiding the problem rather than solving it. As for me, in our area, both parents have to work just to stay afloat – in particular, because public schools drive our taxes skywards.

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