Courage Under Inevitable Fire

Rep. Jason Altmire, a Democrat from the bluer-than-blue state of Pennsylvania, talks with Sean Hannity at Fox News Channel, the White House’s favorite non-news organization.

Frankly, I’d take Altmire over some of the centrist Republicans out there. Promising.



  1. TWILIGHT ZONE says:

    Is this for real???, an intelligent Democrat !

  2. Dee says:

    Jason is my representative and he has actually made some votes that I totally agree with. He is not so bad for a Democrat.

  3. WHERES MY WEAPON? says:

    (Memphis 10/22/2009) A Memphis mother was robbed and carjacked during a routine trip to the gas station Wednesday. She begged the carjackers to spare her life for the sake of her two kids.

    The incident happened at the 3300 block of Thomas.

    "It was scary," said T.J. Sawicki. "You feel so helpless because you can't defend yourself because you don't have a weapon as well."

  4. Rix says:

    That's what Democrats were originally supposed to be…

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